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Published: 2003-08-01

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Atrocity Propaganda in U.S. Field Dispatch

On May 24, 1945, the following propaganda lie was published in the U.S. Army periodical The Field Dispatch about the concentration camp Dachau:

"Although no torture chambers were seen, stories of cruelty were a dime a dozen. One prisoner, who had spent ten years in Dachau told of human cement mixers operated by SS guards up to four years ago. He said live prisoners were fed to these grinding machines to emerge as nothing more than human hash." (20th Armored Division, Spring 2000, p. 11)

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Furniture Dealer Causes Uproar

Because a furniture dealer in the German city of Hildesheim gave his furniture items names like „Adolf", „Hermann", „Rommel", „Paulus," the local Jewish community filed a criminal complaint for glorification of the Third Reich. The local Industrial and Commerce Chamber considered measures against its politically incorrect member as well. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Dec. 4, 2000)

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Führer Beetle Marked for Renaming

In the 1930s, a blind beetle feasting on insect larvae was discovered in Slovenian caves. The discoverer Oskar Scheibel gave the species the name „Anophtalmus Hitleri," and as such the beetle was classified internationally. Scheibel, who lived in the Slovenian City of Laibach, was apparently either an admirer or an adversary of the then German Reich Chancellor. Because of its name, this beetle is today traded for prices up to $2,000.-. In order to erase any reference to Adolf Hitler, even in the hindmost caves of Europe, the beetle will now be renamed. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Aug. 10/11, 2002)

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New York Revisionist Attracts Attention

Michael Santomauro owns the New York company Roommate Finders, an apartment referral service. But he is also a very active revisionist spreading his views by email and over his website ( This news was worth a double column in the New York Times, because a few of Santomauro's roommate customers had complained about unsolicited emails with views "critical of Jews". (NYT, Jan. 20, 2003)

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Book Review Caused Uproar in England

Because the prominent British Journalist A.N. Wilson positively reviewed the book The Israeli Holocaust Against the Palestinians in the London Evening Standard, the Jewish Chronicle demanded that Wilson be sacked and an apology be issued by the paper's publisher. The latter came about instantaneously, including the deletion of Wilson's review from the newspaper's website. Co-author of the book and the reason for this uproar is U.S. citizen Michael Hoffman II, one of the most active revisionist writers of the last 20 years.

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Unprovoked Attack

"U.S. presidents have a rich history of taking the truth and transforming it in the pursuit of foreign policy objectives they want to achieve. In 1941, Franklin Roosevelt took the 'fact' that a German submarine had fired on an American destroyer to issue a 'shoot on sight' order for all German submarines in the Western Atlantic. On September 11 of that year (yes, Sept. 11), Roosevelt addressed the nation, declaring this 'unprovoked attack' was like a sniper in a schoolyard. Just as Bush handled Iraq, Roosevelt argued the U.S. had to act and act quickly. The facts came later. Congressional hearings in 1941 proved the United States actually provoked the attack that caused the sub to fire. The truth hardly mattered. The Nazis then, like Saddam Hussein now, were the personification of evil."

(Chicago Tribune, June 25, 2003) nationworld/chi0306250048jun25,1,5710743.story

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Similar Lies-Similar Liars

In January 1944, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, manipulated by Henry Morgenthau, Jr., his Treasury Secretary, created the War Refugee Board (WRB), which fabricated its infamous report on the German extermination camps—Auschwitz and Birkenau.

In September 2001, President George W. Bush, manipulated by Paul Wolfowitz, his Deputy Defense Secretary, created the Office of Special Plans (OSP), which fabricated untrue reports about Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). The OSP is headed by Abram Shulsky. Inside the OSP, the four people specifically in charge of the WMD dossier are called 'The Cabal', from 'Cabala'; even Le Monde mentioned it (Jacques Isnard, Le Monde, June 7, 2003, p. 7).

NB: On June 17, the French daily Le Monde published an ironic front-page article entitled (in French): "Saddam was evil, therefore he had prohibited weapons." Subsequently, Robert Faurisson sent a one-sentence letter to Le Monde, meant for publication: "Hitler was evil, therefore he had gas chambers and gas vans." This sentence was not published.

