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Published: 2003-10-01

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Belgian Revisionist Sentenced and Raided Again

On Sept. 9, 2003, Belgian revisionist Siegfried Verbeke (63) was sentenced to one year in prison (suspended) for disseminating literature "minimizing the genocide against the Jews by the Nazis." The Antwerp court also revoked some of Verbeke's civil rights for ten years. Considering that centuries ago dissenters ended up on pyres, Verbeke said that his sentence wasn't that bad after all.

Only three weeks later, the Belgian police raided six of Verbeke's premises in order to confiscate revisionist material and evidence that it had been disseminated. French revisionist Vincent Reynouard, currently residing in Belgium, was one of the individuals 'visited' by the police.

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Austrian Revisionist Jailed

On Sept. 3, 2003, an Austrian 'Holocaust' revisionist was sentenced by a Vienna court to one year in prison, with another two years suspended. Wolfgang Fröhlich, 52, an engineer and expert for disinfestation gassings, is notorious for claiming it was technically impossible for the National Socialists to have killed six million Jews in gas chambers. The court said it took into consideration his "multitude of incriminating acts" and the long period of time over which they were committed. (The New Zealand Herald, Sept. 5, 2003)

Because all the evidence introduced by Föhlich's lawyer Dr. Herbert Schaller was rejected by the Austrian court, the audience grew more and more upset about this injustice. As a consequence, the judge excluded the public from the proceedings and sentenced Fröhlich in camera. Since Fröhlich was tried only for offenses committed up to 1999, he will have to face another indictment for his dissenting writings between 1999 and 2003.

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German Lawyer Loses Passport for Revisionist Views

German lawyer Horst Mahler, enfant terrible of Germany's high society, once more provoked the German authorities by announcing publicly in July that he will organize a demonstration in Auschwitz announcing that the death figures of this camp will have to be reduced according to recent findings (see TR 1/2003) and that "the only path to reconciliation between Germans and Jews is the path of truth." Because this was considered an "outrageous provocation" by the German authorities, they simply withdrew Mahler's passport for the period of time he had announced his visit to Auschwitz. Although this was a clear violation of German law, the administrative court of Brandenburg, where Mahler resides, ruled that this passport withdrawal was legitimate because Mahler was jeopardizing Germany's reputation abroad.

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European-Wide Law against Revisionism

Starting in 2004, a new European-wide law will allow member countries of the European Union to execute arrest warrants in other member countries without any further legal ado. The list of crimes covered by this law has 32 items and includes the publishing or dissemination of "racist and xenophobic" material, including revisionist writings. So far only seven countries within the EU explicitly outlaw revisionism, but the new law would enable those countries to have anybody arrested even if residing in a country without such laws. (Daily Telegraph, 2/18/2003) Britain, however, announced recently that it will exempt publishers of 'racist' or 'xenophobic' material from this law. (Libertarian Socialist News, 6/30/2003)

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More Jewish Censorship in New Zealand

New Zealand born Elizabeth Laird wrote A Little Piece of Ground, a children's book that tells the story of a 12-year-old Palestinian boy, Karim, whose suffering begins when his family is dispossessed of its olive groves and his father humiliated by Israeli troops. Laird rejects the allegation that the book is anti-Israel. Laird said she "toned down" several parts of the book, but that the motivation for suicide bombing had to be tackled. "Suicide bombings are going on in the background, and in one scene I have Karim's uncle questioning his [Karim's] hunger for vengeance after his father is humiliated by the soldiers. He tells him: 'Does that make it right for us to go and bomb them?'" (The Guardian, Aug. 23, 2003,,3604,1028034,00.html)

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Australia to Outlaw Criticism of Minorities

There are now precedent cases in the Federal Court of Australia, Jones vs. Scully/Töben, where criticizing Jewish matters, such as the 'Holocaust' orthodoxy, is deemed to be a racial matter and is "regarded by reasonable persons as being, in all the circumstances, offensive". Both cases were not properly defended because it was not possible for Mrs. Olga Scully and Fredrick Dr Töben to get legal representation "for fear of the Jews". The court imposed a gag order on both Scully and Töben, and Mrs. Scully was also presented with a $150,000 legal bill. Such actions send a clear message to anyone who intends to criticize the behavior and deeds of Jewish individuals in Australia. Mrs. Scully has declared herself bankrupt in order to escape the horrendous debt imposed upon her.

