Jewish Defense League Asks to Become Part of CODOH Website, etc., etc.

Published: 1996-04-01

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On 10 March a member of the JDL Web Staff contacted us by email, noting, “Hey, you've got a cool site. We were wondering if you would check out our website for possible inclusion on your page. We always return favors, by the way.” We had a few laughs and waited. Later that day we received a second message from the JDL. “Sorry, a new staffer didn't know who you were, Bradley Smith, Holocaust denier extraordinaire. We're not going to link to you.” Now there’s an unexpected turn of events. As Widmann noted, one can only imagine what went down when the experienced JDL staffer discovered who the new guy had extended his hand to.

The Daily Evergreen at University of Southern Illinois ran our 46 Questions, though instead of running it one time each week for five weeks ran it five times in one week.

An ADL Summary Report for 1995 noted that ads “denying the Holocaust” were again printed by several college newspapers, including papers at SUNY-Binghamton (NY), Northeastern University (MA), Oberlin College (OH), Radford University (VA), Sacred Heart University [sic] (CT) (I think our ADL buddies got this one wrong), and Wittenberg University (OH). Nice of the ADL to list the six campuses it did, but it left out the other 28 colleges and universities at which the ad ran. But who’s counting?

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Published: 1996-04-01
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