Published: 1998-01-01

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Your Web site on the Internet is overwhelming for someone just “tuning in.” How about a guide, on your site that, for beginners, would recommend where to go first?

B.F., Tucson AZ

Good idea. I'll run it past the gang.

I am a “Morgenthau Plan” survivor. This gets them every time. I am from Silesia, or better, Nieder-Schlesien [Lower Silesia], I am 65 years old and of this year retired. I was lucky to find a computer and go on the Internet to read all the good stuff. So I am reading CODOH and whatever else I can find. I have over 300 books on politics, history and revisionism. On your Website I found your Webmaster David Thomas. Because of him I send you $100. I know you can use it. The best of luck to you and what you are doing.

N.S., St Louis MO

Re Samuel Crowell’s research on the air raid cellar door. We had one of them in our house in our cellar. There must be still tens of thousands of them in cellars in houses in Germany today. Keep up the good work.

J. & M. R, Ont Canada

Please send me your pamphlets. I don’t know what happened to my original. I’ve passed out 53,000 pamphlets by now. For many years. I’ve passed out one-half yours and one-half IHR’s; that is, every other one is one of yours.

You have a lot of effective material. I think the stuff on the gas-proof air raid shelter doors is phenomenal.

Jack Riner, New Haven IN

I wonder if you might want to put a short wave radio program on the air, and if any radio station would be willing to broadcast it. I understand you don’t enjoy radio, but you might know of someone who does and would be willing to work with you. What do you think?

Name withheld

It’s not that I don't enjoy radio. I think radio is important. I stopped doing it for lack of time and money. I'm sorry I 'm more or less out of it. Is short wave doable? Do I have the time? The funding? Maybe. I do know a couple individuals who night be interested. Is anyone else interested?

[A reader sends me an AP story from New York headlined “Program blocks hate sites from children’s computers.” R. Widmann touches on this in Internet Roundup.]

They’ll censor you, el al., into silence if you can’t get worldwide pro bono lawyer’s help to bring a type of suit that’ll get us into a world-wide, on & on-going, throw-us-in-the-briar-patch-type of a public-forum case where we can have a good table-turning, holocaust-discussing, on-&-on-going holocaust debate and expose of the holocaust while fighting in the world’s public forums for the world’s freedom of speech. And that is exactly what the world needs.

C.G., Washington D.C.

By the time I finished reading this note I was ready to bolt out the door and tilt at every windmill in sight.

I've confirmed, in case you don't know, that AOL is now censoring access to CODOH's website, at least for "children." I set up an account involving parental restrictions and, lo and behold, I could not get to CODOH. However, I WAS able to get to the USHMM and—get this—to the JDL site!

J.C., San Jose CA

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