No Accounting for Wood, No Holocaust

Published: 2002-01-01

According to Holocaust tales bodies were burned in pits or on grates made out of rail road tracks.

For Sobibor we are told via testimony of Franz Stangl said to have been commandant of that camp and Treblinka that they used "brush wood" piled beneath grates.

For Chelmno we are told they used wood cut from forest.

For Belzec that 600,000 were cremated with wood.

How big of a problem is the wood for the credibility of the Holocaust story? Very big. Incredibly big. HUGE. We can tell how much of a problem it is by the almost total absence of any discussion about how much or where it came from. If we read every single sentence of the millions of sentences ever written about the Holocaust story we might find there are less than 10 references to the wood or where it came from and that would only be something mentioned in passing. Something like, 'The bodies were stacked in a layer then a layer of wood ...' or 'They put the bodies in the pits and then threw wood on top' or 'They lined the bottom of the pit with wood and then put the bodies on top.'

Overlooking any accounts such as that from Stangl where his picture says they could cremate a body with a piece of wood the size of a carton of cigarettes the real amount would have to be contended with.

If it takes 1,000,000 BTUs of heat to cremate a body in a modern day cremation facility then we would have to think that at the very least it would take the same amount to cremate a body under any other circumstances.

In order to neutralize any excuses by the Holocaust community to say there were children involved or the bodies were emaciated or that total cremation was not attained we could allow for an accommodation and say it would take only an average of 250,000 BTUs to cremate a Holocaust body. Now how much more accommodating can it get?

We have these two sources to tap into for information on the BTU content of wood and the impact of water content on burning -

The most basic:

A more detailed treatment:

Both treatments settle on 8600 BTUs per pound of wood. (Discussion of the various BTU potentials for different kinds of wood omitted.)

Thus 250,000 BTUs divided by the 8600 would be 29 pounds of wood to cremate one body.

Both treatments raise the point that wood considered to be cured would have 20% or less water by weight and that would result in only 7000 BTUs being released. Thus we would have that number into the 250,000 accommodation being 35 pounds of wood per body.

The authority tells us that it would take some six months to cure (dry) out wood to where it would have only 20% water. That would be after the wood was cut into one-foot sections and split. (It would be important for the wood to be split and exposing the interior to evaporation to have it cure out in the six months.)

The Holocaust story tells us the Germans first mass exterminated millions and buried them in the ground and then realized they better dig up the bodies and cremate the evidence. Thus it would be at that time the Germans would have to have started to accumulate the wood.

Giving the Holocaust nonsense yet more accommodation, let's say there were just two million bodies that had to be cremated. That would be that number times the 35 pounds of wood per body for a total of 70,000,000 pounds of wood needed.

According to one of the above sources there would be some 2000 pounds to 4000 pounds of wood per cord depending on the type of wood. A cord is measured as split wood stacked four feet across, four feet high and eight feet long. That would also be 128 cubic feet.

Let's settle on the average - 3000 pounds per cord. That divided by the 35 pounds of wood needed to cremate one body would be enough wood in each cord to cremate 85 Holocaust bodies. Just with that result we can get a notion of the great accommodation the Holocaust story is getting.

The 85 Holocaust bodies per cord into the two million is 23,520 cords of wood. That would be 3,000,000 cubic feet of wood.

Now, how would the Germans have gone about getting 3,000,000 cubic feet of wood? Seems like a full blown logging operation would have to have been involved. Not only that, but if we have it the Germans suddenly decided they better dig up the bodies and cremate them then there doesn't seem to be much time span between the time of decision and the commencement of the cremations which would be at the same time of acquiring the wood and not having enough time to dry the wood out.

The above sources tell us there is anywhere from 30 to 60% water in fresh cut wood. They tell us that just 20% water would knock off 1600 BTUs so if we just settled on 40% water in the fresh cut wood for cremating the Holocaust bodies we could take off another 1600 BTUs from the potential of one pound of wood. In that case we would have 5400 BTUs per pound of wood which would be 46 pounds of fresh cut wood per body. That would be 92,000,000 pounds of wood.

Now all that is bad enough for the credibility of the Holocaust tales but we have this one big problem. How do you go about burning fresh cut wood?

Anyone could go down to the local lumber yard and would be able to buy a kiln dried piece 2 x 4 lumber and one piece of construction grade which is usually wet. (Just picking them up would demonstrate the noticeable difference in weight due to water.)

Wet wood doesn't burn until the most of the water is driven out.

Even if flammable material is poured over the wood in the first stage, as a few Holocaust tales can have it, most of the flammable material would burn away before it had much effect on the water content of the wood. Just to get a 2 x 4 cut up into pieces with a couple splintered for kindling you would probably have to repeat the dousing of gasoline or whatever a number of times before the wood would start to burn on its own.

There seems to be no end to what revisionists could muster up to challenge the Holocaust mass cremations by wood.

Most fireplace authorities will tell us that 90% of the heat from a fire will go up the chimney. That makes sense, heat rises. Franz Stangl said the flames would shoot up 10 meters or 30 feet. Any flames or heat that existed after passing by the bodies would be wasted unused heat. Giving the Holocaust story more accommodation we could say that 50% of the heat generated would have gone unused which in that case we would need 100% more wood to gain the 50%.

It's a real vicious circle. Each consideration only makes it worse and worse. No wonder we only have the word 'wood' appearing only a few times among the hundreds of millions of Holocaust words.

No doubt there were attempts to make up detailed stories about the wood but they would realize that just to take the first step would need a second step and that would need a third and the next thing they would know they would have built up a Pandora's Box scenario that would require something more than words to perpetuate.

No credible accounting for the wood, no Holocaust.

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