It's Hard to Know what's Good and Bad

Published: 2001-05-01

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It's hard to know what's good and bad. Two Israeli soldiers are killed by a Palestinian mob. The President of the United States appears on television to condemn mob violence. During the previous couple weeks Israeli soldiers killed a hundred or so Palestinians, many of them teenagers and even children. They shot thousands more. Those killings were not committed by mobs. They were carried out by highly trained military funded by the US Congress. We see then that violence is not the issue for our President. Mobs are the issue.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center publishes a photograph on its Website showing smoke billowing from a crematoria at Auschwitz. The photo's caption states that the smoke is being produced by the burning of the bodies of murdered Jews. The crematoria itself can not be seen in the photo. The photo has been tampered with. The smoke has been air-brushed onto an older photo where there was no smoke. Israeli soldiers killed, a Jewish-American institution fakes crematoria smoke to give substance to its holocaust story. Is there a connection? It's hard to know what's good and bad.

Jewish writers are beginning to attack what they call the "Holocaust Industry." They say that the Industry uses the Jewish holocaust story to extract immense wealth from people living in the West, and to silence all criticism of Jews. Meanwhile, two men in a small boat loaded with high explosive ram a US Destroyer taking on bunkers at Aden. We read where an eyewitness reports that just before the boat struck the US ship the two men stand at attention and a moment before the explosion throw their arms into the sky in a gesture of exaltation. A hole forty feet wide is blown through the hull of the ship. Seventeen US servicemen are killed.

Spokesmen for the US Government call the attack an act of cowardice. Two men giving their lives for a cause they believe in. Nathan Hale said he regretted having only one life to give for his country. It's hard to know what's good and bad. Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims increasingly see America, in its strategic alliance with Israel, as their natural enemy. Kill Americans. For the US government, it's only politics. For the others, it's principle. On the television I watch Palestinian youths using slingshots to attack Israeli soldiers armed with automatic weapons, tanks, and helicopter gun ships, all of it paid for by the US Congress. My heart goes out to the kids.

We have a cat who went bad after giving birth to four kittens. She was a terrific mother, but came to distrust everything and everyone. She spits and growls at every moving thing. One morning she was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and when I stepped past her she spit and swiped a clawed paw across my leg. She had her reasons. In the first instant I wanted to kick her. The quick surge of anger I felt, but contained, reminded me of the tremendous role that violence plays in everyday affairs. If you have a nervous system. You can thank God for that, if you wish. Or evolution perhaps. What would the difference be? Maybe we'll get over it.

A friend asks what I get out of doing revisionism. Don't I get dispirited? It's hard work, there's no money, you are held in contempt by all the best people. I don't get dispirited. I don't know why. There's something missing from my character. I think it has to do with the fact that I am not focused on winning, on the future. I appear to be focused on the daily round. The process. I noticed this a long time ago. It's not a feat, an accomplishment, it's just the drift of my character. When I think about death, I'm looking ahead. I'm at that age. Thinking about it causes me to feel anxiety. At that moment, thinking about death, I'm out of the process.

European Jews invade and conquer Palestine and destroy Palestinian culture. Why not? Only a couple years earlier the Germans had destroyed Jewish culture in Eastern Europe. Take what you want from the Palestinians. Destroy them as a people. Drive them from their homes like you were driven from your homes. We call it ethnic cleansing now. We call millions of Palestinian refugees something else. Do we believe no Palestinian or Muslim can read English, that they are not aware of the contempt we have for them? That our hearts and minds and purse are all with Israel and Israeli Jews? Keep the cycle going. Kill Americans.

A great war in Europe, a great trial at Nuremberg, victor's justice, and twenty years later the Jewish holocaust story is institutionalized. American and Israeli Jews put together the Holocaust Industry and steamroller everyone in sight. It's a feat of immense industry, imagination, politicking, and social manipulation. The professoriat, the keeper of the history of the people, retreats into silence. It sees nothing, hears nothing, says nothing. The Jewish holocaust story becomes taboo. You can not say anything about it that is not vetted first by the Industry. Try it. Now we have the film of young Palestinian men beating and stabbing to death young Israeli Jews. That's what's meant when it's said that the first step is the last step.

It's hard to know what's right and wrong.

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Title: It's Hard to Know what's Good and Bad
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Published: 2001-05-01
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