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Carlos Porter Issues Final Statement to the Munich Court
Published: 1998-05-01

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Since the beginning of 1997, CODOHWeb has been supporting Carlos Porter in his on going case against the German "legal" system. Way back in December of 1996, Judge Zeilinger of the Munich District Court charged Porter with being guilty of "slandering the dignity of the dead" by sending copies of his book, Not Guilty at Nuremberg to hundreds of officials in Germany [see SR 40 and 48].

CODOHWeb has built an entire archive known as "The German Court vs. Carlos Porter." Thirteen separate articles now comprise our archive including Porter’s entire book, Not Guilty at Nuremberg.

With each additional installment of what has come to be known as the "Carlos Porter Affair," Porter has exploited the absurdity of the charges against him as well as what can be referred to as the "original absurdity"—the Nuremberg trial transcripts.

Porter was indicted, in part, for denying the existence of the "steam chambers" at Treblinka. His response was "get me a steam chamber and bring it to court." The court simply ignored his objection.

The court continually insisted that the only defense that it would accept would be the inability to appear on the grounds of injury. Goaded beyond endurance, Porter made the claim that he was unable to appear due to cranial injuries caused by the pedal-driven brain-bashing machine of Sachsenhausen.

Instead of reprimanding Porter for his frivolity, the court denied the objection—because the date of the injury was not stated! With only one week in which to object, Porter then claimed to have suffered "radiation burns" while experimenting with the German WWII atomic bomb used in a "secret experiment" at Auschwitz and described during the Nuremberg Trial by Robert Jackson. This objection, too, was taken seriously by the State Court of Appeals of Munich, which stated, in a unanimous opinion written by a panel of three judges; “Objection denied: received late.”

Since the German court seemed to being playing cat and mouse with him, Porter decided to raise the ante to the next level. Without the frivolity of the earlier correspondence, he has issued a "Final Statement to the Court." (See complete text below). Porter's position is clear and unequivocal.

CODOH stands behind Carlos Porter and his brave and honorable stand for intellectual freedom. The censors and deniers of free-thought should be ashamed when they read the words of such a noble man, In an earlier time, after the penalty of death was ordered, Socrates would declare, "When I leave this court I shall go away condemned by you to death, but they will go away convicted by Truth herself." [Plato, Apology 38A-39D]

History does not normally recall the names of the judges or juries who charge heresy. More than a mere news outlet for the ongoing events in the Porter affair, CODOHWeb's documentation of this absurd case will remain for years to come—a reminder to all of the insane times in which we live.

If you would like to own the “Porter Archive,” including the original printing of Not Guilty At Nuremberg (24 pp, illus, self-cover) and the 12 articles that address the contretemps between Porter and the German court, we'll send it along for a contribution of $25.

March 1998



May it Please the Court;

In civilized countries it is the custom to allow a defendant to make a final statement to the court prior to sentencing.

The Nuremberg Trial transcript is 14,838 pages long in German alone, much of it in small print. I have read this material, and evidently you have not. l have provided approximately 1,900 exact references to both the American and German transcripts. The pagination and format are not the same; it can be. almost impossible to find certain things in the German, even If you know where it is in the English, and vice versa. I have also read the British transcript, which is much shorter.

There are many discrepancies. All references were completely revised and corrected prior to printing; all page numbers are given twice, according to the German and American transcripts.

I defy you, or anyone else, to find one single error in any of the references quoted in NICHT SCHULDIG IN NUERNBERG.

I refuse to be dictated to by people who have not read this material, and who have no idea what it contains.

I refuse to be deprived of a basic right which belongs to everyone else in the world as a matter of course: the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

I retract nothing; l regret nothing. I fear nothing.

I stand by the contents of my letters to the court dated 7 January, 10 March, 1 July, 1 September, 5 September, and 7 November 1997.

I stand by the contents of my letter to Christian Ude. If you fine me, I will not pay it; if you put me in prison, I will go on hunger strike like Bobby Sands.

I defy your authority and l refuse to comply with any order to do anything.

I am not afraid of you; l fear the future if I do nothing. That is all.


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