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Published: 2014-11-12

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*** Siegfried Verbeke: “After reading SR 208 I put together these remarks. Fred Töben wonders whether he was wasting his time on David Cole. Prof. Faurisson gave him the right answer in five words: ‘David Cole is a clown,’ and Fred Leuchter, more friendly, concludes ‘Cole’s claim of fame is a mere footnote to revisionist history.’ We should not spend more attention on David Cole. He is an ego-tripper, who after a short revisionist career discovered how much courage and self-abnegation one needs to go to the end of the road. He was not eager to accept these consequences. Cole also discovered how much hate his own people fuels in others. He preferred to escape Jewish wrath. Is this not Menschliches, Allzumenschliches?

“I’m a little bit puzzled about what Cole writes: ‘Faurisson is displeased that I point out in my book that he froze on the witness stand at the Zündel Trial when asked about the Einsatzgruppen operations in the East after the invasion of Russia’.

“I have to confess that I also got ‘frozen’ by reading Ordinary Men (Christopher Browning), Messages of Murder (Ronald Headland), The Einsatzgruppen Reports (Yitzhak Arad and others), The Nuremberg SS-Einsatzgruppen Trial (Hilary Earl). I was horrified and could not sleep very well for some time. The big question was: was this true, and how was this possible? I started to gather as much information as I could find, and luckily I got the complete and original story: the microfilms containing 3331 pages, which I studied and analyzed.

“I came to the conclusion that those reports on the contrary prove without any doubt that there was not a plan of genocide. The real picture is completely different to what is presented in those mainstream history books. I hope to publish my first findings this year. I’m no longer ‘frozen’ but understand very well the situation confronted by Faurisson, while he didn’t have any first-hand knowledge of these reports.

“Fred Töben spoke with the French pharmacist (not a chemist) Jean-Claude Pressac, who told him that the word ‘Holocaust’ should be replaced by ‘massive massacre’. Scrutinizing the 3331 pages of the Ereignismeldungen UdSSR and Meldungen aus den besetzten Ostgebieten (and the 40 volumes of the IMT Trial) it’s in my opinion more correct to speak about ‘collateral damage’.

“P.S. Faurisson’s famous words ‘no holes, no holocaust’ is in some way not correct, because the Germans could have gassed their victims very easily, by introducing Zyklon B with a ‘Kreislauf’ system in the ceiling of the crematory building, using the chimney that ventilated the morgues. I thought I discovered this myself, but later I found out that Germar Rudolf had gotten ahead of me in his book Vorlesungen.

“Grrr. . . .”

*** HITLER TAMED BY PRISON. Released on Parole, He Is Expected to Return to Austria.

Copyright, 1924, by The New York Times Company. By Wireless to The New York Times.

BERLIN, Dec. 20.—Adolf Hitler, once the demi-god of the reactionary extremists, was released on parole from imprisonment at Fortress Landsberg, Bavaria, today and immediately left in an auto for Munich. He looked a much sadder and wiser man today than last Spring when he, with Ludendorff and other radical extremists, appeared before a Munich court charged with conspiracy to overthrow the Government. His behavior during his imprisonment convinced the authorities that, like his political organization, known as the Volkische, was no longer to be feared. It is believed he will retire to private life and return to Austria, the country of his birth.

*** We’re in the process of sending the promo for A Personal History of Moral Decay to people all over the internet. So far, there is little reaction. My problem, not anyone else’s.

*** Gilad Atzmon : The holocaust religion is the conclusive stage in the Jewish dialectic; it is the end of Jewish history for it is the deepest and most sincere form of ‘self-love’.

Rather than inventing an abstract God who prefers the Jews to be the chosen people, in the holocaust religion the Jews cut out the divine middle substance. The Jew just chooses oneself. This is why Jewish identity politics transcends itself beyond the notion of history. God is the master of ceremony. And the new Jewish God cannot be subject to humanly contingent occurrences. The new Jewish God, i.e. ‘the Jew’, just re-writes fables that serve the tribe at any given time. This may explain why the Holocaust religion is protected by laws, while every other historical chapter and narrative is debated openly by historians, intellectuals and ordinary people. – As one may guess, with such a self-centered intensive world-view, not much room is left for humanity, grace or universalism. It is far from being clear whether Jews can collectively recover from their new religion. However, it is crucial that every humanist stands up against the holocaust religion that can only spread misery, death and carnage.

