Published: 1999-01-01

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I’m worried about Carlos Porter. I’ve been reviewing your coverage in Smith's Report (particularly your issue # 48) of his problems with the German government over his revisionist writings. Because Porter lives in Belgium, he apparently believes the German court cannot reach him. If Eichmann could be kidnapped by Israelis while living in Argentina, Porter could certainly be taken from nearby Belgium. I would advise Porter to move to Spain, quickly and silently. When the German court demanded that Spain allow General Remer to be extradited, Spain refused. Why? My best guess is that there is a widespread feeling among the Spanish people that they owe a debt of gratitude to Adolf Hitler, whose intervention in the Spanish civil war saved them from the Commissars, among whom there were so many Jews. As a result, Spain refuses to surrender to German or Jewish pressure any who they perceive to be protesting lies about German acts during World War II.

MDR, California

I’m uncertain about the complexities of the law on revisionist “offenses” and asylum in Europe. Carlos Porter is much more a man of the world in that regard. Even so, things seem to be changing for the worse in Spain—see our previous issue on the conviction of Pedro Varela.

In your solicitation for new subscribers you write “revisionist theory” this, “revisionist theory” that. Are you trying to say that revisionism is only a “theory?” Who writes your advertising? The ADL?

RJ, Oregon

I write it. Revisionist theory is a body of work that is still being worked on. It isn’t finished. Historical “theory” never is. What we have now is not revealed truth. It’s a work-in-progress. It's the Holocaust cult that believes it has revealed truth. That's why the cult says it can not be questioned.

Enclosed is my final payment for my 1998 subscription to Smith’s Report. I’m sorry I couldn’t pay all at once. I’m also pleased I was able to make a one-time contribution of twenty-five dollars to the Campus Project and hope to equal or better than in 1999. And oh, yes—regards to Pete.

MD, New Jersey

Will pass on your salutation to Pete. He’s in mouser heaven here. We don’t have our floors finished yet, there are two and three inch gaps between the bottom of the doors and the concrete slabs, so the mice come in, the mice go out, twenty-four hours a day. He’s learned to wrestle with our two dogs (one at a time), both of which are twice his size, and when they tire him out he just stops, sits down, and lets them lick his face, particularly his mouth, and chew on his ears. Multispeciesism in action.

Reason and freedom are the pillars of a moral society. You are doing your part in the microcosm which will eventually resonate in the macrocosm. It is beliefs, ideas, philosophy which change the quality of human life. Our battle is one of many levels. Win this one, and we will have turned a comer in the great cultural war for reason and freedom.

JK. Virginia

I am stunned(!) by a recent notice from you that I allegedly have not sent you any money. My records show four checks in the total amount of $75.87 this year! Don’t you keep any records at all??? The IRS will get you even in Mexico! A final $9.13 is enclosed, just to round things out at an even $85.

SSS, Florida

I feel like the kid away at college who has mishandled his allowance, is scolded by his father, who then sends the kid some more money anyhow. We only recently started notifying people that contribution time had rolled around again if they wanted to continue to receive SR, and we have made some mistakes with the computer program we are using (it’s the computer's fault). About a dozen people received such notices who should not have received them. My apologies to you, and to all others who have suffered the same bothersome indignity.

You do students of history, politics, and Constitutional protection a great service. You are, besides, a daring fellow. I enclose herein two recent news items regarding the hornets’ nests you have stirred up through your Campus Project in Delaware. Free speech and divergent viewpoints are not exactly the main feature of the state-wide reaction to your work.

CHH, Delaware

I’m very much aware of how late this issue of SR is. The workload this month has been exceptional. We haven’t told the entire story behind the tabloid project, as I don’t want to give all of it away up front. I think we are going to be behind the curve with SR 62 as well. Don’t worry. It will mean that the project is going very well.


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