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Published: 2012-11-12

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Memorial to Romany Victims of Holocaust

New York Times
24 October 2012

BERLIN — [Edited] Germany paid tribute on Wednesday to the hundreds of thousands of Romany people killed in the Holocaust, opening a long-awaited place of remembrance for a minority still plagued by discrimination.

Addressing a crowd that included Holocaust survivors and prominent German politicians, Chancellor Angela Merkel noted that the site, called the “Memorial for the Sinti and Roma of Europe Murdered in National Socialism,” served to honor the Roma and Sinti victims of the Nazis’ racial purge of Europe while reminding the living of their duty to shield minority populations from harm.

“But let’s not beat around the bush,” she told the audience, which included the head of the German Central Council of Sinti and Roma, Romani Rose, and Joachim Gauck, the German president. “Sinti and Roma suffer today from discrimination and exclusion.”

The ceremony took place in a leafy corner of the city’s sprawling Tiergarten park, across the street from the Reichstag, Germany’s Parliament building, and close to Berlin’s other monuments to victims of Nazi persecution, including a sea of polished concrete slabs, unveiled in May 2005, that commemorates the millions of Jews who were killed during the Third Reich, and a smaller memorial for gay men and lesbians that opened three years later.


In case you don’t know (I didn’t know), the Sinti speak the Sinti-Manouche variety of Romani, which exhibits strong German influence. According to Wikipedia, the origin of the name "Sinti/Sinte" is uncertain. But it can be shown to have been adopted in the 18th century, possibly from a German-based secret language.

Not everyone buys into that. Why not? The Germans were still using a secret language in the 20th century to disguise their operational plans to exterminate all the Jews in the world—along with the Roma and others.

Jane Fonda to Host Event Focusing on Sexual Violence During the Holocaust.

More than 200 people are expected for the invitation-only event on Nov. 8 at the Ray Kurtzman Theater in Los Angeles. The event is sponsored by the USC Shoah Foundation and Remember the Women Institute.

Fonda was asked to be involved because she is active with programs and charities that deal with genocide and gender, a source familiar with the event has said. Fonda will read aloud works from Israeli playwright and author Nava Semel, and also will introduce a reel of testimonial clips from Holocaust survivors discussing sexual violence.

Following Fonda’s presentation, a panel will feature Saidel, executive director of Remember the Women Institute, and Stephen Smith, executive director of the USC Shoah Foundation, moderated by Jessica Neuwirth, president of Equality Now.

Another Holocaust Claims Conference Schemer Convicted

Valentina Romashova

Valentina Romashova

Another participant in the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany scandal has admitted her role in that $57 million scheme to approve nearly 5,000 fraudulent applications, resulting in payouts to applicants who did not qualify for the programs.

The latest conspirator to plead guilty is Valentina Romashova, 65, from Brooklyn, She faces at least five years in prison. Romashova and several others worked in collaboration with employees of The Conference on Germany, which administers the funds, by preparing fraudulent applications for nonexistent victims of the very real Nazi persecution of the Jews. The recipients then paid back part of their ill gains to the schemers.

The scam was discovered in 2010 and the FBI has so far charged 31 people. Romashova's sentencing will take place early next year.

Would Angela Merkel believe this has really happened? Jews defrauding Germans? Hardly believable. We’ll have to see what comes of it all.

*** Robert Fisk in The Independent on September 30, 2012:

“Israeli President 'Bibi' Netanyahu says that Iran could have a nuclear bomb ‘… by the middle of next year …’

“But whoops! Here's a little downgrading for the reader.

“’Iran is the centre of terrorism, fundamentalism and subversion and is … more dangerous than Nazism, because Hitler did not possess a nuclear bomb …’ Bibi speaking on Thursday? Nope. The ex-Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres, in 1996. And – I'm indebted here to the indispensable Roger Cohen – Peres himself said in 1992 that Iran would have a nuclear bomb by 1999! That's 13 years ago. And Ehud Barak – now Bibi's Defence Minister – said in 1996 that Iran would have a nuke by 2004. That's eight years ago. Maybe cartoons are all that's left.”