But there is more to come from Australia's financially powerful Jewish lobby. The Federal Government is now looking at ways of criminalizing so-called 'race-hate' on websites, emails, Internet chat rooms, and computer games. Instead of continuing to amend the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) itself, which contains an explicit non-criminalization clause, the communications minister and the justice minister stated they will amend the Criminal Code Act. The terminology that will catch anyone is couched in familiar vague generalities. A two-year prison sentence awaits those who use the Internet for "offensive and menacing purposes", such as "cyber racism" that "reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, offensive".

As with the RDA, truth is no defense in such proceedings because a 'hurt feeling' is enough to prove guilt. The injustice of such proposed legislation has been made glaringly clear in the Ernst Zündel case in Toronto, Canada. Australia is gradually catching up to Canada's legal absurdities where the resurrection of Soviet show trials has become a nightmare for those who believe in truth, honor, and justice for all. (The Australian Jewish News, Sept. 5, 2003)

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Forced Commemoration of Lies in Germany

In June 1999, the German parliament approved the construction near the Brandenburg Gate and close to Hitler's former bunker of a national Holocaust memorial in Berlin. It is now anticipated that the memorial will be completed in 2005. The US architect who designed the memorial, Peter Eisenman, says the design will force people to confront the past by evoking feelings of loss and isolation. "You'll feel like what it is to be alone," he said. "You will feel what it is like to be lost in space. I talked to people who walked alone at Auschwitz, who saw their parents taken away, who felt lost to the world." (BBC, Aug. 16, 2003,

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Israel-Critical New Zealand Cartoonist Sacked

In August 2003, New Zealand was again making news because its leading daily newspaper The New Zealand Herald sacked its award winning cartoonist, Malcolm Evans. His cartoons, critical of Israel and its attitude towards the Palestinian Intifada, were considered to be anti-Semitic, something Evans denies (see illustrations). Public criticism received by the newspaper then moved the editor to sack their cartoonist who had been with them for seven years. Evans said that he will not be dictated to by an editor who wants to tell him what to draw: "I have got to acknowledge in the first instance that the paper had the balls to publish those cartoons, but once they were published and reaction came in, the paper seemed to shrink from association with them and ultimately I received this edict." (The Sydney Morning Herald, Aug. 15, 2003)

Israel-critical cartoons by Malcolm Evans. With friendly permission by the artist himself

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Apologies for Praising Hitler's Economic Success

In its July newsletter, Glenview State Bank president Raub reported how Hitler was the only major leader during the 1930s who successfully resuscitated his country's economy when others such as President Franklin Roosevelt could not.

"The Great Depression of the 1930's saw falling prices, staggering unemployment and shattered stock markets all over the world, and the world's leading statesmen seemed helpless to defeat it. Except for one. His name was Adolf Hitler. Unlike France and Britain, and unlike the United States, Germany spent most of the 1930's growing economically, not declining. If we can understand why Depression-era Germany resisted the disease, we may better understand how alarmed we should be today in the 21st century."

After furious complaints, in particular by the local Chicago chapter of the Jewish 'Anti'-Defamation League, the bank pulled this newsletter from its website and issued an apology. The bank also apologized for a remark Raub made regarding Palestine. In the newsletter, he said "America is showing that it stands for something more than its most narrow self-interest by taking on thankless jobs in Palestine, Africa and Iraq." The bank's apology and the Anti-Defamation League's letter are posted at (Chicago Sun-Times, 7/30/2003)

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Artistic Freedom for Auschwitz Souvenirs

Polish fine arts graduate, Agata Siwek, 30,, is selling her own 'Auschwitz' souvenir creations in the Dutch city of Den Bosch. They range from crematorium fridge magnets and 'Arbeit Macht Frei' (work liberates) key rings to T-shirts with the skull-and-crossbones symbol from the camp's electric fences. She claims that because she grew up near Auschwitz, her creations are designed to remind people of the Holocaust and will help combat discrimination and war. "Taking a souvenir and hanging it on your keys is a way to remember the evil inside all of us. It [Auschwitz] is the symbol of the ultimate evil," Siwek said. Some don't agree with Siwek's sales-pitch because "It's a scandal that they do that. I have one real souvenir from Auschwitz - like all survivors - it's on my arm," said Salomon Zanten, referring to the number tattooed on his arm at the camp. "The survivors have trouble every day. We never forget it. Those things don't help us. It's a bad idea. Where is the border? How far does one go?" said the 81-year-old, who was incarcerated for 18 months in Auschwitz and was the only member of his family to survive the Holocaust. (Reuters, Aug. 22, 2003)

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"Health Nazis" in New Zealand?

