Published: 1999-02-15

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Dogged Determination

The article on Jürgen Graf before the Swiss court [in the July-August Journal], while excellent, was also frightening and sobering. Et tu Helvetia? Yet, it is people with intelligence and dogged determination, like him and you, who usually leave their marks upon history. Equally sobering was the [Sept.-Oct.] issue on Hollywood.

Good to hear about the recent "especially generous" support from friends of the IHR. Prodigal son syndrome? Let it continue! I'm doing what I can. A check [$100] is enclosed.

M. S.
Ottawa, Canada

Smashing Myths

Your efforts in the great struggle for truth in history are greatly appreciated! Keep fighting. Keep smashing the myths and icons of the enemy.

J. V.
Harrisville, Penn.

Vital Scholarship

Thanks, as ever, for the riveting and provocative articles in the March-April 1998 issue. Mark Weber's article on the perverse applications of France's Fabius-Gayssot law was quite informative and cautionary, especially because certain special interest groups seek similar statutes against free speech in this country as well. This is all the more troubling in light of Richard Curtiss' piece about the disproportionate role of Zionist policy makers in the Clinton administration.

Persist in your vital scholarship.

C. H.
Newark, Del.

Liberty and Historical Inquiry

While I enjoyed the articles in the Sept.-Oct. 1998 Journal on Hollywood's distortions, I have a word of caution. Please stick to media distortions of history, and avoid the socially conservative critique that is typical of the "religious right." Such "religious right" figures as Cal Thomas and Chuck Colson are hostile to revisionism, and endorse censorship.

As a libertarian and a revisionist, I don't want anyone telling me what to think on any issue! Liberty and honest historical inquiry go hand in hand. Keep up the good work.

M. R.
West Milford, New Jersey

Police State Canada

I recently received the enclosed notice ["Notice of Detention/ Determination"] from the Canadian post office. From this you can see the type of police state that Canada has become, and what particular group is deciding just what information we are allowed to read.

K. E.
Toronto, Onto

Still They Come

"Holocaust deniers" are persecuted like the early Christians. They are ridiculed, ostracized, fined and jailed. They are tormented, slandered with impunity, and financially ruined. Their families are wrecked. They are bombed, burned, and physically assaulted, even on courthouse steps. They are smeared as lunatics, hate-mongers, neo-Nazis and, most dreadful of all, anti-Semites.

They are offered up to appease the unappeasable. They are denied the elementary justice that is normally accorded the lowliest. Kangaroo courts sneer at their rights.

But never are they answered.

They are not permitted to present their case to the larger public. Why not? What's being concealed?

Yet still they come. Still they pursue their cause as did those ancient Christians.

Here in Canada, the absurdly named "Human Rights Commission" declares that "truth is no defense." In our country, where the duped and ignorant masses are driven by half-hidden herders, the fair lady of Justice is nothing more than a politically correct whore.

All this points up the sickness of Western society today, and of the dark age we are entering.

W. B.
Surrey, B.C.

Against Powerful Forces

As a Journal subscriber since 1997, I really appreciate your efforts to present the truth. As you are well aware, the forces against revisionism – who also control the government and the major media – are very powerful. As a result, it is very difficult to obtain reliable information about critical issues that differs from the "accepted" viewpoint. This is really a free country only if you express the accepted views on the major issues.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don't seem to really care about the truth. That's why your publication is so important.

R. S.
Temperance, Minn.

Second Dark Age

In 1600 Christians killed Giordano Bruno for questioning Holy Writ. In 1995 Jews killed Marco Polo for questioning the Holocaust. Wake up, America. It's time to kill the second Dark Age.

J. M.
Oklahoma City, Okla.

A Letter from Robert Graham

To my astonishment, I read the articles about Robert A. Graham, S.J., in the March-April 1998 Journal, with the facsimile copies of his letters to Arthur Butz and Mark Weber.

This is of special interest to me because some years ago, and for the same reasons as Butz and Weber, I likewise corresponded for a time with Graham, who was, until his recent death, probably the world's foremost authority on the role of the Vatican during the Second World War.

