How Do You Handle Great Odds? You Go over the Top

Published: 1996-09-01

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Last January the Simon Wiesenthal Center called for Internet service providers to deny revisionists access to the World Wide Web. We can't say for sure that ProtoSource Network and Rick Horowitz took their lead from the SWC, but they did exactly what the rabbis asked them to do.

The Wiesenthalers and other exterminationists are desperate to shut down revisionist Web sites—above all, it appears, CODOHWeb. Why? Because they can't refute the growing, permanent library of revisionist scholarship and commentary that is being published on CODOHWeb. They can't compete with it on their own Web sites, they can’t successfully accuse us of extremist political bias, and they can't stop the growing number of men and women world-wide who are visiting the site to learn for themselves the truth about revisionism and the Jewish holocaust.

I knew last year at this time that it would be risky for me to create CODOHWeb with no funding, particularly as I have no outside income and was already on the financial edge. One of my failings is that when I see something I believe needs to be done and no one doing it, I feel an urgent need to take a running jump into the breech. Not wise, but that’s what I do.

I'm tackling problems that need to be addressed on every front possible: the Internet and the Web, on campus, reinstituting the Radio Project, and now Smith’s OnLine Review. I’m squaring off with everyone!. International Jewish organizations, the universities, radio and TV, and now, with SOR, our cultural elites in the publishing world.

Your help is critical. There is no outside funding for any of these projects—while the opposition can count on vast funding, and not merely the millions that Steven Spielberg and other Holocaust "philanthropists" extract from the taxes you pay.

Every contribution is welcome. If you can contribute $35, I'll send you a bound print-out of Roger Garaudy’s The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, the book which caused an uproar in France by confronting Zionism and the Jewish holocaust story head-on.

If you can contribute more, $250, $500 or more, I will send you a complete print out of the indexes to CODOHWeb, including the German and French indexes, and you can have whatever you want that you think is fair. You mark it, I’ll print it out and send it to you.

Please pitch in and give as much as you can at this critical moment.



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Published: 1996-09-01
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