'Denialism' in New Zealand's public health debate is taking a turn for the surreal. When United Future party leader Peter Dunne used the term 'health Nazis' to describe those who seek to legislate for the control of smoking in public places, Leigh Sturgiss - head of the Smokefree Coalition - countered by stating that proponents of tobacco control want to save lives, not destroy them. National Socialist Germany did indeed legislate against smoking in public places. This regime also enacted other 'tyrannical' health measures such as testing for TB and breast cancer, occupational safety laws, the banning of certain pesticides, campaigns against alcohol and against butter dyes, the promotion of nutritional food and the discouraging of additives, and the restriction of tobacco advertising. The "health Nazis" also proved the link between cancer and tobacco. If it wasn't for the banal propaganda that has made National Socialism synonymous with everything evil, which suppressed these findings, I wonder how many lives could have been saved from the tobacco holocaust. (Newstalk ZB News, Sept. 18, 2003)

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Another Witch Hunt against German War Veteran

The U.S. witch-hunt organization Office of Special Investigations (OSI) of the 'Justice' department announced that it is trying to revoke the U.S. citizenship of Joseph Wittje, 83, of Bensenville (Chicago). Although Wittje admits that he was a member of an SS Death's Head battalion, he denies ever having served as a camp guard. Wittje, a bricklayer by trade, spent much of his time working on construction of air raid shelters and in a military sports program.

Wittje was born in Romania, where he entered the army in 1942. A year later, he joined the German elite troop Waffen SS and later to a SS Death Head unit. When he immigrated to the U.S. in 1950, he did not disclose his membership in the Waffen SS and SS. If stripped of his citizenship, Wittje would be the 72nd victim of the OSI. (AP, Sept. 10, 2003)

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'Nazi Hunter' a Fraud

On August 28, 2003, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals ordered Neal Sher "disbarred by consent effective forthwith" from the Bar Association of the District of Columbia. Sher was accused of having misappropriating 'Holocaust survivor' funds for personal use. To avoid further investigations, Sher signed a statement of consent to be thrown out. Sher is one of the most well-known 'Nazi Hunters' and was also one of those prominent Jews deeply involved in extorting billions of Dollars from Switzerland and Germany over the last decade. (Forward, September 5, 2003)

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Russian City Opposes Atrocity Story

The city authorities of Mozyr, 370 km (230 mi) south of the Byelorussian capital Minsk, gave orders to level in an old cemetery. The World Association of Byelorussian Jews protested against it, claiming that the remains of some 40 Jews, who locked themselves into a barn in 1941 and set it on fire in order to prevent their capture by the Germans, should still lie there. Yacov Gutman, head of the World Association of Byelorussian Jews, stated:

"These humans repeated the dead of the Jews at Masada."

The authorities of Mozyr deny this story of mass suicide and point out that no documentary evidence supports this lore. Sergei Kostyan, representative of Mozyr in the Byelorussian parliament, said:

"We refuse to accept that this event happened."

A gas pipeline is supposed to be constructed through the former cemetery. Kostyan:

"Are we supposed to leave the city without gas because of the Jews? I am not an anti-Semite, but the Byelorussians did not suffer less than the Jews." (The Moscow Times, Sept. 17, 2003, p. 3.)

