Published: 1999-08-01

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Liberty Survivor

I am a USS Liberty survivor. I would like to thank you for writing a great article about our incident. It’s nice to see someone get it right once in a while. Thanks so very much.

John Hrankowski, Rochester, NY

Mr. Hrankowski refers to the review of James Ennes’s Assault on the Liberty by the late David McCalden, which originally appeared in The Journal of Historical Review and is posted on CODOHWeb with the permission of the IHR.

Liked Our 48 Hours Video

We tried to get CODOH on AOL but were unsuccessful. 48 Hours: The Lost Footage was an excellent video. We hope to get others to look at it.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S.

Excellent Zionism Page!

I would like to compliment you on your site. It has helped a lot in educating me on Zionism and the Middle East. Also, I used some of the articles you have collected on your site in building a somewhat extensive site on the same topic of the Middle East and Zionism (Truth and Justice in the Middle East, http:// www.geocities.com/Capitol Hill/Senate/7891/). If you find it useful, please feel free to link to it from your page.

Abou Seem (via the Internet)

University of Washington

It was I who encoded the David Cole video [so it can be seen on CODOHWeb by anyone with a computer and video card—Ed.]. I appreciate your mention of this in SR 62. I would really appreciate it if you could publish a slight correction: SR 62 gives credit to “a student at Washington State University, the school my revisionist friend Lawrence Pauling attends.

Neil Camberly, U. of Washington, Seattle, WA

Likes Smith’s Attitude

I abhor anti-semitism as well as racism in general, including racism directed at Germans. I think one problem revisionism has is that many revisionists have a white supremacist and sometimes neo-Nazi in mentality.... I read De Zayas’s book on the German expellees at the close of WWII, as well as John Sack’s An Eye for an Eye. It is incredible how this humanitarian disaster that befell fifteen million Germans receives no media in this country merely because the victims were Germans.

The main point I want to make about CODOH is this: a hallmark of Stalinism and Nazism is that you are not allowed to question what you are told, that you are to behave as a robot and accept the party line, whatever it is. I agree with Mr. Smith’s attitude: this is the United States, and we have an obligation to question anything that appears questionable to us, especially since our news media lacks all objectivity on certain subjects. So I applaud you, Mr. Smith, especially for your openness to being proven wrong on what you write about. You have a good attitude on this.

Robert Miller, via the Internet.

Thanks for this good letter. But let's keep in mind that in America it's Democrats and Republicans, not the anti-semites and racists, who are doing all the serious killing and wrecking one country after another and keeping things cooking in the Middle East.

Worried by Smith’s Carelessness

I’ve just picked up issue 63 of Smith’s Report and already in the second paragraph I find an egregious error. John Podhoretz is the son of Norman Podhoretz, not Irving Podhoretz. Who is this Irving? Maybe you’re thinking of Irving Kristol, who has his own media son. Who proofs your stuff?

Lou Rollins, Washington

Smith’s Little Shaver

Recently when the phrase “Occam’s Razor” came up I decided to make certain I understood what it referred to. The following text was produced from my computer when I looked up the term in Microsoft’s Encarta Encyclopedia: “[William of Ockham, c. 1285-1349, English theologian] won fame as a rigorous logician who used logic to show that may beliefs of Christian philosophers ... could not be proved by philosophical or natural reason but [only by] revelation. His name is applied to the principle of economy in formal logic, known as Ockham’s razor, which states that entities are not to be multiplied without necessity.

It has occurred to me that your position, “No Gas Chambers, No Holocaust,” could be referred to as “Smith’s Razor.”

This generous thought suggests that you do not have to be a famous theologian, a philosopher, or even a run of the mill professor of Holocaust studies, to see what's in front of your nose. I agree. The fact that I have misplaced the lady's name who wrote this letter demonstrates to Mr. Rollins that I am careless enough to proof my own newsletter. That I have joined these two observations in one response is some further evidence of my distaste for multiplying entities without necessity.

SB 700 The Holocaust Controversy: The Case for Open Debate. Bradley Smith. The most widely read revisionist paper ever published. The first draft of this piece was published as a full-page ad in the Daily Northwestern in April 1991. It caused a wonderful ruckus, no one had ever seen anything like it run in a university newspaper—or any newspaper in America— and it became the cornerstone of the Campus Project. Use those postage-free junk mail envelopes you otherwise throw away. Leave them at libraries, schools, cantinas, wherever you pass your time. Eight panels.

Sample copy: your SASE.
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100 or more copies 8 cents ea. (Postpaid).
[Offer no longer valid; ed.]

Thanks for your help.

(handwritten) I mean it. Your help is everything.


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