Hustler Magazine Publishes Solid Revisionist Article

Published: 1993-08-15

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The August 1993 issue of Hustler contains an important article written by Jim Redden titled "Whitewashing Hitler." Subtitled "Taking the Gas Out of Nazi Infamy," it's illustrated with a wonderfully comic drawing of almost two full pages showing camp internees dressed in their stripped uniforms welcoming Hitler with open arms as he enters their compound while standing in an open touring car. Hitler is glad-handing the inmates happily, and they in turn are smiling, reaching out for him, their arms raised in a friendly half-nazi salute.

Redden gives a short overview of revisionism, then builds the body of his well-written article around the career of historian David Irving. He discusses the Leuchter Report objectively, and relates the story behind our video "David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper."

I suppose Hustler is the most vulgar mass-market magazine distributed in America. The drill used to be to say that Playboy tries to maintain a little class, yuppie style, while Hustler is for working class males. I've heard that Hustler's circulation is more than one million copies each month. I'll gladly accept a little working class pornography in trade for some working class backbone. Revisionism to the people!

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Author(s): Bradley R. Smith
Title: Hustler Magazine Publishes Solid Revisionist Article
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 15 + 16, Summer 1993, p. 14

Published: 1993-08-15
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