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Published: 2005-09-01

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International Holocaust Memorial Day

Place the words “gas chamber” into a search engine and numerous articles will appear that have as their focus the Auschwitz Memorial Day, January 27. Some of the stories retrieved are too fantastic to reproduce here. Most of them follow the lead given by British Tory Party leader, Michael Howard, who claimed that his aunt was gassed at Auschwitz three times and once the Germans even ran out of gas. Other “survivors” have come up with more fantastic stories, such as Judy Meisel who told 150 wide-eyed freshmen at Harlan Community High School, Denmark, that “My hair was torn out; I was hungry and didn’t know what to think.” She watched her mother taken to the gas chamber, and when she visited that very same gas chamber years later, “You could still see the fingernails in the walls of the chamber.” Fredrick Töben advises that upon inspection of that “gas chamber,” he did not see any fingernails present.

Another story from Josef Paczynski, a barber at Auschwitz, believes he witnessed the first mass gassing of Jews. “When everyone was naked, they went inside and the door was closed. One soldier then went up to the roof of the building with a gas mask on his face. He opened the lid on these little chimneys and dropped the white pellets inside. The walls of the chamber were very thick, but I could hear the people screaming. It was in the middle of the day, and other prisoners were walking by. To prevent them from hearing, the SS had two motorcycles outside revved up all the way.”

“The Holocaust is an event that is beyond history: it is a part of human existence,” says historian Israel Gutman, an Auschwitz survivor. “It asks the question: What is the nature of human beings who were able to murder millions of people, including women, children and old men?”

The most pressing question is: Why are Revisionists legally silenced in many European countries and in other parts of the world simply because they dispute the existence of the homicidal gas chambers and the six million death figure? Ernst Zündel has spent more than two years in prison. Why?

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Slovakia Leading the Way to Free Speech in Europe?

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Slovakia has filed a formal protest with the government against a Justice Ministry plan to submit a bill to Parliament in February that would eliminate any sanction for Holocaust denial. As in many European countries, publicly denying the existence of the Holocaust is a criminal act in Slovakia, something Justice Ministry spokesman Richard Fides says interferes with freedom of speech. Central Association of Jewish Community head Frantisek Alexander said:

“If you start letting people promote the idea of Holocaust denial in a country where most people don’t even know what the Holocaust is, you are asking for trouble. Holocaust denial is infectious.”

Gyula Bardos, a legislator in the governing coalition, is optimistic that the plan will be defeated:

“Deputies from all political parties know that denying the Holocaust is a very dangerous matter.”, January 25, 2005

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Australian Government considers Habib cash for comment

The Federal Government is investigating whether Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib will be allowed to receive money for media interviews when he returns to Australia. A spokesman for the Federal Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, says the Government is looking at whether the Proceeds of Crime legislation applies to the case. A date for Mr. Habib’s return to Australia has not been announced, but Mr. Ruddock’s spokesman says he is expected home “reasonably soon.” Mr. Habib has spent the past three-and-a-half years in detention without charge.

The other Australian still detained in Guantanamo Bay, David Hicks, has been charged with various crimes. No date has as yet been set down for his tribunal hearing, though his defense counsel, Major Mori, has already claimed that any trial would be a travesty of justice. Australian ministers are rather hostile towards Habib and Hicks, perhaps because these men are Australian Moslems and anti-Zionists. This is in stark contrast to two Australians who in 1999 were imprisoned as spies in the former Yugoslavia where the Foreign Minister bent over backwards to intervene on behalf of them, thereby gaining their release. Upon their return they were feted at Government House, Canberra. Minister Downer did not bend over backwards for Fredrick Töben who was at the same time incarcerated at Mannheim, Germany.

ABC NewsMail, January 25, 2005

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German Nationalist Members of Parliament Walk out over Auschwitz

All 12 members of the NPD represented in the Saxony parliament stood up and headed for the door of Saxony’s parliament after the parliament’s president, Erich Iltgen, called for a moment’s silence to mark this week’s 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Later in parliament, Holger Apfel, leader of the NPD contingent, compared the suffering of victims of the Holocaust to that of Germans during World War II allied bombing. Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer threatened “consequences” for those NPD members who walked out of the Saxony state parliament in protest against a tribute honoring victims of Nazism:

“The unspeakable playing-down of the Holocaust […] is a disgrace for our country and an attack on our democracy. This must have consequences. Hatemongers, neo-Nazis, and far-right radicals may not get the parliamentary podium for the spreading of their treacherous views. […] All possibilities must be utilized to stop a repeat of such an act of incitement.”