Originally published at

*** Watching television last night where a young brother and sister are dancing and singing and dedicating their act to their father, who had served three turns in Vietnam. I am somehow moved to the point of tears by their singing and the camera moving to the face of their father who is in the audience. I don’t quite get it.

Afterwards it occurs to me to wonder why, when I am so interested in my own story, that I was so little interested in my father’s story. His family moved from Maryland to Johnstown Pennsylvania in the 1890s where some of them went to work in the coal mines. My father ended his schooling after the fourth grade and went to work in the mine on a moving belt where he would pick out the slate from the coal piece by piece and throw it—where? I never asked him. He was ten years old. How long did he work? Did either of his brothers work in the mines?

I never asked my father how it was to ride the rails, as they used to call it, from Pennsylvania to Los Angeles. I think he was seventeen. That would have been 1905. He found a job in a parking lot downtown and one day when we were driving on 5th street I think he pointed it out to me. It was still there. That must have been about 1945.

I never asked my fathere how he chose to go Guaymas, a city on the west coast of Mexico, to work in bridge construction. Or about how he got mixed up in trafficking arms to Mexican revolutionaries by airplane. Or the story about the time when they were making a delivery that he was shot in the leg. I never thought to ask him how he and the pilot made it out of there that day.

It didn’t occur to me to ask my father how he found work selling French “bonds” door to door in the late Twenties, or what his reaction was the first time he knocked on the door where my mother lived then with her family in Santa Monica. What happened in those first moments of being in each other’s company that would lead to their marriage? He was 42 years old that day, she was 29. I would like to know. I never asked him how he followed that meeting into prospecting for silver and tungsten in the desert mountains of central California. I never asked him about any of that. Sometimes he would volunteer fragments of those stories but I never followed up. Why not?

I’m the guy who found himself wholly, utterly, captivated with his own experience of being shot, and a few months later being hit with grenade fragmentation, yet even with those experiences I never thought to ask my father to tell me the story about that day in a Mexican desert where he was shot by—whom? Revolutionaries? Federal police? Simple thieves? It’s as if before the Chinese woke me up back in 1951 with their hand grenades and machine guns, I was sleepwalking. Then, once I was awake, it became entirely about me. Utterly.

*** Fritz Berg: “The simplest way to dispose of thousands of corpses quickly is to simply throw them into a large pit or ravine outside Budapest, or wherever one has one of those huge railroad disinfestation gas chambers. Pull the bodies out of the RR cars by hand and toss them. Wear rubber gloves and gas masks if necessary. Why would more than that be needed? Why should anyone be afraid that the corpses might be dug up to provide embarrassing evidence of mass murder later on?

“At Treblinka, there are supposedly 800,000 Jewish corpses in the ground just waiting to be dug up—but no one has dug up even one of them yet. Similar mass graves supposedly exist of non-cremated corpses at other Aktion Reinhard camps and no one has found any of them either. The Einsatzgruppen supposedly murdered 1-1/2 million Jews all over Russia—but none of them have been brought to the surface either. So, why would cremation or incineration have even been necessary for Birkenau’s Jews?

“Just gas the Jews and dump them somewhere—and cover them up with dirt. Big deal!!

“The RR disinfestation gas chambers would have certainly worked for mass murder of countless Jews and e-a-s-i-l-y. The technology was already there and in place. Anyone reading almost any of the German literature on Zyklon-B would have had it staring them in the face from the picturesque advertisements for Zyklon-B. Before anyone would have used Zyklon-B for anything, they certainly would have read and studied that literature including even the advertisements. How could anyone have not connected the dots to figure it out for themselves? See:

*** Richard Widmann writes to say “I love the new line in your letterhead: ‘Some of it happened, some of it didn’t.’ It’s terrific.” If Widmann likes it, I’m okay.

*** At the VA I did the blood work and then met with my oncologist. He very carefully went through the results, the accumulated data on the cancer in his computer and my own chat about the exhaustion and so on. He speaks very quietly. In the end he said he was not going to continue the chemotherapy at this time. My immune system is too low, the white blood count is not good, the red blood count shows me to be anemic, some other stuff. To continue the chemo at this time would run the risk of hurting as much as helping me. The last thing I had expected. He set up an appointment for me to get a PET scan the first week in January where he could get a picture of what is developing inside the body and decide on the best course of treatment.

