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Published: 1999-03-15

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On its own Internet web site, www.ihr.org, the Institute for Historical Review makes available an impressive selection of IHR material, including dozens of IHR Journal articles and reviews. It also includes a listing of every item that has ever appeared in this Journal, as well as the complete texts of The Zionist Terror Network, "The Leuchter Report," and Kulaszka's encyclopedic work Did Six Million Really Die? New material is added as time permits.

Key words can be located in any of the site's items using a built-in search capability.

Through the IHR web site, revisionist scholarship is instantly available to millions of computer users worldwide, free of censorship by governments or powerful special interest groups. It can be reached 24 hours a day from around the globe through the World Wide Web (WWW), a multimedia Internet service.

In recent weeks the IHR web site has been receiving in excess of 900 "hits" or "visits" per day.

Journal associate editor Greg Raven maintains and operates this site as its "webmaster." Because it is linked to several other revisionist (and anti-revisionist) web sites, visitors can easily access vast amounts of additional information.

The IHR web site address is http://www.ihr.org

E-mail messages can be sent to [email protected]

No Absolute Historical Truth

“It is always difficult for the non-historian to remember that there is nothing absolute about historical truth. What we consider as such is only an estimation, based upon what the best available evidence tells us. It must constantly be tested against new information and new interpretations that appear, however implausible they may be, or it will lose its vitality and degenerate into dogma or shibboleth. Such people as David Irving, then, have an indispensable part in the historical enterprise, and we dare not disregard their views.”
— Gordon A. Craig, noted American specialist of modern German history, and professor emeritus at Stanford University. Writing in The New York Review of Books, Sept. 19, 1996, p. 8.

A Warning from the Roman Republic

“The state budget must be balanced. If the state is not to go bankrupt, public debts must be cut back, the arrogance of the officials must be curbed and brought under control, and payments to foreign governments must be reduced.”
— Marcus Tullius Cicero, 55 B.C.

CODOH comments: In our effort to post all the papers published in The Journal of Historical Review, this item here stands out as one that has been repeated, with minor variations, in numerous issues of the JHR. We have decided to post them all, as only a few of them are 100% identical. We apologize if this seems repetitive. Blame it on the JHR's editor...

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Published: 1999-03-15
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