Memorabilia: Germar Rudolf's 1999 Slide Show about the Alleged Nazi Gas Chambers

Published: 2017-11-21

Here is one of Germar Rudolf’s first appearances in public in the USA, illustrating his forensic findings about the alleged Nazi gas chambers with an excellent slide show at David Irving’s 1999 Real History Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. With an introduction and commentary by Mr. Irving.

Germar Rudolf is the present leader of CODOH. Germar, a native German came across a book by the French writer (What is Truth?) by Paul Rassinier. Paul was a French socialist who was sent to Buchenwald for resistance activities and helping Jews to escape to Switzerland. Later, Paul was transferred to Mittelbau, where he built V weapons. Paul was an incredible writer whose book turned Germar's worldview upside down. Later, Germar came across a book by Dr Armin Moller which encouraged him to look further into the chemical reactions of poison gas (HCN) against brickwork. Gas blows away - doesn't it? 

A chemist by profession, Germar was doing a diploma at the renowned Max Planck institute (MPI) in Germany. The MPI encourages it's students to undertake research on their own initiative, and places its vast resources at their disposal. Germar had also been called as an expert in Chemistry matters in various trials. While Germar was working on his PhD thesis, the then director of the MPI for Solid State Research, Prof Arndt Simon, cautioned Germar about thinking about research into the chemistry involving poison gas - "We Germans may not address this topic; others have to do this. We have to accept that we Germans have less rights than the others."

Here, Germar shows the amazing amount of slides he has collected about Auschwitz, and their clear result in showing that "the gassing of Jews" never happened and is simply an Allied atrocity lie. 

Germar wrote a report "The Rudolf Report" in which he concluded that the mass gassings of Jews "could not have not taken place." 

Germar has written extensively on the Holocau$t, and the number of books he has authored, edited or contributed to is huge. His "The Chemistry of Auschwitz" [Holocaust Handbook Volume 2] is available from this site. The number of Holocaust Handbooks now stands over forty.

In the afore mentioned book, Germar asks why the Germans (supposedly) decided use to Zyclon B as an instrument of mass murder against Jews. After all Germar notes that the Soviets killed countless millions of human beings by shooting them in the back of the head. Large numbers of German POWs died through hunger and disease in Allied Camps after the war. Some estimates claim up to a million. Of the about 100,000 German prisoners taken by the Communists only 5% returned home from Siberia years later.

Germar looks at the various other gasses that the Germans could have used, and comments that CO (Carbon Monoxide) would have assuringly been a better gas to have used, then the fiddly, expensive and highly dangerous Zyclon B.

[The use of CO is also apparently known by hundreds/thousands of suicides, every year, who drive petrol driven cars. But not cars with Diesel engines. Even less of a rigmarole is driving a thousand Jews into an airtight room,, as they will soon suffocate due to lack of Oxygen...] 



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