Published: 1994-11-01

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Havel and "Ethnic Cleansing"

In his Independence Hall speech (published in the Sept.-Oct. 1994 Journal), Vaclav Havel said that "the Creator gave man the right to liberty."

Does Mr. Havel live by those words? As President of the Czech Republic, he has deplored the forced expulsion of 3.5 million ethnic Germans from Czechoslovakia, and the killing of 325,000 of them, in 1945-1946. But today he protects the killers from prosecution and upholds the Benes "ethnic cleansing" decrees of 1945 that ordered the expulsion. Also, Havel refuses to meet with the representatives of the expelled Sudeten Germans.

Why does Mr. Havel not reverse a great historic injustice and "give man the right to liberty." It seems that President Havel is a liberal: he says what people like to hear, but does what he wants. He is not a revisionist!

Hallandale, Florida

Dr. App's Book Recommended

I am writing to recommend to readers No Time for Silence [published by the IHR], a 150-page collection of newspaper articles, essays and pamphlets by Dr. Austin App that originally appeared between 1946 and 1978 about the terrible fate that befell Germans in the aftermath of the Second World War.

As freedom-loving people, we must not forget the terrible treatment of the more than ten million German men, women and children who fled or were driven from their ancient homelands in East and West Prussia, Pomerania, Silesia, the Oder-Neisse region, and Sudetenland. Under often appalling conditions, they fled or were deported from their homes into what was left of bombed-out, dismantled, amputated Germany.

One million German, Austrian and Hungarian women – ages eight to eighty – were raped. In Berlin alone, more than 100,000 women were raped. Small boys who tried to protect their mothers and sisters were shot down on the spot. More than two million men, women, and children perished in this horror – history's single most terrible act of genocide.

To "complete" the devastation, American officials devised the genocidal Morgenthau Plan which was backed by President Franklin Roosevelt. According to App, this horrific plan for the devastation of Germany was abandoned only after loud protests from American Christians. [No Time for Silence is available from the IHR for $6.95, plus $2 for shipping. (check www.ihr.org for current availability and price; ed.)]

T. G.
Fort Smith, Ark.

Appreciation from Egypt

The Holocaust story plays a very important role in Western public opinion, and certainly needs revision. The Zionist movement exploits the Holocaust story to justify the establishment of the Zionist state and its bloody crimes against the Arab Palestinian people.

We are convinced that some of the Western literature about Zionist history and the Palestinian cause is biased, if not entirely wrong. Of course, we do not accept the killing of even one innocent person, but deaths of Jews decades ago in Europe is no excuse to push the Palestinian people from their homeland.

I would like to express my appreciation of the efforts by you and others to reconsider and revise the historical record.

Recently I have been committed to attending several sessions of a drawn-out trial relating to what we have published in our newspaper Al Shaab ["The People"] exposing corruption of high-level Egyptian officials.

Magdi Hussein
Editor, Al Shaab
Cairo, Egypt

Truth From America or Russia?

I very much appreciate the work that is being done by the IHR and the revisionists cooperating with all of you, especially as a German who sees that the political action taken by the Bundestag is leading us into the worse dictatorship we ever had.

The Kohl regime rules against the will of more than 80 percent of the German people in order to deprive us of our state, its constitution and its currency. In keeping with the proposals of T. N. Kaufman (Germany Must Perish) and Earnest A. Hooton, the Kohl administration is flooding Germany with millions of foreign people, drawn by high incomes paid for by German taxpayers.

There is no newspaper and no television station informing the public about this background. The truth about Auschwitz cannot be published in Germany. A Munich paper (M√ľnchner Anzeiger) and David Irving tried. The editor of the paper survived an attempt on his life, and the paper is no longer published. Irving is now prohibited from entering Germany. It seems that the truth must come to us from America and/or from Russia.

Because I am a retired engineer my funds are not so grand anymore. So my contribution is only $100.

Neustadt, Germany

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