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No Apology from a Genius

On September 8, 2003, famed filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl died at age 101. Much loved for her pioneering film work, Riefenstahl was also hated by those who pressed her to apologize for having been associated with Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, something she never did. On October 18, 2002, a German public prosecutor dismissed an allegation of race hate/Holocaust denial brought against her by the German gypsies' association Rom. What is not well known is the treatment Riefenstahl endured after the war. The American occupation forces confiscated all her money and property, and then threw her into Dachau concentration camp. From there she was transferred to a French military prison, then to Breisach prison. The US military administration then ordered her to receive shock treatment at the psychiatric ward of Freiburg Clinic. Only in 1948 was Riefenstahl released from house arrest. So much for the new US-imposed democracy and re-education for Germany. Until her death, Leni Riefenstahl insisted her films were documentary rather than propagandistic (BBC,; TR will feature Riefenstahl in the next issue.)

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No Apology from an Admirer

Another woman who refused to apologize for admiring Adolf Hitler was Diane Mosley (see picture), wife of Britain's pre-war fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley. During the war years she spent three and a half years in prison for her beliefs, and she died at 93 on August 11, 2003, in Paris where she had lived for over 50 years. "They'll go on persecuting me until I say Hitler was ghastly," she said in a recent interview. "Well, what's the point in saying that? We all know that he was a monster, that he was very cruel and did terrible things. But that doesn't alter the fact that he was obviously an interesting figure. It was fascinating for me, at 24, to sit and talk with him, to ask him questions and get answers, even if they weren't true ones. No torture on earth would get me to say anything different." The affection was mutual. Hitler described Diana and her sister Unity as "angels". She claimed, however, that Hitler never mentioned his anti-Semitism to her during many hours of conversation. (The Guardian, Aug. 13, 2003,,11882,1017750,00.html)

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Poles in Panic before Joining EU in May 2004

When Poland joins the EU next year, it can expect to receive claims for financial compensation for the property taken at the end of World War Two from Germans made to flee their homes - ethnic cleansing! Poland has also objected to a Memorial for the 12 million Germans who were expelled after the war from their homes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. Leszec Kolakowski, an Oxford philosopher, has also criticized the planned center.

"Thousands of German women were raped by Soviet soldiers: does their destiny not deserve to be remembered? Why are those who are planning the centre not ready to take up the issue of these much worse, much more cruel, much more painful persecutions?"

The president of the German Refugee Association, Erika Steinbach, 60, also a member of the Christian Democratic Party, has broad support from other parliamentarians for her plan to build a center in Berlin, next to the Holocaust Memorial. She says the memorial is important so that Germans can "mourn and remember those killed and dispossessed". Some opposition is brewing over the fact that the Holocaust Memorial is dedicated to six million Jews killed, while the German Memorial would remember the memory of 15 million Germans. (Times, London, Sep. 24, 2003)

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Jewish Crimes in Poland?

The National Institute of Remembrance is investigating a massacre of about 35 civilians said to have been committed by 50-60 Jewish partisans belonging to a 120-strong Soviet partisan group at Koniuchy in Poland on January 29, 1944. "It is very convenient for the Canadian Polish Congress to raise this issue instead of providing explanations about pogroms of Poles against Jews during and after the war," said Hebrew University historian Dov Levin, who was a member of one of the Jewish partisan units operating under Soviet command in that region and has written several books on the issue. Severin Hochberg, a historian with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, said material he had seen suggested that civilians were indeed killed by partisans, a view endorsed by several experts interviewed for this article. "At the time, the Soviets were on the offensive and the Jews fought with them, so I believe something serious took place," he said. "But there is still a lot of research to be done." (Forward, Aug. 8, 2003,

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UK Grants Asylum to Russian Tycoon

Boris Berezovsky (picture), former Russian billionaire businessman and political opponent of President Vladimir Putin, has had his second application for political asylum granted. That Berezovsky thereby escapes the charges of fraud leveled against him by Russian public prosecutors is deemed to be irrelevant. Berezovsky claims that he is being wanted in Russia for his political beliefs, but critics argue that the oligarchs - the group around Boris Yeltsin who initiated the switch from a central to a market controlled economy - retarded Russia's economic progress by effectively pillaging state assets and sending billions of dollars overseas, especially to Israel. (BBC, Sept. 10, 2003,

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Pulling the Race Card to Point-Score in US Politics

The US national security adviser, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, who claims that bringing democracy and free market economics to Iraq is "the moral mission of our time", has leveled the charge of racism against those who oppose US policy. She compares this challenge with that of the 1960s USA civil rights movement. "Like many of you, I grew up around the home-grown terrorism of the 1960s. I remember the bombing of the church in Birmingham in 1963, because one of the little girls that died was a friend of mine," she said. (Telegraph, Sept. 8, 2003,

