Interest in Revisionism Surging in the Middle East

Published: 1998-04-01

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The spread of revisionism across the Middle East shows no sign on slowing. In February Roger Garaudy, the octogenarian French intellectual convicted of violating French law against denying the Holocaust (see SR 51 & 52), traveled to Egypt on the invitation of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and Information. On February 15 the official Egyptian government TV channel broadcast an hour-long interview with Garaudy in which the former Communist and convert to Islam discussed his revisionist views on the gas chambers and the “six million,” and told Egyptian listeners that he believes the Israeli lobby controls ninety-five percent of Western media.

As mentioned in SR 52, Garaudy’s visit coincided with Cairo’s annual international book fair, at which his book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics was displayed and available for purchase. Roger Garaudy, however, was not the only revisionist making news at the Cairo book fair. Achmed Rami, the former Moroccan Army officer who operates, to the sorrow of the local Holocaust lobby, the outspokenly revisionist Radio Islam in Sweden (see SR 45), also attended the event, armed with business cards, revisionist flyers, and books for sale. In particular, Rami (whose revisionist Website is linked directly to CODOHWeb), promoted sales of the mammoth, magisterial Did Six Million Really Die?, the authoritative compendium of evidence amassed by Ernst Zuendel (through the good offices of Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter, et al.) during his Holocaust trials in Canada (and masterfully edited by attorney Barbara Kulaszka).

Rami’s promotional abilities are evidently not to be taken lightly. Soon enough, he was featured on the front page of Al Ahram, Egypt’s most authoritative newspaper, in a story that devoted a full page to Did Six Million Really Die?, and the Zuendel book was being displayed in the window of Madbouli, one of the biggest bookstores in Egypt. Rami was also interviewed by Al Shaab, an Egyptian weekly with a circulation of over a million, which featured more than two pages of his views on the gas chamber thesis, and the forces which prevent the truth from being disseminated in the western world.

On February 18 Ahmed Rami was interviewed in French on Radio Teheran International, and discussed the revisionist case against the Holocaust gas chamber story in depth. He further reminded his interviewer and his hearers of the shocking persecution—by their own country!—of such defenders of Germany’s honor as Udo Walendy and Guenter Deckert (both currently in prison for challenging Holocaust lies), and urged that these injustices be made known throughout the Middle East.

One morning in early March, CODOH’s perpetually embattled ally in Toronto, Ernst Zuendel, was awoken by a telephone call in accented German. The caller proved to be friend, not foe, and on March 4 Zuendel was interviewed in German by Radio Teheran International on his views of the Holocaust and on his ongoing persecution in Canada. The interview was scheduled for broadcast over short-wave to Europe, where Germany’s complaisant “intellectuals” can mull over the strange fact that, in the matter of the Holocaust, it is the mullahs of Iran who are defending the intellectual freedom so vaunted by the West.

A year or two ago, who could have imagined that Middle Eastern media would be functioning as a trampoline for truth on the Holocaust and on the suppression of Holocaust revisionism? The patient work and sacrifice of revisionists like Robert Faurisson and Ernst Zuendel has enabled men like Garaudy and Rami to create a new outlook, indeed a new paradigm regarding the Holocaust in the Middle East, that can only benefit men and women of good will, East and West, Christian and Muslim, freethinker, and yes, Jew.

We thank Michael Hoffman’s Hoffman Wire (<[email protected]. com> and Ingrid Rimland’s Zgram <[email protected]> for many of the above details—and we remind SR readers that CODOH remains the only source of Garaudy’s history-making and history-revising book, Founding Myths of Israeli Politics, for the Holocaust infidels of the English-speaking world. To get your copy see our enclosed catalog.

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