*** Smith Tweets: #Monsanto partners with U.S. Feds to produce pesticides (a personal note here) linked to lymphoma and other cancers

*** Richardson writes Will Storr one last time: “Dear Will. I challenge you to read the article I link to below and still claim that challenges to the orthodox version of the Holocaust are spurious and driven by prejudice and hatred. See the reasoned analysis of some serious historians, not the racist rants of a Maidstone lorry driver. [The article referenced here is “The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence” by Thomas Dalton and published by Inconvenient History: oezavtc.]

“If, after reading this short article you still believe that, you are either very stupid or deeply prejudiced yourself. Having read your book, I do not believe you are stupid, quite the contrary. Neither do I think you are deeply prejudiced except on this one issue, where, for the present, your mind is completely closed. Go ahead and do it. Read it. It’s not long. At least afterwards, if you still maintain the position you hold at present, you can do so in the knowledge that you have looked at the other side of the issue.

“Best regards, Albert”

(No reply by Storr as of this time. Again.)

*** Frank Brunner: “On October 7, 2014, I was sentenced to 5 months jail by the Cour de Justice (high court) of Geneva. The story began in January 2009, during the Gaza war. A Jewish organization called CICAD based in Geneva sued me for having criticized the mass Jewish support for Israeli war crimes. Since then, this organization sent more complaints against me, because I published more reports about the Jewish lobby, Jewish slander campaigns, Jewish Islamophobia campaigns, Jewish persecution campaigns, and also because I published reports about holocaust denial.

“I produced to the Cour de Justice two big folders full of proofs showing the truthfulness of all my reports, but the judges refused to take any of my proofs into account. The fact that I wanted to prove the truthfulness of my reports was even considered as worsening the case against me. Regards. FB.”

*** Lewis Lapham (one-time editor of Harper’s Magazine): “I have had three children. My youngest is now 25, my eldest is 32. They all went through a very high-end American education, both secondary schools and colleges. The syllabus of books that they were given in the English courses was terrible. I mean, the books were all tracts.

“There was a big fuss about Oprah Winfrey and the James Frey book, and she’s now going to put on Elie Wiesel’s Night [on her TV show]. This is really one of the worst books I have ever read, and I’ve had to read it three times to my three children; it’s junk. But it’s the kind of junk that has become very de rigeur in American universities. It’s a propaganda poster. With the kind of books the kids are given to read, I mean, it would turn them off books forever. No wonder! Because they are being given tracts. And, the big subject of course is victimology.”

(Alexander Cockburn at )

*** Statement by Head of British Intelligence about gaschamber stories. Public Record Office Document, FO 371/34551 This Foreign Office document was declassified ages ago, after the 30-year period, and yet David Irving seems about the only British historian who has wanted to comment upon it.

“27 August, 1943 In my opinion it is incorrect to describe Polish information regarding German atrocities as ‘trustworthy.’ The Poles, and to a far greater extent the Jews, tend to exaggerate German atrocities in order to stoke us up. They seem to have succeeded.

“Mr Allen and myself have both followed German atrocities quite closely. I do not believe that there is any evidence which would be accepted in a Law Court that Polish children have been killed on the spot by Germans when their parents were being deported to work in Germany, nor that Polish children have been sold to German settlers. As regards putting Poles to death in gas chambers, I do not believe that there is any evidence that this has been done. There have been many stories to this effect, and we have played them up, in P.W.E. [Psy Warfare Executive] rumours without believing that they had any foundation. At any rate there is far less evidence than exists for the mass murder of Polish officers by the Russians at Katyn. On the other hand we do know that the Germans are out to destroy Jews of any age unless they are fit for manual labour.

“I think that we weaken our case against the Germans by publicly giving credence to atrocity stories for which we have no evidence. These mass executions in gas chambers remind me of the story of employment of human corpses during the last war for the manufacture of fat, which was a grotesque lie and led to the true stories of German enormities being brushed aside as being mere propaganda… .”

