New Revisionist Quarterly is Launched in Europe

Published: 1997-04-01

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We are pleased to report the imminent appearance of a brand-new, scholarly revisionist journal, the German-language Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung (literally, Quarterly for Free Historical Research).

Publisher of the VffG is the estimable Flemish revisionist house Stiftung Vrij Historisch Onderzoek (Foundation for Free Historical Inquiry [see SR38, December 1996, “Revisionism Rampant Round the Globe,” p. 7]).

The quarterly’s editor is Germar Rudolf, chemist, revisionist, exile, and editor of Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte (Foundations of Contemporary History), the state-of-the-art revisionist anthology that, in a mammoth effort, has been translated and posted on CODOHWeb with access to all site visitors. [Print-outs of these chapters are available in either German or English.]

The initial issue of the Vierteljahreshefte will include articles by authors posted on CODOHWeb, including Robert Faurisson (writing on the Garaudy affair), Michael A Hoffman II (on the hue and cry against a “pro-Nazi” French chemical company), “Conrad Grieb” (on “self-assisted Holocausts,” reported on in SR39 [January 1997], pp. 2-3), and editor Rudolf (on wartime reprisals, jurisprudence and the case of Erich Priebke). Forthcoming editions are planned to feature articles by Arthur Butz, David Irving, Carlo Mattogno, and (we say with special pride) the co-Webmaster of CODOHWeb, SR’s own Richard Widmann.

VffG, like CODOH, intends to focus on the forces that repress revisionists as well as presenting the latest, most scholarly research into the facts about the Holocaust and related historical issues. An ambitious outreach is planned to libraries and universities in German-speaking countries.

We know of no one better qualified to head up such an enterprise than Germar Rudolf. We applaud the poetic justice whereby this scientist and patriot, driven from his homeland for defending truth, now captains an enterprise that can help mightily to sink the Auschwitz lie. Torpedoes away!

[Readers fluent in German may subscribe (four issues) by sending DM 100, cash or check, to: VffG, c/o Vrij Historisch Onderzoek, Postbus 60, B-2600 Berchem 2 (Flandern), Belgium. The cost for just the first issue: DM30]

[This quarterly ceased to exist in 20077, a while after its former publisher and editor had been arrested in the US, deported to Germany and put into prison there for a total of 44 months for his peaceful writings; ed.]

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