Help run my "Eisenhower" ad in student newspapers at universities around the country

Published: 2008-01-01

Ask yourself, help those who work for the ADL ask themselves, where any of those charges are in the text of this ad. In truth, it resides only in the imaginations of those making the charges. In any event, why should any question about World War II and/or the Holocaust be considered “anti-Semitic?” The time is long past for Holocaust Inc., and that part of the professorial class that supports it, to get beyond this hysterical name-calling.

Eisenhower Ad

Help us run this “Eisenhower” ad in student newspapers at universities around the country. We can reach, accumulatively, tens of thousands of professors and their administrators, and hundreds of thousands of students. Asking the Eisenhower question will lead directly to any number of other questions, which is what Holocaust Inc. and those who front for it dread—on and off campus.
Help us make it okay for student journalists to encourage a free exchange of ideas about the Holocaust story and the German WMD (gas chambers).

A student journalist runs a real risk if she does anything that might be seen as encouraging questions about why Dwight D. Eisenhower does not mention the German WMD in his book Crusade in Europe. She risks being condemned as a hater, risks her job at the newspaper unless she apologies publicly in the most humiliating way, and risks her career as a professional journalist.

This is wrong, it is indefensible, and we can help change these bigoted and unfair ground rules.

Help me help student journalists allow these questions to be asked in the pages of their newspapers.

Your contribution of $25 a month will help me place more ads, and bigger ads, in more student newspapers. I will be able to create a national story that will crack through the taboo that prohibits a free exchange of ideas on the Holocaust question. That in turn will loosen up American culture and politics in a way that, today, is almost unimaginable.

If you can take on a role larger than $25 a month, please do. Any communication I have from you will be treated as confidential.
Once the ad is running, you will be able to follow the story on my blog, The Holocaust Question Today.

Thank you.
Bradley Smith

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Title: Help run my "Eisenhower" ad in student newspapers at universities around the country
Published: 2008-01-01
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