(signed) V Cavendish-Bentinck

From What Really Happened:

*** Steven Spielberg and the Shoah Foundation: We have sent three pieces to some 5,000 students and adults at USC. Not 50, or even 500, but 5,000. The first was the article by Jett Rucker publshed herein titled Orson Welles and the First Holocaust Movie: A Lasting Legacy (With a tip of the hat to Mr. Steven Spielberg)

The next was a promo for my A Personal History of Moral Decay with the note about Smith being the first Holocaust revisionist to be associated with such figures as William Burroughs, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski and Hemingway. Here I was looking for some few on campus who would be interested in such literary figures.

Now we have sent Thomas Dalton’s The Great Holocaust Mystery: Reconsidering the Evidence, originally published in Inconvenient History. Here are the opening paragraphs.

“The Holocaust is the greatest murder-mystery of the 20th century. Six million Jews, we are told, perished at the hands of the Nazis—in gas chambers, ghettos, and concentration camps. They were starved, suffocated, and shot. Their bodies were buried in mass graves, or burned in the ovens of Auschwitz, or on open flames. And all simply because they were Jews. It was the embodiment of evil, the greatest crime ever perpetrated.

“Traditional historians claim to know about this crime in great detail. They have documents, photographs, and hard evidence. They have incriminating testimony from key Nazis. Some of the gas chambers have survived. And they have innumerable Jewish eyewitnesses. According to some, it is the ‘most well-documented event in history.’1

“And yet, when we ask detailed and pointed questions, our historians fall short. They don’t really know when, where, or how the Jews died. They have no technical explanation of how it was possible, for example, to gas thousands of people per day in a single room, and then to dispose of their bodies—such that not a trace remains. They cannot find the mass graves that allegedly held thousands of bodies. They cannot explain wartime aerial photographs that show a disturbingly calm Auschwitz camp. And they refuse to even consider a raft of contradictory evidence. In fact, many aspects of the traditional story simply don’t add up. The deeper we look, the more puzzling the picture becomes—and hence, the great mystery. . . . “

*** Hitler’s Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields, by Dr. Wendy Lower, the John K. Roth Professor of History at Claremont McKenna College (in Southern California).

Hitler’s Furies focuses on the transformations of individual women in the inner workings and outer landscapes of the Holocaust — in the offices, among the occupational elite, in the killing fields. Often those who seemed the least likely to perpetrate the Holocaust’s horrors became the most entangled and involved,”

Lower wrote in her book.

“The consensus in Holocaust and genocide studies is that the systems that make mass murder possible would not function without the broad participation of society, and yet nearly all histories of the Holocaust leave out half of those who populated that society, as if women’s history happens somewhere else.”

Reviewed in The New York Times with the heading “Nazism’s Feminine Side, Brutal and Murderous” I find that

“German schoolgirls were not taught subjects such as Latin, since knowledge of this kind was not necessary for future mothers,”

What does that suggest for we American schoolboys and girls who were not taught latin in the 30s and 40s during the reign of Roosevelt? While Latin was not necessary for American girls to become mothers, what was it not necessary for American boys to become? Without Latin were we being prepared by the State to participate in the intentional mass-murder of German and Japanese women and children? Would Latin have made a difference?

From what I can make out from the reviews of Dr. Lower’s Hitler’s Furies is that it is loaded with eyewitness testimonies about the monstrous behavior of German women with little documentary evidence. It’s all he-said, she-said, according to someone else. I may be reading it wrong. It would be good if one of “us” were to do a serious review of the book.

*** The Rialto school system: A couple montns ago the 8th graders at Rialto were given an assignment to judge the truth of the mainline Holocaust story. The response was scandalous. Many of the kids became “deniers.

What were those texts? Because I could not find them, my interest in the story remained low. A couple days ago, when the story was once again in the press, I emailed the journalist who had written on it. I suggested the revisionist texts I was looking for were being “hidden.”

Beau Yarbrough replied that the sources were not being hidden, that they are here:

I was surprised to find that the revisionist materials the Rialto students were guided to included articles and websites featuring Herman Otten, Mark Weber, Jim Reddin, Joseph Sobran, David Cole and Bradley Smith. There were four articles by Smith alone. This may call for more work on my end. Who was it, specifically, who provided their 8th grade students with such sources? I do believe this question has been addressed, but not solved. Now it’s my turn?


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