Published: 1995-11-01

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Carlos Porter

responds to the arrest of Hans Schmidt in a letter he sent to all the addresses provided in issue #198 (September 15, 1995) of Ernst Zuendel's Newsletter, including the Ministry of Justice and the important newspapers. The original was in German.

Dear Sirs: I wish to protest the persecution of nationalist sympathizers and Holocaust revisionists in the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria, including, but not limited to, David Irving, Fred Leuchter, Otto Ernst Remer, Gerd Honsik, Walter Ochsenberger, Hans Schimanek, Germar Rudolf, Christian Worch, Ewald Althans, Gerhard Lauck, Gottfried Kuessel, Hans Schmidt, and many others.

All of the above mentioned persons were arrested and imprisoned, not for acts of violence, but for exercising their internationally recognized freedom of speech and opinion.

If the above named persons had been Jews in the Soviet Union, the screams of outrage would have been deafening.

Obviously, “All Animals Are Equal, but Some Are More Equal Than Others”.

It is time for the citizens of our “democratic” Western slave states to say what we think, whether Jews like it or not.

The fact is that the so-called “Nazi gas chambers” (which serve as a pretext for the present system of tyranny) never existed. The impossibility of their functioning in the manner described has been repeatedly proven in expert chemical and engineering reports to which our slave masters have no answer.

The ruling classes in Germany (as elsewhere) cannot prove the existence of any “Nazi gas chambers”; they do not even try. All they do is fine and imprison all those who dare to defend the honor of the German people. The latest includes arresting people for laying flowers or wreathes on the site where a 75 year old German expelled from the Sudetenland burned himself alive in protest against a deluge of filth and lies which has no parallel in history.

(Power, edited by Ernst Zuendel, is [was, ed.] published at 206 Carlton St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5A 2L1)

Doyal Gudgel

David Irving spoke in Seattle once his organizers were able to outwit the school district, the police department, Odd Fellows, the local newspaper, plus numerous individuals and groups representing the stalinist left.

David Irving spoke in Seattle on October 14 despite the best efforts of homosexuals, Jews, lesbians, (that’s how they described themselves on their placards) and other assorted misfits. It was first announced in the Washington Populist newsletter that he was to speak at the Seattle Odd Fellows Hall. This hall is operated by some patriots and others usually associated with non politically correct organizations. The publisher of the WP assured the sponsors of David Irving that the Odd Fellows could not be intimidated. Therefore they could openly advertise the meeting instead of confining the meeting to only those on David Irvings mailing list or certain individuals on the WP mailing list.

At this time the homosexuals, lesbians and Jewish organizations descended upon the Odd Fellows in lockstep and with their lackey TV cameras and a reporter from the Seattle Post Intelligencer. The protesters demanded that the State Odd Fellows expel the right wing wacko, anti-Semitic directors of the Seattle Odd Fellows Hall. Protests by the Odd Fellows that no anti-Semitic activities were conducted in the hall fell on deaf ears.

It was during this period that the Washington Populist newsletter printed an article saying that David Irving was to speak at the hall. In fact, the agreement had not been finalized. The hall directors didn’t really have the guts to agree to the speech. “We’ll get back to you,” they said. What they were actually looking out for was a way to keep their easy money life style going. In fact, their efforts to play ball by giving concessions to the Jewish and homosexual organizations would avail them nothing. They might have shown some back bone and allowed Irving to speak in spite of the protests. They would had the respect due them for standing up for their beliefs. Now they are seen to be lapdogs of the Jewish and homosexual groups they supposedly opposed so firmly. So much for right wing courage.

When it became apparent that the folks at the Odd Fellows were going to fold, the promoters of the David Irving talk were forced to look elsewhere. Because of the short time available to locate a new hall the options were limited. As a consequence, the promoters were forced to rent a hall in a north-end school district. In the contract there was the proviso that the school could cancel if there was any threat of damage to the property. In spite of this danger of cancellation the promoters did not come up with a backup location.

