"Holocaust Survivors"

Published: 2020-02-07

Alison Chabloz is a Holocaust revisionist who is being persecuted for posting a satirical song to YouTube named "(((Survivors)))" in which she pokes fun at some of the more-absurd claims made by "Holocaust Survivors".

The "Survivors" she featured in her song include: (i) Irene Zisblatt, a Hungarian Jew who claims to have repeatedly swallowed, pooped out, and then re-swallowed a diamond necklace for several years, to have had her Auschwitz serial number tattoo magically removed by Dr. Mengele, to have had such great skin when she was younger that she was personally selected and put aside by the Nazis who intended to use her skin for a lampshade, to have escaped from the inside of a gas chamber by "walking backwards" and to have escaped Auschwitz after being thrown over the electric fence surrounding the camp and onto a moving train by a Sonderkommando; (ii) Elie Wiesel, author of Night, who claimed to be interned at Auschwitz despite not having an Auschwitz serial number tattoo, to have witnessed the burning of bodies in trenches at Auschwitz where the water table is only 30 cm (about a foot) down and to have personally witnessed "blood geysers spurted from a mass grave for months" among other absurdities; and (iii) Anna Frank's father Otto Frank, whose foundation, the "Anne Frank Fonds", openly admitted that he had embellished his daughter's diary in 2016 so that they could extend the copyright and continue exclusive rights to the royalties.

Publicly expressing any doubt about these stories is a felony in much of Europe.

In this video, Alison talks about the harassment she has been subjected to by an organization called "Campaign against Antisemitism" (https://antisemitism.uk/) in Britain as a result of her satirical videos.

You can read her blog here: https://alisonchabloz.wordpress.com/
Her writings for CODOH: https://codoh.com/library/authors/2843/

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