Letters to the Editor

Published: 2003-08-01

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In General

To the Editor:

World War II is the biggest war that has ever happened. Therefore it is necessary that an honest objective investigation be carried out by our government as to the true cause of this unfortunate war.

Everything that is taught about this war and all the material that is available to the public is only the one sided biased point of view.

Year after year after year, anti German movies are made. Even in movies and television shows that are not about World War II, there are anti German comments. There are almost no other movies made about World War II, except anti-German movies.

Hardly any movies have been made about the sufferings of American and allied prisoners of war, military and civilian under the Japanese. No movies have been made about communist atrocities and allied atrocities.

When Germany invaded Poland for good reason because of the Danzig Corridor, England and France declared war on Germany. When communist Russia invaded the eastern part of Poland, England and France did not declare war on communist Russia.

Then there is our alliance with communist Russia. Our alliance with communist Russia must be denounced, and all communist atrocities and allied atrocities must be made known.

It is time that the government of this country conduct an honest and objective investigation into World War II.

Charles E. Donner, USA

Blame on You

Dear Germar:

Because you are now producing TR on a regular basis, I find that my German has gone down the toilet, since I no longer have to wade through tortured German sentences a kilometer long in order to find the separable prefix at the end of the string of ten thousand nouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, and participles!

So, I blame YOU for producing such a fine English language journal; my German was coming along rather well until you began to meddle with my progress.

Robert H. Countess, PhD

P.S.: Seriously: keep up the great work!

Profound Criticism

Dear Germar,

I wish to congratulate you to the great achievement of having launched two revisionist "flagships," the Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung and The Revisionist. I have followed them from the beginning and find them unrivalled for profundity and criticism of the sources within the field of WW II history. The articles published in the 25 issues of VffG cover an admirable broad spectrum and it is hard to find any detail that has not been at least touched on. I can think of just one such theme, viz. the mass murder (decreed by Hitler) of mentally deranged patients and incurables suffering pain.

I guess that a comparison between the decision, the ordering, the equipment and the performance of this program with the same components of the alleged Holocaust program would be extremely elucidating.

With kind regards

Carl O. Nordling

Re.: P. Grubach, "All Men Are Equal—But Are They Really?," TR, 1(2) (2003), pp. 139-150

To the Editor:

As I noted in my article, one of the key arguments of the late Stephen Jay Gould and his colleagues that deny the reality of significant genetic differences between the human races, is that there are no genes unique to any race.

After the publication of my article, I read an important 1982 paper, "Genetic Relationship and Evolution of Human Races," by Masatoshi Nei and Arun K. Roychoudhury. Evolutionary Biology, volume 14, pp. 1-59. On page 12 we read:

"In this connection it is worthwhile to note that the Negroid population has many unique alleles [alternative forms of a gene] at both protein and blood group loci."

So, refuting the claim that there are no alleles unique to any race, the Black population does in fact have some unique alleles.

Furthermore, modern science can now determine with reasonably high confidence the race of an individual from a sample of his DNA. Indeed, a private genetics laboratory recently determined with reasonably high confidence the race of a south Louisiana serial killer suspect from a sample of his DNA, thus refuting the claim that "race is a biologically meaningless concept when applied to humans." You can read the entire article about this at www.2theadvocate.com/stories/060403/new_profile001.shtml

The Revisionist is to be commended for its courage to explore the race issue. Our world is plagued with racial and ethnic violence, and it is only by taking an honest look at racial differences will we ever be able to formulate rational, humane and just solutions to these racial problems.

Paul Grubach

Re.: R.H. Countess, "A Provocative History of the Aryan Race,", TR, 1(2) (2003), pp. 227-229

Dear Germar!

It seems to me that Kemp’s series is not meant to be a scientific work, but was written to create a myth supporting the self-understanding of the white race. Experts might complain about missing references and about simplification, but it is one characteristic of a work creating an identity that it offers an overview, yet does not address all objections discussed by experts.

Considering the blunt and huge lies dominating the minds of the masses (see the articles by Grubach and Whitney in the same issue), Kemp’s book should be welcome. It emphasizes the history of the white race, and as such it is much better founded on facts than many other similar works, thus correcting our view of the history of mankind.

The Revisionist is a scholarly magazine, whose readers might not emphasize the need for belief and faith, but for seeking knowledge and facts. However, one should keep in mind that this attitude is the exception rather than the rule. Most people have a need to believe in something. They usually orient themselves according to what their environment, their community considers to be true. They feel secure in such a community. If their belief is refuted or shown to be untenable, they simply change their belief—yet again merely on a basis of faith. The desire for faith and belief cannot be satisfied with scholarly deliberations, but it can be satisfied with a work like Kemp wrote it. This is the importance of Kemp’s book. His descriptions are easy to understand, yet despite their simplicity, the facts are presented much more accurately than in those flawed works, which were filled with just as many clichés. These flawed works are used to create guilt feelings and to make members of the white race susceptible for blackmailing. This political abuse alone justifies a book as Kemp wrote it, which appeals to sentiments supporting the identification of white people with their race. Scholarly works cannot achieve this. Whether or not we like such feelings is immaterial. Modern behavioral science has shown that unsatisfied emotions cannot simply be turned off. They will only get misguided. How huge emotional needs for group identification are can be seen in Germany during world cup soccer games, the only occasions where the German authorities permit the masses to live out their desire for group identification.

T. Pedersen, Denmark

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