(Many?) Jews Transited through Treblinka

Published: 2019-04-09

If the Holocaust never happened, what happened to the Jews of Europe? If the camps were labor or transit camps, where did the Jews go? Give us the name of one single Jew who was transited through these camps.

These are the kind of responses you usually hear from people who encounter revisionism and realize that their story is not as bulletproof as they had thought. As they do not want to admit it, they have to resort to these desperate, but still-valid questions. So let’s see. Is there evidence that Jews were transited through these supposed extermination camps? As a matter of fact there is. And not in some secret vault or anything, but in the database of the USHMM itself! And by searching through the survivor testimonies, we actually find quite a few from one of the most-infamous death camps of all, Treblinka.

Orthodox historians claim that this was a camp where all who were deported there were killed upon arrival. Nobody survived except those who managed to escape. But the survivors have a different story to tell. They were simply moved from camp to camp, with all of the camps clearly listed in the database.

First, here is the entry for Vivian Chakin:

As we can see, starting with Treblinka, she went through no less than eight camps, including Birkenau. And of course, she wasn’t alone on the train.

Next is Michael Gerstman, who was also deported to Treblinka before being sent to six other camps:

Martin Grynberg went to three camps after Treblinka:

Josef Szajman was in five camps:

Five camps also in total for Allen Seder:

And another five camps for Esther Stupnik:

And last, Linda Penn with eight camps:


Notice that some of them were also sent to Birkenau and Majdanek, two other well-known death camps, but again they were not murdered.

So there you have it. Deportees to death camps according to the USHMM, alive and well and giving interviews. Did we miss something?

Makes Treblinka look more like a transit camp from this angle, doesn't it?


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