Parliamentary privilege will most likely stifle any attempt to activate penal law against Mr. Apfel. Thanks to the brilliant mind of legal counsel, Horst Mahler, a government attempt to outlaw the party, accused of fomenting hate crimes against foreigners and Jews, failed in 2003 when Germany’s Supreme Court threw out the case after it emerged that the Government’s evidence was mostly based on paid informants. (January 25, 2005

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Israel Succeeds in Staging Holocaust Ceremony at UN

The UN hall was less than half full, and Jordan was the only Arab nation to remain during Holocaust memorial speeches by UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan and Foreign Minister Sylvan Shalom who was able to enlist 30 countries, including the U.S., the 25 European Union countries, Russia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to request the special session. UN Secretary-General Anan then turned to the rest of the 191 countries to obtain their consent for the session, and 138 out of the 191 approved. Among those who assented were Moslem and other countries with no diplomatic contacts with Israel, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. (January 24, 2005;

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Confusing Numbers Game?

“I am a little confused! While at school I learned four million Jews had been gassed in Auschwitz. Now, however, I have to acknowledge some different kind of ‘historical facts.’ In the Johannesburg daily The Citizen, January 21, page 4, a slightly different statement was published recently. If I were to mention this in the Federal Republic of Germany publicly would I be persecuted due to Volkshetzung (stirring up the people)? Just asking.” (January 24, 2005, Dr Claus Nordbruch

[email protected]) Editor’s Remark: Yes, he would.

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Horst Wessel Song Scandal

Alberta’s radio stations broadcast an advertisement that featured the stirring song so popular with Germans during WW II. “It should never have happened, that’s why it was taken off,” said Harvey Shevalier, first vice-president of the Alberta and Northwest Territories command for the Legion. It sounds good, but it’s not the appropriate kind of music,” he added. “(Members) are very disgruntled or disappointed that it would even get out there without somebody knowing what it was. And rightfully so.” Laurel Harris, a media director for the company that devised the advertisement said the music was selected from a random tape of marching music that did not have song titles on it. “We felt the music was completely suitable, but obviously we were unaware,” she said. Horst Wessel was a member of the NSDAP until he was murdered in 1930, and his song was adopted by the National Socialists as a German anthem in 1933.

January 22, 2005, The Ottawa Citizen

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Ernst Zündel now in Germany

After over two years of imprisonment in a high security prison outside of Toronto, Canada finally deported German revisionist Ernst Zündel to Germany on March 1, 2005. In Germany he was charged with “Holocaust denial,” against which any defense is itself illegal in Germany. The trial will start on Nov. 8, 2005, in Mannheim. The maximum sentence Zündel may face – as well as his lawyer, should he dare to offer or ask for evidence to support Zündel’s views – is five years in jail. See for updates.

After almost a decade of sending emails around the world, detailing what is happening on the Revisionist front, Ernst Zündel’s wife Ingrid Rimland Zündel has advised in early 2005 that, owing to the pressure of work focusing on her husband’s legal case, she will cease sending her daily emails through her extensive list.

Since the amount of mail Ernst Zündel can receive in Germany is severely restricted, we ask all supporters NOT to send him any mail, so that important mail can get through to him. Please send any correspondence and support to his wife:

Ingrid Zündel, 3152 Parkway, Suite 13, PMB 109, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863, USA

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Horst Mahler receives prison sentence

Berlin’s Judge Peter Faust sentenced ex-NPD lawyer Horst Mahler, 68, to nine months in prison. Mahler now considers himself to be a prisoner of war! Mahler said he would appeal this sentence. Judge Faust justified the sentence without parole because Mahler is a repeat offender, stubborn and unapologetic. Horst Mahler is the leading fighter against Zionist terror in Germany. (January 12, 2005;,1518,336498,00.html)

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Solomon Morel Hunt on again in Poland

John Sack wrote An Eye for an Eye that details Solomon Morel’s murderous rage against German prisoners held in a de-nazification camp at Swietochlowice in Poland. In 1998 the Polish Public Prosecutor failed to pursue the matter after Morel, 86, fled to Israel, and the Israeli judiciary deemed the matter not a live issue because the statute of limitation had saved Morel from extradition to Poland. Now the Polish authorities have gathered new evidence and have upgraded the old charge to “crimes against humanity,” a charge that has no time limit. The Polish public prosecutor, Eva Kok, said:

“The Israelis are extremely efficient in pursuing people they have accused of such crimes – and they must accept that other nations want to do the same.”

January 2, 2005;

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Siberian Newspaper Editor Sentenced for Anti-Semitism

A court in the Siberian city of Novosibirk handed down a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence to a local newspaper editor for publishing anti-Semitic views. The court convicted Russkaya Sibir editor Igor Kolodezenko of inciting ethnic hatred after prosecutors proved that he was behind a number of articles published in the paper that contained materials defamatory of Jews, as well as calls to violence against Jews, the Russian Information Agency Novosti reported. Kolodezenko, who pleaded not guilty, said that he was “telling the truth” in the articles, and added that he would continue to fight, and appeal the verdict. The outspoken editor was sentenced to three years in a penal colony in 2003 for his anti-Semitic publications, but avoided a jail term after being amnestied.

