Holocaust Hoax on Trial

An Open Letter to PBS
Published: 2001-05-01

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Dear PBS,

I look forward to your program on October 31 entitled: "Holocaust on Trial." For me it will be of great interest to see how far PBS goes to distort the overwhelming evidence about Auschwitz, which shows that no one was ever, killed there in gas chambers. That you intend to distort the facts of the matter is clear from your pre-broadcast Website.

For example, on your Website you include the following words: "To back up his [meaning David Irving's] claim that the Nazis used Auschwitz's gas chambers only to fumigate corpses...." Without having read every word of Irving, I dare say that neither he nor any other revisionist has ever made such a claim. It was not, as your Website implies, "only" corpses that were "fumigated" at Auschwitz. Every informed revisionist knows that clothing and barracks, bedding and personal articles were routinely fumigated with cyanide at Auschwitz in order to keep people, including Jewish prisoners, alive and healthy.

Your intention is obviously to put words in the mouth of Irving, which can then be the object of ridicule. The wording you have falsely attributed to Irving and others is probably libelous--but it also typical of the distortions that defenders of the gassing hoax routinely use to obscure arguments and evidence when they can not suppress them.

The use of gas chambers at Auschwitz for fumigation is well known to Irving, was a major subject of his trial, and is a major subject of revisionist research in general. Routine fumigations were an important reason why the vast majority of inmates at Auschwitz "survived"-but there were many other reasons as well.

If the Nazis had wanted to kill people like Elie Wiesel, Primo Levi, Anne Frank, or the mother of Norman G. Finkelstein, as well as countless multitudes of other Jews who passed through Auschwitz, they certainly would have been able to arrange it-even without gas chambers. But they obviously did nothing of the kind. The so-called "survivors" all survived because the Nazis never intended to kill them in the first place. They "survived" because the Nazis wanted them to "survive."

To this end they went to enormous lengths to provide the same housing given to German soldiers, clean lice-free (fumigated) clothing, food, medical care with large specialized hospital wards (oftentimes with Jewish doctors), and excellent sanitation facilities. They enforced strict hygienic standards, even against the will of many Jews, including the shaving of hair and the taking of showers. Typically, even such obviously therapeutic and beneficial measures are portrayed as the opposite.

To the small but rapidly growing number of Holocaust revisionists like myself who have studied the evidence critically, it is clear that no one was ever killed in gas chambers or gas vans anywhere by the Germans. But if it should emerge at some future time that we revisionists and our arguments are wrong, there is still no reason for Americans to feel righteous in comparison to the Nazis.

If the Nazis had murdered millions of civilians in gas chambers-as horrific and criminal as that would truly be, it would still have been relatively humane and painless compared to the mass murder by incineration that the US and British inflicted deliberately upon well over a million German and Japanese civilians. That hundreds of thousands more were not burned alive in these incendiary and nuclear bombardments was not for lack of trying, nor from any lack of popular support-even to this day.

The truly horrible scenes at Bergen-Belsen and elsewhere in Germany at the end of World War II are routinely but falsely presented as if they were typical of conditions in Germany's wartime concentration camps. They were not typical at all-far from it. On the contrary, they were a direct, albeit unintended result of American and British bombing of German civilian targets. The greatest wartime mass killers of civilians were the Americans-aided and abetted especially by people like yourselves at PBS who continue, even to this day, to provide the moral rationalization for it.

Sincerely yours,

Friedrich Paul Berg

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