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Move to Revoke Pulitzer Prize

In 1932, the Pulitzer Prize went to a foreign correspondent who concealed a famine and the deaths of millions of Ukrainians. Walter Duranty, the New York Times Moscow correspondent from 1922 to 1941, once called Josef Stalin "the greatest living statesman." Malcolm Muggeridge, Moscow correspondent for the Manchester (England) Guardian, once called his colleague Duranty "the greatest liar I ever knew." Ukrainians now want this prize to be revoked. (Chicago Tribune June 25, 2003),1,4041091. story

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Ernst Zündel Treated as Terrorist

On May 1, 2003, German-born revisionist Ernst Zündel was officially declared a security threat to Canada by the Canadian authorities and subsequently transferred to an isolation cell of Ontario's high security detention center. The reason for this may be that Ernst Zündel tried to introduce documentary evidence for his defense proving illegal activities of the Canadian authorities. Zündel has appealed against the pending deportation order. This appeal will take place in camera, i.e., under exclusion of the public and partly even in the absence of the defendant and his legal representative. This appeal appears to be the last legal relief preventing Zündel's deportation to Germany. (Toronto Star, May 8, 2003)

Under pressure from supporters of Ernst Zündel to denounce his imprisonment, Amnesty International has instead issued a policy statement declaring it has no concerns over his incarceration and that it does not consider him "a prisoner of conscience:" (National Post, June 17, 2003)

"Amnesty International has reminded the Canadian government that numerous allegations of possible commission of hate crimes have been made against Ernst Zundel, largely stemming from his position with respect to the Holocaust. Those allegations must be investigated, leading to charges if borne out by the evidence."

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Austrian Engineer Fröhlich Arrested in Vienna

On Saturday, June 21, chemical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) Wolfgang Fröhlich (51) was arrested in Vienna, Austria, and taken to prison. For seven years, Fröhlich had sent to jurists, members of parliament, politicians and journalists, thousands of copies of his writings, in which he says that the alleged wartime extermination gas chambers are a lie. Remarkably, he suffered no real legal consequences for quite a while. Then, following the publication in 2001 of his 368-page file Die Gaskammerlüge (The Gas Chamber Lie), the authorities decided to arrest him. But he went into hiding, and the police apparently made no serious effort for three years to find him.

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One More Censorship Authority in Germany

Germany's authorities must have considered their country's tough censorship laws and regulations to be too mild, so the media surveying authority of the state of North-Rhine-Westphalia (Medienaufsicht) decided to force German internet providers to disable any access to right-wing internet sites. The Internet providers affected had to file a speedy complaint against this within a few weeks to be able to fight this administrative move. (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Sept. 14, 2002)

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Escalation of Censorship and Surveillance in Germany

Several years ago, the German authorities failed to enact a law permitting the wire-tapping of journalists. But now the German Constitutional High Court decided that such wire-tapping is permissible if done in an attempt to arrest criminals. According to a telecommunication expert testifying at the German High Court, half a billion(!) phone calls are being automatically monitored in Germany every day(!) in the search of wanted criminals. This amounts to eight phone calls daily for every adult in Germany. (Spiegel, March 7, 2003)

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Three Years in Jail for Music CDs

Because he produced and distributed music CDs with moderate and extreme right-wing songs, German historian and publisher Adrian Preißinger (38) was sentenced to three years imprisonment by the District Court of Dresden. Preißinger, who harbors revisionist views, had already spent ten months in pre-trial arrest. (Neues Deutschland, Dec. 21, 2002)

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€1,200 Fine for Insulting German Authorities

Because he accused the German government of black money crimes and corruption in a public speech, German citizen Gerhardt I. (45), a sympathizer of the right-wing National Democratic Party, was sentenced to pay a fine of €1,200 by Judge Christian Kropp of the County Court of the German town of Sondershausen. (Thüringer Allgemeine, March 20, 2003)

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Starting in 2004, Revisionist are Fair Game in Europe

In 2004, the new European arrest warrant will be in effect, allowing for the immediate arrest and transfer of citizens of any member nation of the European Union to another member nation of the EU. This ends the hitherto common and complicated practice of formal extradition requests for criminals residing outside of the country which seeks their arrest. With this, even those European countries become insecure for Revisionists who do not have laws outlawing controversial views on the 'Holocaust.' Since the German authorities for instance maintain that Internet 'thought crimes' are always committed where the illegal information reaches the consumer, any revisionist with publications posted online and residing or traveling within the EU may be in danger of getting arrested. (Daily Telegraph, Feb. 18, 2003) In the meantime, England has confirmed that it will not execute foreign arrest warrants against 'thought criminals.'

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Israel Announces Persecution of Revisionists

Because in the 1980s the new Palestinian minister president Mahmud Abbas wrote a PhD thesis assuming Holocaust revisionist arguments, the Israeli Parliament decided to "persecute" revisionists. This decision has only declamatory character. (AFP, May 21, 2003)

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'Book Burning' at New Zealand University

The academic journal History Now that contained an article by lecturer Dr Thomas Fudge, linking Holocaust Revisionist Joel Hayward's persecution to medieval religious dissent and witch-hunting, was pulped on orders of history department head Professor Peter Hempenstall. (The New Zealand Herald, July 22, 2003)

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Jews Prevent Film Screening

Victoria's Jewish community has failed to stop the screening of a film by Holocaust revisionist David Irving but may appeal the decision. An application for an interim injunction preventing the screening of The Search for Truth in History at Melbourne's Underground Film Festival was dismissed yesterday by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Festival director Richard Wolstencroft said the decision was a victory for the freedom to express unpopular beliefs. "We don't support David Irving's ideas but we do support his right to freedom of speech," he said. "Australians do have the right to hear his perspective." The Jewish Community Council of Victoria claims that the film promotes Irving's assertion that the Holocaust is a 50-year myth. (Sunshine Coast Daily, July 8, 2003) On the night of the screening of the film, the theatre owner cancelled the meeting because outside the venue about 150 Jewish thugs threatened physical violence if the screening went ahead.

