Help Wanted, Business, Correspondence

Published: 1995-09-01

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HELP WANTED I need a volunteer or two to go through the newspaper stories produced by the Campus Project to identify quotes favorable to publication of the CODOH ads, or neutral or even antagonistic to their content but which argue for their publication in the name of intellectual freedom. The majority of the clippings are from the college press, but there is a good deal of material from the civilian press as well. I plan to use these quotes on the CODOH Website and with media. I have a couple sets of clippings already made up. Most of the material is negative and argumentative, but there is a lot of valuable and usable stuff as well. More than would be generally thought. There may be 500 pages of clippings to go through word by word, so this isn’t a project that can be completed in a couple afternoons. Help with any part of it will be appreciated.

BUSINESS Once SR was being published regularly, interest and contributions picked up, though August was awful. August typically is awful and the tradition continued very handsomely this year. But just like the sentimentalists would have you believe, this cloud too had a silver lining.

An Indiana man has offered to “match” contributions of $250 or more up to a total of $2,000, with the stipulation that these contributions go specifically toward retiring my most costly credit card debt. That would be Discover Card, where my debt is $4,882 with an annual interest rate of 19.80%.

Here’s a chance to make your contribution do double duty. This is the first time such an offer has been made to me. You contribute $250 or $500 or more and it will be matched by this valiant and far-seeing Indiana man. You will have helped me part way off the hot seat here and made it possible to put less time into worrying about debts and more time into the work.

CORRESPONDENCE I read everything sent me but regretfully can not reply to that which is not of great immediate importance. All correspondence received or sent is considered public domain, unless specifically and plainly marked otherwise. If you do not want to be identified by name in SR, please say so in writing.

Because SR is a newsletter, not a magazine, there is not enough space to publish long letters in full. That should be obvious even to my friends. Letters of more than 1,000 words, which is about one page in SR, become problematical. When the CODOH Website is set up this month there will be no such space limitations. Anything published on the Web can be downloaded and printed on paper for traditional distribution.

Till next month,

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Title: Help Wanted, Business, Correspondence
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Published: 1995-09-01
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