Here is the complete text of a letter he wrote to me in early 1992, which speaks volumes:

La Civilta Cattolica

[Rome, Italy]

January 20, 1992

Dear Mr. [name withheld],

The question why the annihilation of so many Jews went unknown even to those who should have known, has long puzzled me. Even the Jews did not know what was happening to their own people, although they had first-rate chances to know. I was a regular reader of the N Y Times in those years and the word Auschwitz got no play. And the specialists preparing for the Nuremberg trials in 1945, with their privileged access to intelligence information and consisting of a fair number of Jews, were incredibly not aware of Auschwitz. This is evident in their initial indictment, after the war's end. And the introductory speech of Justice Jackson.

It was an "atrocity story" and the Allied propagandists were resolved not to indulge in a self-defeating campaign of accusing the Nazis of gassing 6 million Jews. Who could have believed that, at the time? Or 2 million, or one, if you wish.


[signed] Robert Graham

P.S. I see you are a Silesian. I enclose a piece I wrote 44 years ago, which may interest you.

[name withheld]
British Columbia

Full of Truth

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your web site. I am a Palestinian from Gaza who now lives in the United States. Your web site is full of the truth about Israel and militant Zionism. I am really thankful for honest and loyal people like you.

Keep up the good work!

M. Q.
[by Internet]

Deep Thanks

Just today I first heard about the IHR, when I visited your Internet web site. What you folks are doing is truly a great thing. I am sure that your work comes with its share of trouble, and couldn't even imagine being in your shoes.

It will be a great day when Americans of German descent can openly say "I am a German-American" without people immediately thinking of the "Holocaust." I deeply thank you. I'll support your efforts in any way I can.

S. D.
[by Internet]

Hate Mail

Your kind of "person" has no place in humanity. The fact that you choose to live in your world of hate and paranoia is obviously your choice, but trying to publicize your vile, hideous, arrogantly venomous thoughts is beyond sane reasoning.

Long live the people of Israel!

An outraged Jew
Portland, Oreg.

Intellectual Shock Troops

With each passing year, the Holocaust campaign sinks its claws ever more deeply into our country's schools, especially here in New York City, where Holocaust "education" courses are de rigueur.

For example, the library at a nearby high school boasts a collection of several hundred Holocaust titles, funded by a special grant. It even has a "Holocaust tree," planted by concerned students and faculty. Senator Alfonse D'Amato, along with Congressmen Ackerman and Schumer, participated in the planting ceremony.

Enclosed is a copy of a Forest Hills HS departmental memo I obtained recently that urges participation in "The Sugihara 'Do the Right Thing' Essay Prize." The Assistant Principal urges "all teachers of social studies" to encourage students to take part.

The Prize is named for Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese Consul in Lithuania who issued transit visas to Japan for Jews during the summer of 1940. Although he is supposed to have issued "over two thousand of those life-saving visas, thereby saving over 6,000 lives," Lithuania was an independent country at the time, and had no policy to eliminate its Jews. Anyway, – and as even Holocaust historians concede – in 1940 there was no German program to exterminate Jews (or anyone else).

Not mentioned, of course, are the thousands of (non-Jewish) Lithuanians who were deported or killed following the brutal Soviet takeover of the country in August 1940.

This competition is organized by the New York City Board of Education, and sponsored by something called the Holocaust Oral History Project in New York City. The first prize winner receives $1,500, with lesser amounts for runners up.

All this points up just why The Journal of Historical Review is so absolutely necessary. You are the intellectual shock troops in the war for historical accuracy.

J. T.
New York City

Important Stuff

I was pleasantly surprised to find that you are not only "on line," but quite well along with your own web site. Keep up the good work. Unlike a lot of stuff on the Internet, it's important!

P. G.
[by Internet]

A Neglected Truth

I "discovered" Oswald Spengler and his significance during my undergraduate years. Later, as a teacher, I used a good essay on Spengler as a German text in my second-year German classes. So, I read the items about him [in the March-April 1998 Journal] with special interest.

