Letter to the Canadian Embassy

Published: 2016-05-12

Embassy of Canada in Washington, D.C.

501 Pennsylvania Ave. NW

Washington, D.C. 20001-2111

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Tel: 202-682-7732                                           May 6, 2016


Dear Neighbor to the North-


We are writing to you to support the application for a visa by the French comedian and social critic Dieudonne M’bala M’bala.  Mr. M’bala M’bala is an important figure in France and represents the views of many young people and people outside of the “Establishment.”

Unfortunately he has become the target of a disgraceful program of censorship by the French and Israeli governments due to his concern regarding the oppression of the Palestinian peoples, his opposition to the continuing wars in the Middle East, and his lack of belief in the officially mandated history of the Holocaust. 

The Twitter postings of Mayer Denis Coderre are no more than smears and his calls for censorship are a disgrace. Rather than listen to such bigoted defamation, please take 10 minutes to listen to Mr. M’bala M’bala. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvlRIG_w_T8   (In French with English subtitles.)  His views on the United States dropping the atomic bomb on women and childen in Japan or what could motivate a terrorist to blow himself up are relevant and unexplored topics that should be discussed.

Mr. M’bala M’bala is no threat to the interests of Canada. In fact, he would contribute to the intellectual and social diversity of the Dominion and provoke thought on important issues. Plus he is pretty funny.

To bow to the strident calls to stifle Mr. M’bala M’bala’s performance is not commendable and contributes to the erosion of intellectual freedom. Therefore, we ask that you stand up for free speech, socially relevant comedy, and the right of people of Canada to hear whomever they wish.

Please allow Mr. M’bala M’bala into Canada and let him perform.

Thank you for considering this letter.


David Merlin, Jett Rucker,

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust.

P.O. Box 20774

York, PA  17402


phone & fax: ++1-415-688-2129

[email protected]

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