In Memoriam Ernst Zündel Christof Friedrich Zündel

Published: 2017-08-11

In Memoriam-

Ernst Zundel Christof Friedrich Zündel April 24, 1939 August 5, 2017

I was surprised when I saw the Mike Walsh article that Ernst Zündel had died. Ernst had been the leader in so many battles for so long and was such a dedicated and determined person that I expected him to go on for ever and ever. That he died before seeing his 79th year caused me sadness but also a sense of inquietude. I had the feeling that he had finally been ground down by the years of persecution and oppression he had faced.

I met Ernst Zündel on many occasions over the years and I think I have a true measure of the man.  He was always polite, peaceable, respectful to all, hardworking and honest.    The only thing wicked about Ernst was his sense of humor; used to highlight the hypocrisy and contradictions of politicians and the government.    Ernst Zundel was an honorable and decent man who loved his people and loved the truth.  

It was his dedication to Truth and Folk which caused his woes.   He was unable to silently standby as a sewer of ugly, impossible anti-German propaganda flowed across Canadian society.  Ernst seemed amazed that people could believe absurd Holocaust stories and was horrified that the politicians would try to force these stories on society.    Ernst educated himself and took action.  But, as he spoke out with cogent scientific arguments, the Establishment reacted with a vengeance: attacking him with criminal charges for "spreading false news," mob violence, deportation, jailing, smears in the media, inaction of the Toronto police when Ernst's house was firebombed. Such things should not happen in a free society but they did and very few people spoke out against the persecution of Ernst Zundel. In fact, all decent citizens should be worried by what happened to Ernst.

Ernst himself bravely soldiered on, always optimistic, thoughtful, inventive, always keeping up the fight against daunting odds.  This was his personality but I think he was helped by a close, loving relationship with his wife, Ingrid.   I often thought that, despite a sea of troubles, Ernst was a lucky man to have a woman like Mrs. Ingrid Zündel!  

Ernst Christof Friedrich Zündel was a person of a rare and valuable character. But even as I grieve can hear him saying, "Don't morn.  Organize!"


David Merlin, 

Member of CODOH


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