Her Majesty the Queen - versus - Ernst Zündel

Transcript of the First Zündel Trial, 1985
Published: 2015-02-22

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In the 1980s, the German-born Canadian writer and publisher Ernst Zündel came under attack by the Holocaust fundamentalists of Canada for his revisionist activity as a publisher and publicist. Unable to answer his valid and legitimate questions about the Holocaust, these powerful Jewish militants decided to exploit their influence on the Canadian judicial system and other organs of the Canadian government in order to silence Zündel. During that trial, the prosecution presented Raul Hilberg, author of The Destruction of the European Jews, as the state’s main expert witness. However, Hilberg’s testimony was thoroughly demolished by Zündel’s attorney, Douglas Christie, who was ably supported by Professor Faurisson, in charge of gathering and presenting Zündel’s historical evidence against the Holocaust. Time and time again Christie was able to employ advice from Faurisson, by his side throughout the trial, to devastating effect against Holocaust eyewitnesses and savants. The stakes were huge, for the confrontation between the Holocaust fundamentalists and their arch-enemies, Zündel and Faurisson, could not have been more direct. After the inevitable guilty verdict was reached by the judge, it was reversed on a legal technicality. So Zündel was tried anew. But that is a different story.

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Author(s): District Court of Ontario
Title: Her Majesty the Queen - versus - Ernst Zündel, Transcript of the First Zündel Trial, 1985
Sources: IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF ONTARIO BETWEEN: HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN - and - ERNST ZUNDEL - BEFORE: The Honourable Judge H.R. Locke and a Jury; ref. AG 87 (6/76) 7540-1171
Published: 2015-02-22
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