Published: 1998-07-01

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I discovered the Pravda article you mention in SR 55 in 1979 in the National Archives, Suitland (Maryland) branch. I was working on the case of Otto Moll, the SS non-commissioned officer (?) in charge of the Auschwitz Birkenau cremations. In the Prosecutor’s file I found a brief report from the Washington (D.C.) Daily News of February 2, 1945.

Back in France I did some research in Pravda on the “liberation” of Auschwitz and found two articles: February 1 and February 2, 1945.

I suppose that since 1980 I have mentioned this discovery at least ten times. The last time was in The Journal of Historical Review, July-August 1997.

In 1987, my friend Udo Walendy asked me for my documents and published them in German, translated and with comments. See: Historische Tatsache, No. 34 (October 1987).

Robert Faurisson

[Whoops! In our haste to herald the first full English translation of the Pravda story, and CODOH’s role in helping David Irving get it on the Internet, we overlooked Dr. Faurisson's role in first bringing it to revisionist attention. Our thanks to him for setting us straight, again.]

Jack Kerouac, whose novel On the Road brought the Beat Generation to the attention of the general public in the 1950s, also wrote a book called Dharma Bums. Dharma is “an acknowledgment that the right way to live one’s life will lead to the enlightenment of all sentient beings and a declaration that each human being has a unique opportunity to discover that essential truth”

There isn’t one right way to live one’s life. But self-examination is a good way. I’m not particularly interested in enlightening anyone. In fact, I find it obnoxious when one person wants to “enlighten” another. What I’m getting at is that perhaps we’re simply non-conformists with a message, and that’s our similarity with the Beats. Perhaps we’re the Dharma Bums of the 1990s.

J.M., Virginia

When General MacArthur gave the 1962 graduation speech at West Point he told the cadets that others would run the government, etc., but their duty stood out like a tenfold beacon in the night—to “fight and win your country’s wars.” In my opinion, Bradley Smith’s Campus Project stands out like a tenfold beacon in the night. (I say: Aim at our youth. Aim straight at our educated youth.)

Garland Clifton, W.D.C.

I read in the Spotlight that Mr. Ernst Zuendel is allegedly involved with taking over an elderly woman’s home against her wishes. Is there any truth to this report?

D.T., California


I have just watched the original King Kong film (1933) and there is a significant use of gas in the film. The group brings “gas bombs” along in a backpack type contraption labeled “Gas Bombs.” They first come in contact with a Stegasaurous who shakes off all their rifle fire. Finally they hurl a “gas bomb” and it takes the dinosaur down.

Later they return to the ship for another “case of gas bombs.” In their big confrontation with King Kong, who is squashing natives, eating people, and generally being a nuisance, they hurl one “gas bomb,” and Kong is out. This enables the crew to hog tie him to a raft and bring him back to the USA. Another important instance of the power of “gas” in the popular mind.

A recent “Hollywoodism” show on PBS traced the rise of Hollywood as a Jewish conception. They brought up the film King Kong. They presented the theory that King Kong (the ape, not the film) was symbolic of the Jews. Kong as the misunderstood outsider, etc. I didn’t give it any credence. Who in the viewing audience thought of Kong as a Jew? I certainly didn’t. But now I realize he was “gassed” by white Anglos. It makes you wonder.

W.R., NJ

We neither requested nor desired to receive your mailing dated May 1998 regarding the David Cole video. Please remove The Israel Hour at once from your mailing list. Your calls for a so-called “open debate” on whether one particular methodology of this murder is true will NEVER air on our radio program, as they are quite obviously a thinly veiled attempt to convince people that the Holocaust never occurred.

Hezi Daus, WRSU-FM, New Brunswick, NJ

In Smith’s Report 55 you quote libertarian Marco den Ouden saying that revisionism serves the interests of “a great many overtly evil people like skinheads, white supremacists, Ku Klux Klanners and the like, and for that reason I am pretty leery of it.”

The orthodox Holocaust story benefits many people that some libertarians (if not Mr. den Ouden) would consider to be “overtly evil.” Consider those responsible for the fire-bombing (and atom bombing) of German and Japanese cities. The orthodox Holocaust story benefits Allied “war criminals” by diverting attention from Allied “war crimes” and, when necessary, by providing an excuse for them. The “Holocaust” being the Greatest Crime Of All Time, supposedly justifies anything the Allies did to defeat Nazi Germany.

Others who benefit from the orthodox Holocaust story who some libertarians would consider to be “overtly evil”: Jewish supremacists, JDL’ers and Zionist terrorists, warmongers and so on. There’s much more I could say to that point, but I’ll stop here.

L.A. Rollins, WA

I agree with the drift of the thinking here (clearly), but I am not inclined toward calling everyone a “war criminal” who participated in intentional massacres of civilians during or after WWII. Our soldiers, too, were following orders in our modem “democratic” wars. I don’t want to condemn German soldiers and I don’t want to condemn ours for doing then, in that age, what appeared to them honorable. Times change. The culture changes.

When I was a rifleman in Korea in 1950-1951 I was very happy to watch American heavy bombers flying north to take care of business. The first day I was on line I watched my new comrades shoot a Chinese prisoner and “understood” why it happened. In an isolated mountain valley I watched silently as an entire village of men, women and children, were rounded up, forced at rifle point into uncovered trucks, and driven off to—where?

I don’t want to create new lists of “war criminals.” I want to encourage Americans today to live by the same standards we use to judge others today, and not to lower, more convenient ones. I want to demonstrate to Den Ouden and those who follow our exchange, particularly students, that it’s a “crime against (our) humanity,” in the real sense of that vulgarism, to hold “Nazis” to a higher moral standard than we hold “Democrats” and “Republicans”—and libertarians.

Thanks for all your help.


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