With advice from people who had held meetings in other cities, David Irving’s Seattle supporters went to the local police in an effort to elicit support and protection in the event that protesters created a disturbance such as happened in Berkeley. That was a big mistake. You have to remember the police are not on the side of free speech. They are on the side of the government. The police immediately went to the school district and showed them a flier which called for demonstrations against David Irving. The flier did not advocate violence. On the other hand, the protesters had not yet learned of the new location where he was to speak.

The school district, more interested in protecting their property than free speech, immediately called the Irving promoters and told them the hall would not be available. This now created a real problem, as no back up hall had been provided. But a further search did locate a place which was available that was not known about previously. This was just fine, as this would leave less time for protesters to locate it. Furthermore, the hall had been reserved in a name not known to the protesters. Even the hall owner didn’t know who was renting the hall.

When the auditorium in the school district was canceled, word went out from the David Irving control center telephone to the effect that the meeting was canceled. This threw the protesters off and they went ahead with their protest meeting at the Odd Fellows hall, believing the Odd Fellows were lying to them about the cancellation. This was hilarious. The guys at the Odd Fellows were protesting: “He isn’t speaking here,” but the demonstrators wouldn’t believe it. This was just right for the audience who came to hear Irving where he did speak. They got to hear him in peace.

All this time the local editor of the Shoreline Weekly was skulking around trying to find out what was going on. The editor admitted in a front page article that he called the David Irving Control Center trying to find out where the talk would be held without giving his name. I wonder why he didn’t think that an open, above board contact would not result in a comment? The Shoreline headline did show which side of free speech he was on, however. It proclaimed that demonstrators had forced the cancellation of the meeting -- not that free speech had died in Shoreline. It’s amazing how the supposed bastions of free speech never can get it. That free speech has to be for all or there is no free speech.

That is the way it stands. The homosexuals, communists and Jews (their words; their sponsors) think they won a great victory. When actuality they lost for once.

Tim Lauzow

Not everyone appreciated receiving our mailing regarding the David McCalden files.

Thanks for the offer you extended me to purchase the [McCalden] literature. Unfortunately $5.00 not $500.00 is all that’s within my budget. No videos for me. I have no VCR or TV. No cassettes for me. I have no tape player. I realize that your solicitation was directed at people of means and so was written in terms they could understand, but saying I was specially chosen I find very insulting, whatever the truth of the matter.

What does my supposed uniqueness have to do with the worthiness of help to relieve your financial burdens? FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE. Different strokes for different folks. Good luck. The reason I'm writing is to suggest to you that the [McCalden] material is what the Internet should contain and you should seriously consider adding it to your Website.

R. Clarence Lang

Since my retirement from college teaching (history and German), I have been actively involved in researching topics pertaining to Germans and Jews. My research is based on personal contacts and source materials on both sides of the Atlantic. Most of my articles have been published and can be obtained from me directly. There are now 95 such articles in English and 14 in German.

I have now completed a Position Paper, discussing my most comprehensive research. The first draft included a theological assessment of the results of my research, with a strong Lutheran undercurrent. I have decided to publish this separately. If you are interested in obtaining information about the Position Paper or the particulars of the 114 articles mentioned above, please write me:

R. Clarence Lang, Ph.D.
814 E. College
Seguin Texas 78155

Pat Hartman

One of the multitude of my admirers on the radical left pens a note of appreciation.

I was gearing up to write you a letter of condolence on the demise of Smith's Report, when along came another one... and another. I’m very glad that you’re able to continue. There’s something in me that admires monomaniacs almost without regard to what their mania happens to be. Almost in spite of myself, I find that your dedication and focused determination have won my respect and regard. I think you’d be a better friend and more amiable companion than most people whose “side” I’m supposed to be on, political-correctness-wise, your writing style is very enjoyable and I always learn something from your newsletters.

(Hartman is editor of Salon, A Journal of Aesthetics, 305 W. Magnolia, Suite 386, Fort Collins CO 80521.)

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