New Attack Against Faurisson and Rami in Stockholm

Published: 1993-07-01

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Even before he arrived in Stockholm in late May, French professor and revisionist scholar Robert Faurisson was expecting trouble. This would be his third visit to the Swedish capital at the invitation of Moroccan-born refugee, author and revisionist activist Ahmed Rami.

A few days earlier, the militant Jewish organization "Betar" had annnounced in Paris that it would try to stop Faurisson's arrival in Sweden even "by force." (La Lettre de Magazine Hebdo, May 21, p. 4.) Accordingly, 30 Jews flew from Paris to Stockholm on May 21 to oppose Faurisson's visit to Sweden.

On May 22, when Faurisson and Rami arrived at the (supposedly secret) site in Stockholm where a private meeting of revisionists was to take place, they first parked 300 yards away. A waiting mob of about 30 stick-wielding thugs recognized Rami and Faurisson, and began pelting the car with stones they had brought along in sacks for the occasion. Fortunately, the two revisionists were not injured, and damage to the car was slight.

The thugs, all wearing hoods to hide their identity, then attacked other revisionists at the meeting site. In the ensuing assault, which forced the cancellation of the meeting, the hoodlums wounded two plainclothes policemen. Four of the attackers – one French Jew and three Swedish Jews – were arrested.

This was Faurisson's third visit to Stockholm at Rami's invitation. During the first, a gang of thugs attacked Faurisson, Rami and two young Swedes on March 17, 1992. One of the young Swedes was seriously injured, while the others were able to flee. The thugs also broke windows of the meeting site. Police who were present refused to intervene. (For more about this, see the IHR Newsletter, May 1992.) Faurisson's second visit in December 1992 took place without trouble.

On September 16, 1989, Faurisson was attacked and nearly killed by three men who were later described by police investigators as "young Jewish activists from Paris."

Revisionism is rapidly gaining support in Scandinavia, Faurisson and Rami report.

Jewish organizations in Europe are particularly furious these days because Rami and his many Swedish friends recently completed a successful mass distrbution of 260,000 copies of an effective revisionist leaflet.

Rami's address at the October 1992 IHR Conference will appear in a forthcoming issue of the Journal.

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Published: 1993-07-01
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