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George W. Bush 'Haunted' by Auschwitz Visit

The May visit to Auschwitz is still moving the US President, and it entered his considerations when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon visited the White House. On July 29, 2003, Bush said that seeing Auschwitz "encouraged me" to go on with a campaign against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. (New York Post, Aug. 1, 2003,

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Israeli Fighter Planes over Auschwitz

Three F-15 planes, piloted by descendents of 'Holocaust' survivors, circled over the Auschwitz-Birkenau railway track as 200 Israeli soldiers attended a ceremony below. Israel's ambassador to Poland, Shevach Weiss, said:

"It's a protest against the inhumanity of the Nazis on the Polish territory. It's a tribute to the ashes of those who were killed here."

But Auschwitz Museum spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt said the museum was not consulted about the fly-past, and he deplored "the demonstration of Israeli military might in this place. It's a cemetery, a place of silence and concentration." It is claimed that up to one-and-a-half million people were killed by the Nazis in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps between 1940 and 1945, a figure that Fritjof Meyer, editor of the German weekly Der Spiegel, reduced to around 500,000 last year. Of those about 300,000 Jews were allegedly gassed, not in the crematories but in outlying farmhouses. (BBC, Sept. 4, 2003,

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Israel Categorically Rejects Right of Return

A new dispute erupted over the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel, with the Jewish state categorically rejecting a Palestinian claim. The prospect was guaranteed in a US-backed peace plan. (AFP, Aug. 16, 2003,

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Aftermath of the UN Durban Race Conference

The 2001 August-September UN-sponsored Race Conference in Durban was a fiasco for the Jewish delegation that wished to debate the 'Holocaust' and 'anti-Semitism'. Instead, at this conference the pro-Palestinian sentiment turned against Jewish-Zionist delegations. It is thus not surprising that at the September 4-5, 2003, conference in Vienna about 300 delegates from 50 countries discussed 'racism, discrimination and xenophobia', but not 'anti-Semitism'. Although considered a follow-up conference of that convened by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe held earlier, in June, where the topic specifically focused on how to combat anti-Semitism, very few Jewish organizations were represented at this September conference. At the June meeting it was found that a new form of anti-Semitism was developing, where Israel is becoming the hate-object because there is now a clear identification of Jews and Israel with the USA, which then combines with anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and anti-Americanism.

Pascale Charhon, the director of the Brussels-based European Jewish Information Center told the JTA:

"The Jewish people and the European Jewish world are definitely part of Europe; we are citizens of Europe. This inclusive Europe will protect the rights of everyone, including Jews. We have a role to play. We have to take part in general battles in order to show others that we care."

Joseph Moustaki, a member of the Israeli delegation said:

"I can understand why most Jewish organizations didn't send representatives, since the issue of anti-Semitism was not on the agenda. Still, with the Israeli presence and the organizations that did come, we manifested in a clear way how seriously Israel and the Jewish world are fighting not just anti-Semitism but other forms of hatred and discrimination." (JTA, Sept. 9, 2003,

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Israeli Pilots Rebel against Air Strikes

A group of Israeli air force pilots are refusing to carry out strikes against targets in the Palestinian territories. The declaration by 27 pilots, some of whom regularly carry out combat missions, has been condemned by Israeli military leaders. (

Tales of the Holocaust continue to be publicized by BBC Radio 4, London "... an immediate death with a flick of his finger":

