In Germany: Revisionist Center Offers 'Truthful History'

Published: 1995-05-01

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An important German publishing center dedicated to the "truthful treatment of German and European history in this century" has been turning out an impressive series of books and booklets.

In cooperation with noted German historians and publicists, the "Contemporary History Archives/ Cultural and Contemporary History" center ("Archiv der Zeit / Kultur- und Zeitgeschichte") has set for itself the ambitious mission of organizing a central archive and library of important twentieth century documents, testimonies and other records. Chairman of the seven-member board of directors is Waldemar Schütz, author of numerous historical works. ("Archiv der Zeit," 83022 Rosenheim, Brückenstr. 1, Germany)

An important project of the center has been a booklet series, "German History in the 20th Century" ("Deutsche Geschichte im 20. Jahrhundert"). Each booklet in the series is some 30 to 45 pages in length and sells for about seven dollars.

Among the titles in this series are:

  • Umsturz 1933 ("Upheaval 1933"), subtitled "An Attempt to Solve the Crisis of the West," a 30-page booklet about the National Socialist "seizure of power" in Germany. Written by Georg Franz-Willing, who is a member of this Journal's Editorial Advisory Committee.
  • Wiedergutmachung: Deutschland zahlt immer ("Reparations: Germany pays forever" [recte: always; ed.]), by Ernst Rumpf.
  • Anschluss 1938: Österreich und Sudetenland ("Unification 1938: Austria and Sudetenland"). With a calm presentation of facts, Dr. N. von Preradovich shows that the "union" of Austria and the "Sudetenland" region of Czecho-Slovakia with Third Reich Germany reflected the fervent wishes of the great majority of the ethnically German population of these lands. An antidote to the silly Hollywood "Sound of Music" version of history that is so widely accepted in the United States.
  • National-Sozialismus, by G. Franz-Willing.
  • Reichstagsbrand ("Reichstag Fire"), by Adolf von Thadden. Subtitled "The History of a Decades-Old Lie," this booklet tears apart often-repeated historical lies about the February 1933 arson of the German parliament building in Berlin. For years it has been claimed that the attack was secretly carried out by the Nazis, who then brazenly blamed the Communists for the deed. Citing a mass of information, the author shows that the arson was the work of a young Dutch Communist, Marinus van den Lubbe.

Books published by the revisionist center include several hardcover biographical works: Josef Stalin, by A. von Thadden; Adolf Hitler, by A. von Thadden (with a foreword by G. Franz-Willing); Roosevelt und Churchill, by G. Franz-Willing and A. v. Thadden.

Among the other noteworthy books published by the center are:

  • Lexikon: Deutsche Geschichte im 20. Jahrhundert ("Lexicon: German History in the 20th Century"). This large-size format, hardcover, 512-page reference work is compiled by Waldemar Schütz and Dr. Rolf Kosiek, with a foreword by the late Prof. Hellmut Diwald.
  • Die Sieger im Schatten ihrer Schuld ("The Victors in the Shadows of their Guilt"), by J. Nolywaika. A 350-page revisionist treatment of critical historical issues, including the question of German responsibility for the outbreak of the Second World War, the background to the 1939 German attack against Poland, Hitler's Jewish policy, and the reasons for Hitler's 1941 attack against Soviet Russia. A response to the prevailing "re-education" view of history imposed in Germany by the victorious Allied powers in the aftermath of the Second World War.
  • Kriegschuldfrage der beiden Weltkriege ("War Guilt Question of the Two World Wars"), a 200-page book by G. Franz-Willing.

A catalog of this center's publications is available from: Buchdienst DVG, Postfach 1180, 32352 Preussisch Oldendorf, Germany.

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