How to Increase the Number of Deaths in the Holocaust

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Published: 2013-11-16

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In 2013, Italian police forces raided the homes of numerous participants of the U.S. Stormfront blog. The background of this raid was a discussion about the veracity and reliability of entries in the victims' database of the Israeli Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center, among other things. To verfy these claims, Italian blogger Olodogma looked into the matter. This brief paper documents the results. They show that it is indeed ridiculously easy to submit false, invented information to the Yad Vashem database, and that there seems to be no quality control at all.

Today, 17.03.13, was the 122nd day of preventive incarceration for 4 Italian citizens, first offenders. The following is the text of a letter from the prison by Dr. Mirko Viola, one of the four. In solitary confinement since 20 January 2013! This is the text of the letter.

Il Dr. Mirko Viola durante un congresso professionale a Bologna

Dr. Mirko Viola during a professional congress at Bologna

Regina Coeli  – "Democratic" KZ Lager – 2 March 2013– 108th day – Cell Block VII – Isolation Cell no. 36

Dear (omitted)

As I told you before, the most serious accusation against me is the following: “Dissemination of negationist ideologies”; this isn't a crime in Italy, but as far as anyone can tell, I stand accused of... "lèse Holocaust". I'll gloss over P.M. Tescaroli's crass ignorance; he seems to know nothing about Holocaust revisionism (it's not an ideology, but an extremely strict method of historical research), I would, however, like to dwell on the obvious bad faith of a few system hacks who, following in the footprints of Marco Pasqua (the Nazi-busting visionary who joined a civil action as part of the trial), write so many totally stupid things without the slightest shame, that they make me smile, even in my cell. 
During our last talk during a prison visit, my mother – obviously upset by the vile hallucinations written about Yours Truly -- things that I've read here and there or "heard through the grapevine" – accused me of offending the members of the "crybaby nation" ...tsk! tsk!... and what  sort of things could I ever have done that were so shameful as to arouse the sinister wrath of the circumcised??

Easy... I invented imaginary relatives gassed in the extermination camps in Poland… what a disgrace!!!
What a scandal!!!
What a lack of respect!!!
How can I have permitted myself to joke about something so serious??
What reason could I have had to invent dead people?
Why did I permit myself to poke fun at men like Shlomo Venezia,[1] the Jews and so many others???

Obviously, the ever-so-clever hacks and shammashim (I don't  know what that word means, ask them) have not twigged to the true and sole reason for all this: exposing the fakers!!! The fact is, that anyone can build himself his own "personal gassing victim" in just a few steps! This "victim" will then be included in the "official count" of "Shoah victims"… all you need to do is access the official site of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, fill out a form, invent the names, dates, data and even cause of death of some [imaginary] grandfather, uncle or acquaintance, send it in, and – presto! – after a very short while, you'll receive a beautiful certificate by post, to be printed out and framed... and, obviously, the name of the "gassing victim" (which you've just invented out of whole cloth, from A to Z, will be included in the official list of victims... no marital/family status is required, and there is no inquiry as to the veracity of the data you supply… you fill out a form and – presto! – the number swells like a balloon… this is the level of seriousness of the Holocaust researchers.

What's so shameful about all this?
Which is more shameful? Inventing names to unmask a fraud, or inserting data in an "official list" without any verification???
Who's screwing whom?

I look at Shlomo Venezia, whom I am supposed to have "offended" during the celebration of his death (or, rather, his "beatification"), and I'd like to say, very simply: a liar is still a liar, even if he's dead… revisionist researchers have shown that Venezia's "testimony" is a ridiculous heap of falsehoods: when chemistry, physics, and objective data inexorably collide with the "testimony", it's the first that should prevail, not the second – the pathetic media glorification of a liar does not make his lies true – not even his lies, unless one believes in a "slave mentality truth", with its round-the-clock cataract of mourning: hysterical howls and legal repression won't make obvious yarns and fibs assume the outlines of the truth... and Shlomo Venezia has told enough yarns to fill a book.

System hacks should take time to think that pointing the finger at the revisionists (contemptuously referred to as “Negationists”) does not do justice to those who suffered or died during the deportations: the truth should never fear censorship or demonization as dissentient thought. If the revisionists are lying... prove it!!!

Faithfully yours,                                                                           Mirko Viola

nec spe – nec metu (Neither in hope nor in fear)

Note from Olo:

[1] Carlo Mattogno, "'The Truth About the Gas Chambers?' Historical Considerations relating to Shlomo Venezia's 'Unique Testimony'," Inconvenient History, Vol. 2, No. 1, 2010

Today, Nov. 16, 2013, the second half of the match is still being played out: 35 Italian citizens have been house-searched – the persons "processed" in this first "Sonderaktion" were 21. These actions of the repression [i.e., police] against 56 Italian citizens were taken merely because they made use of their freedom of expression on an American forum. The following is an article which reveals what is – to us – the real reason why the Jewish lobby decided to push the panic button and try to terrify these citizens into silence. They screwed up the mechanism which served the settlers of the Palestine Ghetto and its subsidiaries to inflate the number of "Jews" allegedly gassed/shot according to the S.H.F. (Standard Holocaust Fabulation). Author is Dr. Mirko Viola, who is still detained on his 299th day in prison! As another treasure, I link to the candid statement of the Jew Colombo Furio


We think that's enough! Olodogma


Dr. Viola speaks of an “upsurge” in death statistics used by the Jews from the Zionist entity of Palestine, let's take a more detailed look at what's involved:

Does the (Jewish) Holocaust Industry reset its "production costs" with free "raw materials"?

