Media Madness

Published: 1997-01-03

Media Madness will be the record of what I do to help create an open debate about the Jewish Holocaust story on university and college campuses, together with media reaction to this diabolical plan. In this context, media includes the print press on and off campus, electronic media on and off campus, and the Internet.

There are some — particularly among the professoriat — who believe that to argue for intellectual freedom with regard to the holocaust controversy is necessarily anti-Jewish. This is a childish argument, but one that we have allowed to become a very powerful ploy.

You will be told, particularly if you are a student, that those who have the proper academic credentials have proven that hundreds of thousands and even millions of Jews were exterminated in homicidal gassing chambers. At the same time you will be told that those who question this assertion have inadequate academic credentials. Credentialism is the tool uncertain academics use to maintain authority when they are unable to maintain it through the force of their scholarship.

In the Campus Project you will see how those academics who have taken the lead in promoting the holocaust story react when student editors publish articles which question their scholarship, and thus the cultural politics which academics, as a class, have committed themselves to for so long.

Any help you can provide with regard to keeping me up to date on how the holocaust story is being covered on your campus will be much appreciated. If you believe that a paper on your campus will run a small advertisement announcing the address of this Website, I'd like to hear about it. If you are in journalism and hear that a special interest group is applying pressure on your paper to suppress these ads for political reasons (there are no reasons to suppress open debate on an historical issue that are not political), that information would be much appreciated.

Bradley R. Smith

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Media Madness

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