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D.E. Johnson ... The work you do is invaluable. You are the only person I know of who is doing what you do ... Smith’s Report of December 1996 used a lot of postage, paper, and ink in relating the IHR/Carto debacle ... What is the purpose of becoming embroiled in petty, internecine warfare which only hinders or obstructs the cause to which you have selflessly obligated yourself in the interest of your fellow man? ... I must assume that your supporters hail from variegated backgrounds and are given to variegated beliefs and intents. Seems safe. If that is the case, then I do not believe that you can represent all of your people, all of the time, and in fact you have never led me to believe that such was your goal. Most of these people, regardless of their immediate concerns, support your honorable efforts because, in spite of their differences, they are aiming at the same target, and you have been doing an excellent job... Please do not persist in lowering your standards....

(While I don’t want to lower my standards overly much, sometimes I feel an irrepressible urge to report disagreeable news important to the revisionist community. In our circle, the disappearance of millions of revisionist dollars is disagreeable, but significant news indeed.)

Toner Cartridge Recycler (e-mail—hopefully a nom de plume) Dear Bradley: You have spent many years spreading revisionist materials. VERY GOOD JOB! You understand all the details of the non existing gas chambers e.t.c. You are just not getting the basic idea: When revisionism wins we will make a giant step toward National Socialism. And just what you are going to tell to your wife and ex-wife at that time?....

(I’ll figure something out.)

Vassals Bikers (E-mail) Dear Sir; I am a student at the electrical engineering department of the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Congratulations on your site on the web. I would like to inform you that Roger Garaudy's book Founding Myths of Israeli Politics has been translated into Greek and is published by the publishing house Nea Thesis (that is Greek for “New Viewpoint/Opinion.”)

Since the publication of the book the publishing house's bookstore has been attacked by 4 or 5 men with Molotov bombs (I don't remember exactly but I think it was in fact the very next day, after the publication of the book). The bookstore was closed at the time of the attack, so nobody was hurt, but books were burnt.

Also Roger Garaudy has visited Greece and gave an interview on a small, independent tv station. I was just reading the Thoughtcrime Archive and I thought I should inform you of the above. Congratulations again on your site’s wealth of information.

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