Harvard Law Library “Guide” Inspires New CODOH Ad

Published: 1996-11-01

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In SR36 I reported how, on the Internet, the Harvard Law Library is sponsoring what it calls “A Guide to Hate on the Net.” and has listed CODOHWeb as a “hate" site (it still doesn't list the JDL site as a hate site). I submitted an advertisement to the Harvard Crimson asking students to go to CODOHWeb and see for themselves what Harvard Law is libeling as a hate site. The Crimson refused to run the ad. Didn’t surprise me. Nevertheless, I asked why. Mark Kramer, a spokesman for the ad manager, said it’s because “The Crimson does not run ads from organizations which distribute hate.” That’s the way it works. Self-fulfilling labeling.

I don't want to bother arguing with the Crimson, which has stupefied itself with decades of anti-fascist rhetoric, but I don’t want to allow Harvard Law and its vulgar little Guide to have a free ride either. I’m going to use the ad the Crimson refused, rewritten somewhat, to run in other student papers. I’ll use the Harvard Law “guide” to encourage students and faculty to go to CODOHWeb to see for themselves how Harvard Law is exploiting “hate” to taboo an open debate on the “gassing chambers.”

Must we all believe alike?

Do you dispise those who believe what you doubt? It’s a childish idea, isn’t it? Yet The Harvard Law Library wants you to think that way—it’s included my Homepage in it’s “Guide to Hate on the Net.” Because I question what is claimed to be historical fact about the WWII “gassing chambers,” Harvard Law wants to you believe I dislike Jews. I don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead. Would Harvard Law have you believe I dispise Christians as well? Why not? It’s an idea too foolish to take seriously! Visit Harvard’s “Guide,” then visit my Homepage. See for yourself why I doubt what Harvard Law wants (needs?) you to believe. Find me at — http://www.codoh.com.

(signed) Bradley R. Smith.

We don’t need the Crimson to print this ad. There are many student papers at important campuses across the nation that will be willing to run it. Everywhere it runs, the name of Harvard Law will pique the interest of readers, drawing many of them to CODOHWeb, which will prove to be a real revelation to students and faculty alike. Holocaust propagandists, such as those at Harvard Law, are successful only because they maintain an overwhelming influence in academia and media. This is an ad that will bite into that influence on campus.

This ad will average 4 column inches, will cost an average of $35 to $45 per ad per insertion. The ad should run one time each week for at least four weeks in those papers where we decide to place it. If you believe this modest but provocative ad will work for us on campus, and with CODOHWeb, please help fund it's publication. Name the college papers you are most interested in and I will submit it there first.

By the way—those of you who funded ads too late in the academic year last spring for me to submit them—the ad is circulating at the colleges of your choice now.

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Title: Harvard Law Library “Guide” Inspires New CODOH Ad
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Published: 1996-11-01
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