Dec. 20, 2004

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Professor sentenced to prison for staging own ‘anti-Semitic hate-crime’ attack

Kerri Dunn, visiting professor at Claremont McKenna College, spray-painted her car with “anti-Semitic” and “racist” words, then reported it to the police as a “hate crime.” In sentencing Dunn, Judge Charles Horan said such action could have led to racial violence on campus. Dunn refused to admit that she perpetrated the act herself and so the judge handed down a one year prison sentence. “From what I saw in the press, I think the judge accurately characterized the way things occurred on campus,” Deputy District Attorney Martin Bean said outside the courtroom. The prosecutor added that it was “an appropriate sentence based on the crimes she committed.”

December 16, 2004

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Siegfried Verbeke Freed, then Arrested again

On November 27, 2004, Flemish Revisionist, Siegfried Verbeke was arrested in his shop in Cotrai, Belgium, then taken to jail in Ypres where he was to be deported to Germany. However, he was released on December 10, 2004, because the court at Courtrai found that a European law prevents another European country from demanding extradition of a citizen of another Euopean country, if that country has the same law.

On August 3, 2005, while traveling to see his inlaws in the Philippines, Siegfried Verbeke was once more arrested at Schiphol Internation Airport (Amsterdam). This arrest warrant was again issued by Germany. As of now, Verbeke is still in jail in the Netherlands, because he has challanged the validity of Germany’s arrest warrant. Just a few weeks before Verbeke’s arrest, Germany’s Constitutional High Court had declared the European law permitting such arrests as unconstitutional.

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Mrs. Olga Scully Raided by State Police

Mrs Scully was raided by the State police who had a search warrant to look for copies of the For Police Eyes Only video that details matters about the April 28, 1996 Port Arthur massacre in which 35 people were killed and 18 wounded, purportedly by a single blonde-haired gunman, Martin Bryant. In that video there is evidence that a coronial enquiry should have been used, but Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, ruled out such an enquiry into the Port Arthur Massacre, something quite unusual, especially when it is legal precedent that such be held if foreigners are killed in Australia. Further, the site of the massacre was quickly cleaned up. The police took Mrs Scully’s two copies as well as all her other 558 videos. The police then took her to the police station in Launceston and questioned her in front of video camera. They were interested only in the Port Arthur tape. At the police station Mrs Scully was not backward in coming forward with information about what she knew really happened at Port Arthur.

December 7, 2004, [email protected]

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Swiss Revisionist René-Louis Berclaz

On November 26, 2004, Swiss Revisionist Rene-Louis Berclaz surrendered to the Swiss diplomatic authorities in Bucharest, Rumania. On December 4, 2004, it was learned he had been transferred to the central prison at Freiburg, and on December 6, 2004, he was transferred to the prison of Sion, Canton Valais. Since his incarceration he has been held in solitary confinement. His address is Monsieur René-Louis BERCLAZ, Prison des Iles, Case postale 1080, CH-1951 SION, Switzerland.

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Walter Lüftl’s Unpublished Letter to the Wien Kurier

Dear Editor

Your article of August 8, 2004, on the NKVD Special Unit’s mass murder at Katyn in 1940 falsely claims that “in Katyn 15,000 officers were shot.” At Katyn “only” 4,173 (other sources state 4,156) polish officers, bureaucrats, police officers, land- and factory owners, etc., that is “class enemies,” were murdered from the camps Mednoje, near Kalinin, and Pjatichatki, near Charkow. You correctly state that this deed was blamed on the Germans. Unfortunately you do not mention that for these Soviet crimes – more like genocide – German officers were condemned and most of them executed by the perpetrators, i.e. judicial murder. After clarifying who was responsible for this deed, I now seek the rehabilitation of the murdered German officers Stuffeling, Remmlinger, Bohm, Sonnefeld, Janike and Geherer. I don’t know if the officers sentenced to 20 years survived their forced labor – real slave labor: Vogel, Skotki and Dierer. It may not be a consolation for those unjustifiably murdered, but it is of significance for the widows and descendents of those murdered as “war criminals” or as “judicial murder.” You should write about this topic, but I assume you will consider this letter as not “political correct” and thus not publish it. But now at a later date you cannot claim “Gnade der späten Geburt” [mercy of late birth] – copyright Kohl – that you didn’t know. Now you know!

Sincerely, Your subscriber Walter Lüftl, 1180 Vienna

(Engineer Walter Lüftl is the author of The Lüftl Report, another refutation of you know what!)