Smith Alerts Director of Genocide Studies at U Minnesota–Twin Cities to the Problem of Fraud in Survivor Testimony

[NOTE: Professor Baer has not responded to my letter. It has now been copied to some 680 faculty, administration and student orgs on the Twin Cities campus.]

October 11 2012

Alejandro Baer
Director, Center for Holocaust & Genocide Studies
College of Liberal Arts
University of Minnesota.
Email: [email protected]

Professor Baer:

Congratulations on being named to the Stephen Feinstein Chair and the new Director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies (CHGS).

On the CHGS website ( it is noted that you are a distinguished scholar of Holocaust memory and testimony. On that page it is reiterated: you are interested in memory of the Holocaust, memory and Anti-Semitism, abuses of Holocaust memory, the transnationalization of memory, and memory of the Holocaust as portrayed in images.

Taking all this together, which is impressive, I would like to ask if you have treated with the memory of such men as Filip Muller and Abraham Bomba, each of which provided central eyewitness testimony from memory about gassing chambers, Muller about those at Auschwitz and Bomba at Treblinka. Or the memory of Irene Zisblatt where she recalls that for a year and a half at Auschwitz she routinely swallowed and defecated her family diamonds.

I have searched the Web looking for how you have treated with these three central figures of Holocaust memory but find nothing. It could be my lack of sophistication in how I use the search tools. I am interested in how you deal with such pivotal figures of Holocaust memory—and there are many, many others like these—who have demonstrably used memory to intentionally corrupt the historical record of those events in which they were caught up.

I take it as a given that you do not want false memory about the Holocaust to be taught to students at University of Minnesota, or to be ignored by their faculty for any professional or political reason.

I look forward to hearing from you, however briefly.

Bradley Smith
PO Box 439016
San Ysidro, California 92143
Email: [email protected]

PS: You might want to watch Irene Zisblatt using memory to purposely demonize others. See:

Do you believe such use of memory regarding the Holocaust should be ignored?

Zan Overall Following Up at Cal State Northridge

[The first item here is the text of a letter by Zan Overall sent to each staff member of The Daily Sundial and its advisors at Cal State Northridge. Because of this, no specific name is shown here

The following back and forth with Zan and Shafar about preparations to leaflet a couple university campuses should be seen as inconsequential affairs by media, academics, and professional propagandists for the Holocaust Industry. But that’s not the way it is. Hillel, the USHMM, ADL, the professorial class itself—they all somehow sense that what they are using to promote their wealth and their position in the culture is so fragile that even these very small events can create one crack after another in the façade of their mission until the entire structure shatters.]

To: [Individual Name and Position]
The Daily Sundial
Manzanita Hall 140
18111 Nordhoff St.
Northridge CA 91330-8258

Dear [ …. ]

On August 28, 2012, Bradley Smith of CODOH, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, submitted an ad to run in the Daily Sundial. It contained this link: “HOLOCAUST HISTORY: The Issue of Academic Conformity”.

A committee of The Sundial student editors plus the Publisher and General Manager voted to ban the ad. You may have been in that committee. If the ad had run, your fellow students and faculty would have had access to information about a controversial issue that is not freely discussed in the media or in college classrooms. I am sure the committee felt it was acting for good reasons and with the welfare of the paper in mind, but they acted against Academic Freedom.

Is the Holocaust the only subject that should not be openly debated? People in many European countries go to prison when they openly discuss the “Holocaust” from a perspective other than the official one. We don’t want that to happen here, do we?

I am enclosing some information about the alleged “Holocaust,” written from a “revisionist” perspective. With all due respect, I believe you will encounter truths that you were not aware of. For example, in the excerpts from the book The Myth of the Six Million by Prof. David L. Hoggan, a history professor at Stanford, you will find that the International Committee of the Red Cross had access to the German internment camps during the war, distributed food parcels there and found NO evidence of the claimed mass executions.

Elsewhere, you will find that many claims about the “Holocaust” have been withdrawn. People like Simon Wiesenthal have admitted that there were no “death camps” in Germany proper. The map showing camps in Germany at the Museum of Tolerance shows no “death camps” there. For no other topic than the “Holocaust” can claims be made be made, people be executed on the basis of those claims, the same claims be withdrawn and the people who made the original claims still retain credibility and respect.

