Internet Roundup

CODOHWeb Gets the Truth Out
Published: 1997-04-01

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As mentioned in last month’s issue of Smith's Report, CODOHWeb was forced to find a new on-line service provider when our old provider went out of business. The new provider offers better service and faster line-speeds, which enable more people to access our site with better response-time. Another benefit of the change has been that a wider array of statistical data is now available.

During the first two weeks with our new provider, CODOHWeb registered 17,092 hits! That is, 17,092 documents on CODOHWeb were accessed by readers. That’s an average of 1,220 documents per day!

“Hits” is typical computer-lingo for designating the number of times a particular site or Webpage is accessed. Each time someone requests any of the CODOHWeb directories (we have 23 in all), our new provider records the information. (A directory is a kind of computer-folder which contains information related to a specific topic.) We now know not only the total number of hits being registered at CODOHWeb, but we have a breakdown by topical area. This information is helpful to determine which items are attracting attention and which areas of the site can perhaps stand a face-lift.

The statistics reveal that for the first two-week period in March, the following directories / areas were our most popular:

CODOH International - 2098 hits
David Irving - 1826 hits
Ernst Zuendel Mirror - 1655 hits
Zionism, Stalinism and the Holocaust Story - 1530 hits
NewsDesk - 1447 hits
ThoughtCrimes Archive - 1256 hits
Gas Chambers and Gas Vans - 1189 hits
Inconvenient History - 925 hits
War Crimes Trials - 712 hits

If these numbers were to remain constant, and not grow as we have every reason to expect they will, we would achieve some 445,000 hits in the course of one year. These statistics demonstrate the unique outreach capabilities of the Internet. Unlike some Revisionist efforts, which might be criticized for “preaching to the choir,” CODOHWeb takes the good news of Revisionism to new audiences all over the world.

A recent study showed that 92% of college students in the United States have access to personal computers.

Would it be too much to surmise that the renewed Campus Project's emphasis on advertising CODOHWeb is beginning to pay off—with snowballing numbers of college students and faculty dropping in?

Our incoming e-mail ([email protected]) shows an overwhelming percentage of those who choose to write support our efforts. In recent weeks, we have seen mail coming in from all over Europe, including a number of Swiss who are looking for alternatives to the enforced guilt of the “Nazi Gold” story.

The Internet gives over 60 million people access to CODOHWeb. Every day new people, in growing numbers, are discovering CODOHWeb and a treasure-trove of Revisionist truth. The future opportunities for CODOHWeb now seem boundless.

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Title: Internet Roundup, CODOHWeb Gets the Truth Out
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Published: 1997-04-01
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