Some time ago, we read ( about the existence of a French site (original French source, verified on 20 April 2013:, same source, for this document alone,, updated on 14.11.13) where a form intended to facilitate the reporting of "victims" who were still unknown to the administration of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem was online and could be downloaded.

Modulo originale yad vashem. Cliccare sulla foto per ingrandirla
Original Yad Vashem form. Click on graphic to enlarge.

The article, first published in Italy, did not appear to have aroused any interest or created any problems. The text was then posted on the American Internet site Stormfront, in the Italian section. This time, it did not pass unnoticed by the "Chosen", who seem to think they are "God & Co."...

Dr. Mirko Viola wrote as follows from the prison where he had to be imprisoned for the crime of "damaging Holocaust & Memory Inc."…

“Obviously, the ever-so-smart shammashim hacks (if you don't know what that means, ask your boss) are unable to perceive the real reason for all this: exposing the liars and fakers!!! Anyone can construct his own personal 'gassing victim', which will then be duly included in the official figure of 'deaths during the Shoah'... all you have to do is access the official site of the Yad Vashem Holocaust Mueseum in Jerusalem, fill out a form, invent the names, places, dates and even the cause of death, of your grandfather, uncle or an acquaintance, ad libitum, and send it off; after a very little while, as if by magic, you'll get a lovely certificate by post which you can print out and have framed... obviously, the name of the 'gassing victim' – which is completely made up – will be included in the official list of Holocaust victims… no family/marital status is required and no inquiry will be made to verify the veracity of the data you supply…if you fill out the form, the number gets blown up like a balloon…this is the seriousness of Holocaust researchers.”…

On 17 July 2012, Dr. Viola wrote the following, which was posted on, in which he announced, in the spirit of one who feels he has been taken for a fool, the existence of the famous form:

Dichiarazione blogger
Declaration of Dr. Viola, in his persona as "The Blogger"

At this point, on 23 July 2012, another blogger, a regular contributor to the site, known as “Faggot79”, posted the following truly traumatic statement:

Dichiarazione di Faggot 79
Declaration of blogger Faggot79

Faggot79, a rational person, but clearly suffering from the pangs of doubt – oh, ye of little faith – attempted to verify Dr. Viola's staggering claim: he therefore took the initiative and inserted a new post "justifying" Dr. Viola's actions::

Successivo post di Faggot 79
Subsequent post by Faggot79

This shows, by a process of commonplace logical deduction, that the name “Edith Lang, born in  Rome”, dated 23 July 2012 was not included in the official list; otherwise, if she were really included in the list, but if there were 2 or more “Edith Lang(s), born in Rome”, and they would both be included. For additional proof, we reproduce a screenshot of the Yad Vashem website page:

Lo screenshoot dell'elenco attuale, è presente una sola Edith Lang.
Screenshot of the current list, showing not one single Edith Lang.

A check performed in October 2012 shows that “Edith Lang, born in Rome” resulted in the following: not present.
A check performed on 18-04-2013, searching for“Edith Lang, born in Rome” resulted in the following: present! We annex the screenshot from the Hebrew language site:

Screeshoot del sito ebraico yad vashem
Screenshot of the Yad Vashem Hebrew site:

The following is an enlargement of the document:

Screenshoot scheda yad vashem
Screenshot, Yad Vashem information sheet

At this point, there is a need to file an additional bit of "official" information  taken from the Corriere della sera dated 22-11-2004 where it says it has… “a promise that the data will be checked and entered into the database”…

Articolo Corriere della Sera, con la "promessa" dello yad vashem
Article, Corriere della Sera, with “promise” from the Yad Vashem

To sum up: Blogger Faggot79's "proof" that “Edith Lang, born in Rome” was “included" has been "successful". “Edith Lang, born in Rome” is a new number, added to the list of "Shoah victims"! One more “proof” of the “millions of victims documented in detail", according to “Faggot79”!

Ergo, Dr. Viola's quid est probandum stands confirmed. 

Anyone can download limited numbers of the same form, fill it out with invented data and send it off by post – or e-mail, if you prefer; NO ONE will EVER verify the reliability of your information!

Objectively, it follows that with this simple method one can levitate the numbers of Holocaust victims to infinity! In practice, for the purposes of Hoaxoco$t propaganda, they've added 1,000,000 "victims' names" in 6 years (2004→2010)! Easy-peasy… why not Six Million? History, real history, has no need of "fakes" and "forgeries", whether improvised or professional!

Is this the real reason for the unleashing of the "dogs of violent repression" by the Exterminationist system against the web, the sole means still free from "Jewish-Lobby" mind-control and conditioning and that of their Shabbat goyim? Very, very probably, yes!

Olo-truffa [= Holo-swindle] and Dr. Mirko Viola were right!

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