My hope is, [name of addressee], that you will open your mind to the possibility that you have been misinformed about the “Holocaust” and will come to believe that CSUN students and faculty should have free access to facts about the subject.

I also hope that, if presented with another decision to make regarding an ad about the subject, you will vote for Academic Freedom.

Feel free to correspond with me.

Best wishes,

Zan Overall, Associate, CODOH
[email protected]

After ten days Zan told me that he had received no response. I had thought the possibility of a response was unlikely. That’s the way it usually works. We would just go straight ahead.

A week later Zan wrote:

“I visited CSUN, California State University at Northridge, today. Learned, to my surprise, that I am authorized to ‘table’ anywhere on the campus for any ‘social question.’” They did not deny me the right to distribute material skeptical of the conventional view of the ‘Holocaust.’ The decision seemed to be made by a low level employee so stay tuned. You must make an application, have it approved and give them copies of the material for their files. Their student newspaper, the Sundial, denied Bradley the right to run his ad on this basis: ‘The Daily Sundial will not accept advertising that contains attacks or slurs of a racial, ethnic, sexist or religious nature.’

“If you disagree with a belief of someone with an ethnic identity, are you attacking him or just annoying him with a differing view? I wish that the Sundial would take the more liberal stance of the people who approved my application. What I will be doing could be construed as an attack on the beliefs of Jews (and Gentiles) regarding the ‘Holy Holocaust.’ We'll see if they let me do this forever. What I will do is more ‘retail,’ while the ad was ‘wholesale.’

“I will try to get my activity videoed and put on YouTube and the internet. That would ‘wholesale’ it.”

*** Meanwhile, Zan is a busy guy. He’s working on some comedy scripts hoping to “mix some truth in with it.” In addition he is starting work on a short novel for teenagers about crop circles. It does not tie in with the big H but, Zan says,” it is one of the few beautiful things happening on this Earth.”

I have watched one very short video he did for YouTube he calls a “table reading.” It’s titled: “God is a Goy. Oy.” It’s well read and has a good comic sense

*** Zan has received permission to use a campus table at Cal State University at Northridge to distribute information to students and whomever. He has submitted a list of documents he will make available, at no charge, to those who are interested. As he notes, they will relate to three different “social issues,” as required by university regulations. Zan’s “social issues” include:

1: The U.S.S. Liberty Affair

A: “Commonly Asked Questions About the U.S.S. Liberty.” Prepared by the Independent Commission of Inquiry.

B: “Remember the USS Liberty.” A special edition of the American Free Press, dated June 8, 2011.

2: Who Did 9/11?

A: “Why Do People Say Israel Did 9/11?” Written by Zan Overall, and associated with the website

B: “”Israel – Not Islam – Did 9/11.” By the same author.

3: The Holocaust Controversy

A: “The Holocaust—Let’s Hear Both Sides.” A pamphlet prepared by the Institute for Historical Review.

B: “The Myth of the Six Million.” Extracted pages from the book The Myth of the Six Million by Prof. David L. Hoggan, former History Professor at Stanford University.

C: “The ‘Holocaust’ Lie—How Do We Know That the ‘Holocaust’ Is a Lie?” Written by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D.

“What do I think of Western civilization? I think it would be a very good idea."
—Mahatma Gandhi

Shafar Nullifidian: Poland, Emerson College, Stephen Spielberg’s Esoteric Message

I’m giving more serious consideration to traveling to Poland, ostensibly to seek out ancestry connections. My paternal grandparents were from Poland. My grandfather was one of six or seven children. My assumption is that my great grandfather more than likely was from a large family. So it’s possible there are a number of branches on the family tree. It may even be a bush.

I hope to learn about how the family fared during the war years and to get a chance to visit Auschwitz, Majdanek, Chelmo, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. Even though there is really nothing much to see, I will feel more comfortable writing Holocaust Revisionist copy having visited these places. My guess is that many of the “Exterminationists" have never been to the places about which they write.

*** I went to Boston to check out Emerson College. It is right in the middle of the city. It does not have a campus or quad. Its students use Boston Common as their campus for intramural sports! Its buildings look no different than any office building you would see in any major metropolis. One building is on Tremont St., the others around the corner on Boylston Street. Across from each of these buildings is Boston Common.