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French Revisionist Vincent Reynouard Appeal

On June 9, 2004, Revisionist Vincent Reynouard received a two year prison sentence with a six month minimum, by the Limoges Court of Appeal for “rehabilitating war crimes” in a video cassette disputing the June 10, 1944 massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane. The matter is currently pending before the Supreme Court of Appeal. That does not stop Vincent Reynouard – father of five boys – from being productive and from continuing to publish his 360-page review No Surrender under the aegis of VHO. He asks for your support in the fight against the real falsifiers of history. At a time when a flood of propaganda is being readied for the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the camps, especially Auschwitz, he has a CD-ROM database and he offers a pamphlet containing “little known photographs of German concentration camps.” This large 16-page pamphlet contains photos circulated in Germany until 1945 and clandestine photos taken by deportees to Dachau and Buchenwald in 1943-1944, which all contradict the official version of events. More information on obtaining material from Vincent Reynouard, please write to: V.H.O., B.P. 256, B-1050 BRUXELLES 5, Belgium

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Professor Robert Faurisson Continues his Revisionist Intifada

“In Switzerland as in France, and a good number of other countries in the world, Jewish organizations have, through constant pressure, obtained the passage of special laws providing for the prosecution of those who don’t believe in the kosher version of the history of the Second World War, with its genocide of the Jews and its Nazi gas chambers (not to be confused with the crematory ovens, the existence and usefulness of which, in camps ravaged by epidemics, are contested by no one). The Fabius-Gayssot Act of July 13, 1990, provides for a prison term of from one month to a year, a fine of from two to three hundred thousand francs, and still other penalties against skeptics in France (it is a violation of this law merely to express doubt). An identical law has oppressed Switzerland since 1995. Needless to say, these laws are insolently labeled “anti-racist” by their authors and enforcers.”

Faurisson’s ‘criminal’ sixty-word sentence that he uttered during an interview with Ivan Levaï on the Europe 1 radio network in December 1980:

“The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle the main beneficiaries of which are the state of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety.”

From Walter Mueller, Patriot Letter[email protected], 24 January 2005.

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Fredrick Töben’s Mannheim Re-Trial in Doubt

On November 8, 2004, the Mannheim “Volksverhetzungsprozess” against Fredrick Töben was suspended by Landgericht Judge Adam because the 60-year-old German-born Töben did not appear in court on account of being a prohibited person in Germany. The court is to investigate if his claims made on his Internet website are true. Töben denies the mass murder of Jews in the concentration camps and in 1999 he was sentenced to a 10-month prison term. A 2000 appeal against this sentence to the Bundesgerichtshof quashed the November 10, 1999 judgment. November 8, 2004 dpa,

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Prisoner-of-War Günter Kögel Goes to Jail

Retired educator, Günter Kögel, 78, was on November 14, 2004, given a farewell by a large gathering before he entered the gates of Remscheid prison. Mr. Kögel views his 15-month prison sentence as a prisoner-of-war sentence imposed on him by the enemies of the German Reich. In his publication, Deutschenland – Schrift für neue Ordnung, he advocated passive resistance against the civilian occupation forces in Germany, and a reduction of foreign immigrants into Germany, thereby offending against §130. He can be contacted at: Herrn Günter Kögel, Justizvollzugsanstalt Remscheid, Masurenstraße 27, D-42899 Remscheid, Germany.

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‘Witches’ Pardoned after 400 years

The Scottish town of Prestonpans, east of Edinburgh, will perform a ceremony to grant official legal pardons to 81 supposed witches executed during the late 16th and 17th centuries. More than 3,500 Scots were executed during the Reformation period that reached a peak under King James VI, later crowned King James I of England. Many were condemned on evidence such as owning a black cat or cursing a neighbor who subsequently fell ill. Among those executed was one woman who confessed under torture to leading a coven responsible for a storm intended to sink the king’s ship as he returned from Denmark with his fiancée.

October 30, 2004,

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Israel to Kill in U.S. and other Allied Nations

Richard Sale, UPI Intelligence Correspondent, claimed that Israel is embarking upon a more aggressive approach to the war on terror that will include staging targeted killings in the United States and other friendly countries, former Israeli intelligence officials told United Press International. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has forbidden the practice until now, these sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The Israeli statements were confirmed by more than a half dozen former and currently serving U.S. foreign policy and intelligence officials in interviews with United Press International.

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Syrian President Spoke out in 2000

“Since the invention of the word ‘holocaust,’ the Jews have extorted the world […] as to the gas chambers, such […] installations were found in all concentration camps. But there are grave doubts whether such were used to kill people. These gas chambers were there to delouse the clothing and objects of the inmates.”

Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, quoted in Syrian Times, September 5, 2000.

Updated: March 31, 2005

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