On August 21, 2003, 'Life as a human guinea pig' was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 that told the story of Zoe Polanska Palmer of Dundee, who claims she is not only a Holocaust survivor but also a Dr. Mengele survivor. She was convinced that she would be gassed once her usefulness to National Socialist science had ceased. She claims that during her two years as a 13-year-old in the camp she was forced to swallow lots of pills that were designed for a birth control test. She survived by being evacuated to Dachau by a Russian doctor. Now in her early 70s, she has been fighting for compensation and an apology from the German drug manufacturer Bayer. "I still find it difficult to take aspirin," she says. "I remember one of the SS doctors holding my jaw open and forcing pills down my throat. I'm still very wary of men wearing white coats." Her story follows the usual eyewitness pattern of factual information, exaggeration, and then outright lies. Eyewitness testimonies held in the Auschwitz camp archive claim the doctor who force-fed her pills worked for the pharmaceutical company Bayer when it was part of IG Farben was Dr. Victor Capesius who helped Dr. Mengele to conduct genetic experiment choosing those who might be useful and sending the rest to an immediate death with a flick of his finger. "The concentration camps were used as a huge laboratory for human experimentation," says Wolfgang Eckhart, Professor of Historical Medicine at Heidelberg University. Zoe had campaigned for 28 years but received nothing. "They want us all to die so they won't have to pay out so much money," Zoe says. Within weeks of the authorities being contacted by the BBC, Zoe received a check for a little over £2,000 from the German compensation fund. "I want to make sure people remember what happened to people like me when I was a child at Auschwitz," she says. "I was just one of thousands of children treated in this way. But I was one of the very few lucky ones who managed to survive." (BBC, Aug. 20, 2003

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Collapse of Israeli Society Predicted

The "countdown to the end of Israeli society has begun", says former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg. "Traveling on the fast highway that skirts barely a half-mile west of the Palestinian roadblocks, it's hard to comprehend the humiliating experience of the despised Arab who must creep for hours along the pocked, blockaded roads assigned to him. One road for the occupier, one road for the occupied," he said. "Having ceased to care about those children who are washed in hatred, Israel should not be surprised when they blow themselves up in the centers of Israeli escapism. "We cannot keep a Palestinian majority under an Israeli boot and at the same time think ourselves the only democracy in the Middle East," said Burg. (The Guardian, Sept. 16, 2003,,3604,1041960,00.html)

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Dangers of Arab Holocaust Revisionism

The recent awarding by Libyan president Mummar Qaddafi of the International Human Rights Prize to Roger Garaudi prompted Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre to comment:

"Qaddafi and Roger Garaudy are members in a brotherhood of hate that knowingly spreads the big lie of Holocaust denial as part of a worldwide effort to demonize the Jewish people."

Jonathan Eric Lewis stated in the magazine Israelinsider:

"Arab Holocaust denial is both about Jews and not about Jews. It simultaneously seeks to mock Jewish suffering and explain Arab failures. It is employed both to disparage Israel's existence and to present a narrative by which Arabs, not Jews, were the primary victims of Europe. It denies historical reality while simultaneously creating an alternative narrative of twentieth-century history. This line of irrational political thinking lends itself to totalitarianism, not democracy.

Jews need not feel guilty for building a vibrant democracy in the Middle East. The Arab world, on the other hand, must examine its flaws in a manner that doesn't blame its failures on Jewish success. The danger that the irrational politics of Holocaust denial represent is so great that it can no longer be seen as solely a problem of anti-Semitism or as a challenge for Jewish groups alone, but rather as a threat to liberal civil society and democracy taking root in the Arab-Islamic world."

The above does, however, not explain away the Zionist's own apartheid and racist mentality that is the make-up of the State of Israel\. (Israelinsider, Sept. 19, 2003,

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Incapable Heisenberg?

Werner Heisenberg, center, with colleagues in 1927

A new book by John Cornwall, Hitler's Scientist, Viking, published in September 2003, tells the story of ten German physicists who were brought to England in July 1945, among them Nobel Prize-winner Werner Heisenberg and Otto Hahn, the discoverers of nuclear fission. While spending six months detention at Farm Hall, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, the British secret service recorded their every utterance. Cornwall concludes that from these recently released transcripts it can be assumed that the Germans were lagging behind British and US nuclear technology. In his book, John Cornwell quotes modern day physicist Jeremy Bernstein who says one of Heisenberg's lecture delivered during those six months shows: "The fantasy that Heisenberg understood how to make a bomb all along but kept 'the secret' is [...] absurd." Cornwall himself concludes: "It turns out the lecture Heisenberg gave to his fellow physicists was all tripe." (

Dr. Töben's comment: When I met Heisenberg shortly before his death in 1975, it was obvious from his comments that he and German scientists did have the knowledge, but that the imminent German defeat required him to prepare himself for the task of re-building Germany after the war ended. This Heisenberg did well.

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