There are all kinds of spaces in which someone could set up a table near the sidewalk on Tremont St. or inside the park near one of the exits from the tri-level underground parking garage. I took some video shots with my cell phone. I’ll have Number One Son get into my computer and figure out a way to get them to you. Maybe on Facebook?

I think a scholarly piece could be done in which Spielberg is called out as a closet Holocaust Denier. To have created such an epic movie about the Holocaust built on a foundation of this group of misanthropes. Is he a “self-hating Jew” for having used these seriously disturbed buffoons for his movie?

I thought that parking would be a major problem. I was parked in the Boston Common Underground Car Park for a total of 36 minutes. The cost was $10.00. Has to be paid with a credit card or debit card. Finding a parking spot on the street level is as likely as finding Porky Pig having a Ham on Rye hoagie in Schmuel Goldstein’s Delicatessen in the Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn.

I checked the rates and over all they are not all that bad. It depends on how long one is doing the leafleting and how often. I’d really like to have a table with some other handouts. If students and hoi polloi of Boston are lolling around in the park and take the time to read what I give them, their interest may be piqued to the point that they just might come back looking for more information.

*** I just opened your email with the letter to Alejandro Baer. I’m always amazed with the frequency of synchronicity. It was only within the past couple of hours that I happened to bring up the subject of Steven Spielberg’s The Last Days.

Having seen Eric Hunt’s The Last Days of the Big Lie, I considered Spielberg the lowest form of life in existence. Having interviews with 50,000 survivors, the 5 that he selects here are the 5 most seriously mentally disturbed, execrably egotistical, monstrously mendacious, saurian psychotics he could feature. So beyond rationality are these witnesses I began to wonder if Spielberg’s “esoteric” message was:

“Hey folks, how can you possibly give any credibility to Holocaustrianism? These are the exemplars of what can only be characterized as a Hollow Hoax. I think a scholarly piece could be done in which Spielberg is called out as a closet Holocaust Denier. To have created such an epic movie about the Holocaust built on a foundation of this group of misanthropes. Is he a “self-hating Jew” for having used these seriously disturbed buffoons for his movie? (Ashkenazim were never too fond of Hungarian Jews.) Is Spielberg a racist with regard to African Americans? The Afro-Americans play roles in this movie that make the stooges in “black face” popular when we were kids appear as mental colossuses.

Someone should do a piece and send it to the so-called mainstream media blogs that deal with entertainment, movies etc. strongly suggesting that Spielberg’s motive could possibly be nobler than that for which he is given credit, i.e. discrediting the whole Holocaust Industry and the Liars both living and dead who created it and made it grow.

*** A Brief Message from Robert Faurisson

October 23, 2012

During the night of October 15-16 I was hospitalized in an emergency, and underwent an operation for myocardial infarction. I have been prescribed complete rest. I will resume contact with my correspondents in about two weeks' time.

Best wishes.
R. Faurisson

*** Robert is 83 years old now. A year older than me. The picture that first comes to mind as I write these few words is the afternoon some twenty-five years ago in Hollywood when he visited and we sat on the old wooden porch in Pinehurst Canyon eating and drinking wine and laughing the afternoon away. Keith Stimely was there with us. I don’t recall a word that passed between us, but I can see us there with great clarity, laughing.

I saw him a number of times following that at conferences and meetings here and there. The last time in Teheran during the Holocaust Conference in 2006.

And now the brain recalls working in the wooden garage out behind the old wooden house in that Hollywood canyon, working on a typewriter on a table I made myself. I was interviewing Robert about his personal life. We did it via letter, the old fashioned way. I would send him half a dozen questions, wait a couple weeks for his response and the additional information he would send. After the piece was published Serge Thion told me it would probably be the only such interview with Robert that would ever be published.

I expect Robert to come through this last little adventure with some ease. He is in good health generally, he’s not overweight, and when we were in Teheran he was still playing tennis. I was limping around over there with a bad knee and he told me that when I got it fixed we would get together and play a few sets. When he spoke his grin was a little crooked, devilish I might say, a grin that I had not seen before. It betrayed the joke that he was making, both of us understanding that, unlike him, my tennis days were behind me.

Robert: Get well. We all expect to hear from you shortly.

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