How the Holocaust Claims Fresh Victims—Today

Published: 2015-10-10

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General Electric used to promote its consumer products[1] as “The Gift That Keeps on Giving.” In the present day, that historical confabulation packaged under the name of “The Holocaust” (capital letters, please) continues to take victims, even if it does not often, as alleged by the promoters of the traditional horror story, actually kill them. In the present day, the Holocaust continues to claim victims, like an avenging ghost that will never die. Of course, the avenging monster is no ghost at all, but living, breathing people who had not even been born by the time the Holocaust ended. They have their incentives, of course, and in no case are their incentives properly described as anything in any way humanistic. Those incentives, I will skip over here; they are copiously documented elsewhere, including in Smith’s Report. Rather, I should like to categorize who the victims are, how they are victimized and, to the extent possible, why. I intend to proceed in order of obviousness, rather than in order of numbers of victims or the degree (severity) of their victimization.

First, the enemies. I use the plural since even the enemies seem to fall into at least two categories. The first category of enemy is those whom the Holocaust promoters happen to be combating over matters relating directly to the promoters’ agenda, rather than to the Holocaust itself. As for these enemies, if the promoters were the biblical hero Sampson, the Holocaust would be the ass’s jawbone with which he slew them in multitudes. These victims are today chiefly Arabs (and Iranians), but they also include Germans—that is, the people who live in Germany, which includes some of the children and grandchildren of the people who are charged with having committed the Holocaust. While many Germans may have been gulled into some feelings of “guilt” concerning the alleged events, Arabs as a group remain firmly on the other side of the guilt divide; they feel the guilt is the monopoly of the Jews/Israelis. But both groups are victimized, the Germans in retrospect, and the Arabs in prospect. Every fresh atrocity Israel commits is justified as a measure intended to “prevent a second Holocaust.” The Germans daily offer up reparation payments and submarines as atonement, while the Arabs/Muslims sustain attacks not only from/by Israel, but by its vast and powerful amen chorus in what is called the West, reaching at least from Berlin to San Francisco.

The second class of enemies is far smaller, and more-focused. These are those, such as Bradley Smith, whom they smear with the pejorative “Holocaust denier.” You may be one, and if you are, you are a criminal under Israeli law, no matter where or when you might have committed your particular crime(s). While few killings of “deniers” have as yet been adduced, assaults on such as Robert Faurisson of France are well documented, and jail sentences for us/them abound. Wolfgang Fröhlich may recently have set the record for years of incarceration for Holocaust denial, as a recent sentencing for crimes committed while in jail pushed his cumulative sentence out to 14 years. Persons deemed guilty of this crime (Israel claims global jurisdiction in this matter) sustain professional and financial penalties as well, such as the denial of credit-card-merchant services to historian David Irving, initiated by emphatically Jewish New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind in 2010 under color of his being an elected official in the American governmental apparatus.

There were, at last count, 19 whole countries in which “wrong” descriptions of the acts of Germans and their allies during World War II are punishable with fines and imprisonment. In most countries, this works out to proscriptions against saying just about anything thoughtful about the German occupiers of late memory and/or their victims, particularly Jews. But in Germany and Austria, where these strictures are enforced even more-vigorously than other places, the injury to freedom of thought and expression is compounded by insult to the nation(s) itself and even to the ancestors of the people themselves, assuming these also were Germans (often not the case, nowadays). The denizens of these still-defeated-after-seventy-years countries suffer not only under a suffocating cloud of guilt that will not dissipate, and continue ever since 1952 to bear the cost of reparations payments to millions of “survivors” of their forebears’ evildoing, but are further gagged from open, honest discussion of the motivating narratives for all this in such a grotesque trammeling of human rights that one could wonder whether the victors of World War II were “the good guys” after all.

The entire world figures into the second major category of Holocaust victims, particularly taxpayers in the United States and other countries involved in financing military confrontations outside their own borders. It is well-known that the US provides at least $3 billion per year in tax revenues to Israel in the form of economic and military aid. Other “rich” countries—that is, countries rich in influential members of the Jewish Diaspora—no doubt provide lesser amounts proportionate to their respective economic bases. Just as the mere millions provided each year by the government to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum is a pittance compared to the taxpayer aid to Israel from the US, that $3 billion figure is itself but the tip of an enormous iceberg. Even the sanctions of these many years imposed on Iran have imposed a cost not just on Iran, but on those in the US and other participating countries who otherwise would have traded with—and profited from—the large and productive economy of Iran, the bête noir of Israeli Prime Minister Binjamin Netanyahu. Not yet mentioned in this calculus of costs is the cost to US taxpayers of appeasing neighboring powers such as Egypt with yet more economic and military aid, and the cost to the taxpayers of Iran (remember the Iranians?) and other neighbors of Israel of maintaining a defensive infrastructure that might at the very least shield innocent civilians from the ravaging of Israel and/or its American satrap upon that ill-starred country as threatened on practically a daily basis from Jerusalem.

There remains, among all the peoples and groups of the world, one further group of victims, who are subject to all the victimization cataloged above, but who yet remain subject to further victimization on the basis of who they are. Here, I am speaking of the Jews. The Jews, wherever they are, including—very much including—those in Israel. The Jews, as the group I here refer to, are at least as innocent as the Americans, the Arabs/Muslims, the Germans, of foisting the Holocaust legacy upon a guilt-prone world. To point out those among them who are guilty, I could use the term “Zionists,” but that does not really capture all those who profit, in one way and another, from the dynamics of a movement, which I could call a Jewish movement, but for which I will here let the term “Zionist” serve, with the understanding that the usage is not literal, but instead refers to those who profit from setting people who identify as Jews against many, or most, of the people around them who do not identify as Jews.

As in cases above, these victims sort out into at least two different subcategories: the faithful, and the resisters. Both are victims. As for the faithful, they have, in consequence of indoctrination that they have been subject to virtually since birth, incorporated for purposes of their own identification that fable of victimization with the resounding name, and so are rendered socially “sensitive” to any sort of remark concerning history that any reasonable person in their society might happen to make upon one occasion or another. They become marked as “sensitive,” usually through no fault of their own, and become subject to a subtle, likely subconscious, sort of ostracism that leaves them on the margins of the society in which they might otherwise become full participants. We all, Jews and Gentiles alike, know people like this, and we do not dislike them. Rather, we are careful about them. They might get left out of something or other; who knows? We also suffer for their loss to our society.

Some of the others are aware of the Holocaust albatross that hangs around their necks. They might or might not take any pains to make their associates aware that they want no part of the undying enterprise, but they are at some level aware of it, and might in subtle, subconscious ways occasionally let it influence them to downplay their ethnic/religious origins. Where this happens, it impoverishes all of us, not just them. The religious/ethnic/linguistic traditions that we each embody, and present to the world as parts of our very selves, are our very humanness. Where we are in any way moved to conceal these, or misrepresent them, we betray ourselves, along with, perhaps passively, deceiving our confreres.

Promotion and perpetuation of the Holocaust Narrative, particularly of the exaggerated, blame-casting version that tragically prevails today, is a cancerous agent in the body of today’s increasingly global humanity.

Resist it in yourself, and to the extent you can contrive to do so in a sociable way, oppose and discourage it.

[1] GE recently sold off its famous consumer-goods divisions after many decades, to Black & Decker, Electrolux and others.

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