Holohoax Tales Mengele Sewed Children Together (34 Secs)

Published: 2021-11-12

Rosie AKA The Red Head of Auschwitz

Dr Josef Mengele was a double PHD and a senior soldier. He won awards for bravery on the Eastern Front, and was rendered unfit for active service by being wounded in action. He was posted to Auschwitz-Birkenau, where he was appointed senior doctor. He was able there to further his scientific interests in genetics, by observation of twins and dwarfs amongst the Jewish detainees. Josef escaped to South America after the war. He died of natural causes. Unmitigated lying drivel is spoken about this brilliant and brave doctor by "Holocau$t" liars. Incredibly, "Holocau$t" witlesses "always" have some "experience" to relate about his man. One Jewish witless at the Belsen-Auschwitz related that she was driven to the gas chamber in a lorry(!) which tipped out the 300 (!) Jews on board, down a chute (!). This "gas chamber" had windows near the roof (!), towels & soap(!), showers (!) and many benches (!). As she was being gassed, a SS man (!) in a respirator (!) called out her name (!) and got her out, quickly shutting the door (!). She was later nursed back to health by Dr Mengele, recieving special treatment for six weeks. 

(Testimony under oath of Sophia Litwinska, a Jewess aged 28)

Another Jewish witless said she was taken by lorry into the "gas chamber" (!) where she and other Jews were tipped on the floor. This was lit by 12 lights and was 12 yards square. After being gassed for ten minutes (!), Dr Mengele called out her number and she was led from the "gas chamber"

(Testimony under oath of Regina Bialek, a Jewess aged 28)

 Youtube: Libby Schwartz
Nov 12, 2021
The Readhead of Auschwitz - A Holocaust Documentary


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