Published: 1997-03-01

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Maggie Finch Your number 40 is positively uplifting! The new small ad is just wonderful. Brilliant! It is very exciting to me that I find you espousing just the things I do—and so beautifully, without a trace of bigotry.

Your story about your childhood experience, the talk with your father about Pearl Harbor, brought tears to my eyes. Please send the Tinbergen Archives catalogue. Also I could use 10 copies of your “Controversy” essay. And the Wannsee Protocol. Take good care of yourself. What would we do without you?

Bruce Friedemann Dear B.S., you’re not only a “crank” [as Arthur Butz suggests in SR39] but a “wise guy.” Here’s some money for all the back issues of Smith's Report.

If you really must use my initials, please include the middle one: “R.”

Name withheld (email) Just wanted you to know that I'm including your site on a list for college students to check out and to hopefully use their critical thinking skills to evaluate the amazing amount of crap that people in our democracy can put on the Web. Aren't you happy you have this kind of freedom? I'm not sure. I'm not letting you know who I am because I think you're actually pretty scary.
A concerned college instructor.

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Author(s): Maggie Finch , Bruce Friedemann
Title: Letters
Sources: Smith's Report, no. 41, March 1997, p. 7
Published: 1997-03-01
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