Published: 1993-05-01

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The "New" Journal

Congratulations on the new format of the JHR! It is excellent!

A. Dibert
Ithaca, N.Y.

I want to applaud your stafffor the new look and format!

Houston, Texas

We sure think that the new format is much better -and more practical.

B. and S. R.
Palo Cedro, Calif.

A real achievement!

Westminster, Calif.

Your new format Journal is fantastic. I find it much easier to read, and I commend you on the change.

The work you are doing is paying off in that people are now at least asking questions about the Second World War that were not common even a few years ago. Bringing out the truth takes a lot of research and time. We are pleased that you are doing this, even if under very adverse conditions.

F. V.
Headingley, Man., Canada

Really like the new format. Keep up the good work.

G. K.
Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We welcome letters from readers. We reserve the right to edit for style and space.

Congratulations on the "new" Journal.

Old Bridge, N.J.

Just received this morning your beautiful new [January-February] Journal. Ijust love the front cover colors: mild and elegant. Bravo!

Paris, France

I am very pleased with the Journal's new look. This kind of format is very popular here in this country, and I hope it will help in getting many new subscribers.

Unfortunately, it is becoming ever more difficult to publish Revisionist material here in Germany. The outrageous sentences meted out against Irving, Remer, Deckert and others are a dark blotch on the name of Germany's "justice" system.

H. R.
Kamen, Germany

"Profiles in Courage" Award Nominees

David Cole, Fred Leuchter, Ernst Zundel and Robert Faurisson deserve the annual John F. Kennedy "Profiles in Courage" Award. (My nomination last year of Leuchter and Faurisson was at least acknowledged.) Though I regard myself as a cynic, I yet dare hope that the youthful David Cole will live to receive the thanks of people of good will everywhere.

Del City, Oklha.

Authentic Heroes

The October 1992 IHR Conference was an outstanding experience. What a staggering contrast between the reality of this gathering of decent, gentle, scholarly people, and the denigrating, abusive depictions in the media of those who pursue historical truth.

That anyone should be able willfully to harm such mild and kindly folk, and get away with it, verifies the degeneration of America under current misrule and political corruption. We live in times where the perverse is being institutionalized as normal in every phase of life, so that the individual who seeks truth in history is deemed deranged. Lies are taught and accepted in institutions of higher learning, where historical truth is resisted. Citizens must embrace falsehood and fraud if they wish to be considered "respectable." Facts are buried under congenial legends.

A large percentage ofmy life has been devoted to writing books about the fighter aces who are revered by the world aviation community. As a result of these labors, I know something about heroism. Therefore, I say that brave gentlemen like Jerry Brentar, Fred Leuchter, Robert Faurisson, David Irving and the others who graced your Conference podium are authentic heroes of the central struggle of this age -the fight for truth and justice.

Consider the sacrifices of such heroic men, the economic price they have paid and continue to pay, and the harassments and risks of violence and even murder that they run on a continuous basis. No hero that I ever wrote about in any of my flying books ranks higher in the pantheon than the heroes ofrevisionist historical research. Theirs is a sustained courage in the face of murderous drives to suppress truth. Corrupted and subverted state powers in every part of the world now permit victimization ofthese revisionists, with justice often suspended. I look on the courage of these gentlemen with the deepest reverence.

The IHR is to be congratulated for its own sustained courage in providing them with a forum.

Trevor J. Constable
Hauula, Hawaii

Truth No Matter What

It is my firm belief that history can never be definitive. New material constantly crops up and must be examined without prejudice. Although I may disagree with some of these new revelations, I maintain that they should be published. The truth must be allowed to come to light no matter how it hurts. Censorship of what we may believe is false is not the answer. Keep the door open to truth and let the reader decide.

John Toland
Danbury, Conn.

"I Saw Gas Chambers"

Are you trying to say that there was no Holocaust? That there were no gas chambers? If so, you are dead wrong. The gas chambers were real. I saw them myself in Germany at the end of the war, and I took pictures. Dachau was a death camp!

I am not a Holocaust hatemonger. I was an officer and saw what actually happened at Dachau, and there is plenty ofproofof actual gas chambers at Auschwitz, too. You cannot revise the truth.

L. H. McCormack
Cottondale, Alabama

First Rate

I am writing to tell you that I find the articles in the Journal to be absolutely first-rate. In the Winter 1992-93 issue, I was especially impressed by Paul Grubach's "The Leuchter Report Vindicated." Because it is a response to an article that purports to "demolish" the Leuchter Report, I'd call Grubach's essay a case of demolishing the demolition. Being an engineer myself, I was mightily impressed by Grubach's mastery of all of the technical details.