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Australia enacts Tough New Terrorist Laws

The Senate approved sweeping new powers for Australia's security organization ASIO whereby anyone, from 16 years upwards, can be detained who is not suspected of committing any crime. Anyone thus detained will have immediate access to a lawyer. Greens Senator Bob Brown is unhappy: "As you're walking out the door from your first detention you can be arrested and brought straight back in again," he said. The Democrats' Brian Greig says the law is a radical departure from established legal principle. "The detained person will be required to prove that they do not have the information that ASIO says they have," he said. One redeeming feature of these draconian laws is the sunset clause that requires the laws to be re-submitted to Parliament after three years. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, News, June 26, 2003.) Note on a WWII British Precedent: Regulation 18B: On May 23, 1940, Britain's war-time premier, Winston Churchill, enacted Regulation 18B whereby anyone could be arrested and imprisoned without an arrest warrant.

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Government Sponsored Grave Desecration

More than 50 years after the end of WWII, the name on the graves of those Germans are to be removed, who fell victim to the Allied post-war lynch justice during the Dachau and the Nuremberg trials and who are buried in Landsberg, Bavaria. This was decided by an "expert commission" in early summer of 2003 in the legal department of the Bavarian government. Due to the resistance of the Bavarian Greens, Landsberg's city authorities, a Landsberg citizen association, and several patriotic individuals of Landsberg, a complete destruction of the Landsberg graveyard was prevented for the time being. Paragraph 304 (1) of the German penal code reads:

»He who illegally [...] damages or destroys graves, will be punished with up to three years in prison [...]

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Jewish In-Fighting over Belzec Memorial

Norman Salsitz of Livingston, N.J., has taken legal action in the US District Court in Washington against the American Jewish Committee. He claims that a $4 million memorial being built to honor alleged 600,000 victims at the Belzec extermination camp in Poland is desecrating the remains of Jews that "the Nazis burned, ground up and mixed into camp soil in a ghastly cover-up effort".

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington launched the Belzec project in the early 1990s to remember camp victims. Polish authorities conducted test boring at the camp in 1998 in an effort to map out a grid around the mass graves that would enable construction to begin without disturbing Jewish remains. The test boring went into human remains, which is considered a grave desecration by certain Jewish groups. (JTA, June 25, 2003) So forensic investigations of crimes against Jews are not kosher?

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Ostracism of Revisionists in Poland

The end results of being a Revisionist Historian in Poland is that you are lucky if you can find any kind of job. Dr Dariusz Ratajczak, a Polish academic now working as a storeman, befell this fate, all because he dared write a book that questioned the details of the 'Holocaust'. Now, after serving his 'sentence', he reports:

"After almost 4-5 years my 'university penalty' is finishing on 20 October 2003. I sent 45 applications for work to various Polish universities and high schools with the no positive results. One example of many is the following: "You are not an historian - you are a liar". Of course, there is no chance to work as a journalist either. After my applications to universities, etc., I received several e-mails and anonymous letters with cutting comments such as:" We see that you have applied for a position, but you will die as a porter". Well, they are right. Unfortunately, I have no money to establish my own small publishing house and this would solve my situation, Greetings, Darek".

[email protected], June 22, 2003

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Germany and the US Sign Holocaust Accord

The U.S. and German governments signed a joint agreement to preserve Holocaust sites in Germany. "The sites serve as a reminder of the atrocities committed by the Nazi dictatorship, something we must never forget and will not forget," German Ambassador H.E. Wolfgang Ischinger said at the signing ceremony in the Indian Treaty Room of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. The agreement was negotiated by the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and was signed for the United States by Warren L. Miller, commission chairman. (Washington Times, May 20, 2003) How do German Holocaust sites constitute 'American Heritage Abroad'? Jewish, yes, but American? Or is there an identity?

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Argentine President Orders Probe into Country's Nazi Past

Argentine President Nestor Kirchner on Wednesday ordered a probe into whether officials covered up the extent of exiled National Socialists' links to the South American country's government after World War II. Responding to requests from the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the U.S. Congress, the government launched an investigation into the history of National Socialists-such as Adolf Eichmann, who found refuge in Argentina after the war. (Ha'aretz, June 26, 2003)

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