Spengler was undoubtedly a profound and insightful thinker, but Prof. Oliver grasps his greatest weakness in the sentence: "For all practical purposes, Spengler ignores hereditary and racial differences." Whatever the mistakes made by Germany's Third Reich leaders – perhaps the worst was Hitler's December 1941 declaration of war against the United States, against the advice of Ribbentrop – they did recognize a significant truth: civilization has a racial and genetic base.

For half a century this idea has been in disfavor, largely because the powers-that-be in the United States are determined to denigrate every idea that is even remotely associated with German National Socialism. Thus, one of the most important reasons for the decline in power and fortune of European-Americans has been our failure to recognize the validity of this basic element of the National Socialist worldview.

The defeat of Germany in 1945, and the ceaseless denigration since then of every aspect of the Third Reich, has greatly contributed to our own decline. If the trend continues, the new century will witness the sinking of the United States into conditions similar to those in backward Third World countries. Revisionism can play a role, perhaps even a decisive one, in preventing such a catastrophe.

Charles E. Weber
Tulsa, Okla.

More Variety Wanted

A Journal article about David Irving was particularly interesting because several years ago my wife and I attended a lecture by him here in Portland. In his conclusion, he predicted that the Holocaust legend will explode within the next six months, and that Israel will be economically out of business within a decade.

Crews from several local television stations were outside the auditorium to cover a demonstration by quite few hecklers and other would-be disrupters. Actually, I think the protest helped more than harmed. As a result of the publicity, many more people in this area became aware that there is another side to the Holocaust issue.

Journal articles are interesting and informative, but I'd welcome a little more variety, including articles about such major historical conflicts as the Civil War, the First World War, and the French Revolution.

I enjoy reading about Thomas Jefferson and the other founders of our country. Sadly, few school children today know about George Washington, Paul Revere or Lewis and Clark. Few people are willing to counter the many slanderous attacks against such great men. Instead, it seems that many of our popular "heroes" these days are drug addicts or individuals like "Magic" Johnson.

R. R.
Portland, Oreg.

Keep it Up

In the end, truth must prevail! Keep up your very good work!

S. A. B.
Oslo, Norway

Changed Views

Until recently I was very pro-Israel, and had great respect for the B'nai B'rith and the Anti-Defamation League. This changed during a recent visit to Israel, where I was appalled to witness the inequities heaped on the Arabs by the Israelis.

I only recently came across your web site on the Internet. Reading your material, I am impressed with your lack of any apparent agenda, save the truth itself, and your willingness to tackle the most controversial issues.

D. Brown
[by Internet}

Suvorov is Wrong

Russian historian Viktor Suvorov is wrong in claiming that Stalin was preparing to attack Germany in 1941. [Three of Suvorov's books on the subject have been reviewed in the Journal: Icebreaker and "M Day" in the Nov.-Dec. 1997 issue, and "The Last Republic" in the July-August 1998 issue.] Icebreaker contains no credible evidence that Hitler's June 1941 "Operation Barbarossa" attack was meant to preempt a Soviet attack. There is a mountain of evidence that Stalin was perfectly happy to be allied with Hitler, and was serious about the Soviet-German non-aggression pact. If Hitler had had the slightest suspicion of an impending Soviet assault, he would not have delayed "Barbarossa" for five crucial weeks to conquer Yugoslavia and Greece.

P. H.
Norwalk, Calif

Fascinating Reading

The articles in your Journal are so fascinating that when a copy arrives, I am unable to stop reading until I've finished the entire issue.

From newspapers and television, one can easily get the impression that Third Reich Germany was the only country ever to expel the Jews. Actually, over the centuries, Jews have been expelled from every major country in Europe. I'd appreciate a Journal article summarizing these expulsions and the reasons for them.

L. T.
Hagersville, Ont.

Well Written

The account of the Jürgen Graf trial in Switzerland [in the July-August Journal] was extremely well written. We now have an account in English that will stand the test of time. Congratulations!

G. F.
Vienna, Austria

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