Weber's article on Fred Leuchter did a good job of disposing of any remaining doubts I had about his character or motives. (I had no idea how awesome his engineering credentials really are.)

As for what has happened to Leuchter (whom I've met, by the way): I consider it a pretty revolting state of affairs when a man can have his livelihood destroyed for doing nothing more than testifying truthfully in a court of law. Unquestionably, ifthe truth ofwhat happened to him ever becomes generally known, Fred's tormentors are going to be called to account, perhaps very rudely and abruptly. Even though I'm Jewish, I'll have no tears for them.

Another Journal article I want to comment on is Degrelle's narrative [in the Fall 1992 issue] about Hitler's early days in power. I had read his book, Campaign in Russia, in which he writes about combat on the Eastern Front with the "Wallonia" division ofthe Waffen SS. It's certainly an awesome accomplishment for a man without previous military background to rise in a couple of years to command a division. Apart from that, though, I was inclined to dismiss Degrelle as a romantic writer of no great depth. His article in the Fall Journal showed me how wrong I was.

To begin with, he is a superb writer. I tell you this as a plodding and hopeful practitioner of the craft myself. But what astonished me was to learn that Hitler's notions of society and economics so remarkably parallel my own. (His Jewish policies are quite another matter, of course.)

So just what was Hitler? A revolutionary, the Anti-Christ, the Devil incarnate, an Evil Force of Nature? The only thing I can say for sure is that, because the very name has become a swearword, it will be a very long time before any civil discourse on the matter becomes possible.

P. D.
Lowell, Massachusetts

Criticism of Jefferson

After receiving the January-February issue of the Journal, I promptly read it from cover to cover. I love the new format. The articles on the late Rudolf Hess are superb, as are the terrific articles by and about the irrepressible David Irving.

On the other hand, Dr. Larson's article about Thomas Jefferson left me cold. There is another -and not very attractive -side to Jefferson's "genius." I speak of his' association with radical anti-Christian and anti-Catholic philosophies that had a certain vogue in Europe at the time, and of his admiration for the bloody French Revolution even during the terrible years of the "Reign of Terror," 1792-1794. In support of my view, I enclose copies of articles by Solange Hertz and H. K. Weiskittel. The late Nesta H. Webster also criticized Jefferson.

D. J.M. Bristol, Conn.

Americans to the Rescue?

Jewish organizations here are now [early February] calling for the automatic closing down ofany bookstore that sells a revisionist book or pamphlet. You Americans should come and liberate us.

Robert Faurisson
Vichy, France


At the end of the Second World War, the Soviet Russians converted Auschwitz into a prisoner of war camp for mainly German soldiers. My cousin's husband was a German soldier who was captured by the Russians, and then interned in Auschwitz. He told me two things that stand out in my memory:

First, he emphatically stated that "there were no gas chambers at Auschwitz." If there had been, he told me, "the Russians would have rubbed our noses in it."

Second, he also witnessed Russians executing German soldiers who were prisoners, particularly Waffen SS men, against a wall. This "execution wall" at Auschwitz is often" cited in propaganda about the camp. It may well be that this wall is riddled with bullet holes as a result ofexecutions of German prisoners.

The marvelous work ofthe IHR is having such a marked impact that the Establishment must now resort to repression in an effort to quell the Revisionist advance.

R. T.
Woodland, Calif.

Killings of Japanese Prisoners

"Mercy for Japs," an item in the Winter 1991-92 Journal (pp. 491-494) about wartime American treatment of Japanese soldiers, is very good. It brought to mind conversations I had as a teenager with World War II veterans. One who had been at Okinawa let me visit him at his house, where he showed me his collection of graphic photographs.

They were unlike any I had ever seen, and several showed Japanese prisoners of war who had been executed. There is no mistaking this, because the Japanese shown in the photos had been beheaded. He quite plainly told me that his unit had killed captured Japanese prisoners in retaliation for atrocities against American nurses, who had been murdered and horribly mutilated.

Charles D. Provan
Monongahela, Penn.

Videos Scheduled

I have reserved a room at the local library for a public showing on February 23 of David Cole's video, as well as the video you distribute about the Katyn massacre.

Nice work on the new Journal!

East Nicolous, Calif.

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