Me and my Memory

Published: 1995-08-01

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I seldom make an effort to try to remember what I read. I allow memory to take care of itself. My experience is that with me memory is pretty good at recalling certain kinds of daily events, but it doesn’t have all that much interest in remembering what others write. As it is, without my asking it to, memory has filled the head with an enormous amount of useless and boring information that appears to me to be unnecessary for true happiness or even the maintenance of sanity. If I can pedal my kid’s bike downtown to the Mainstreet Diner and Bar and back again, and if something happens along the way that moves me and I can remember it for the length of time it takes me to remove the scratch pad and red pen from my shirt pocket to make a note of it, then I’m just about as happy and as sane as I’m going to get.

These few words are to preface the fact that Lou Rollins has informed me that in my response to paragraphs 13 and 14 in Willis Carto’s letter in SR 24 (which deals with my having written that Mel Mermelstein is a “demonstrable fraud”), I got the time line a little mixed up. It’s true, but I note that in his note Rollins has it a little confused too. None of it changes the meaning of what I wrote, so until or unless there’s a flood of inquiries about the matter I’m going to let it slide.

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Title: Me and my Memory
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Published: 1995-08-01
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