Published: 1993-02-28

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Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), Errors, Inventions, etc.

This is the heading under which my book, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Part I is listed in the massive reference work Books in Print. Errors, inventions and whatever? Do I like that? I'm listed there along with Butz, Harwood, Rassinier, Roques, Sanning and Howard F. Stein. A stellar bunch of radicals and loners. I like being in their company. What I want to know is, on what basis is my book listed under "errors" and "inventions" while Spiegelman and his Maus are listed under "HOLOCAUST, JEWISH (1939-1945) - PERSONAL NARATIVES," as if Spiegelman were a normal person.

How did the catalogers for Books in Print come to their conclusions? What guidelines did they follow? Did they learn something about my book I don't know? Is it something awful?

Need Work?

If you happen to be out of work, a manager is needed for the "new museum store" at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. You will have to be able to handle "all aspects of merchandising," according to the museum's advertisement in Publisher's Weekly classifieds.


In issue #12 of SR, I wrote that Dr. Piper is seen on the Cole/Piper videotape quoting Simon Wiesenthal on the Auschwitz "gas chamber." My mistake. It wasn't Wiesenthal, but my old friend Mel Mermelstein. The Poles have yet to hear about the second Mermelstein/IHR trial where IHR lawyers demonstrated the Mel, not to put too fine a point on it, is not to be trusted with either the written or spoken word.

David Cole Interview

Jack Wikoff's Remarks #11 has the most substantial interview yet printed with David Cole. If you'd like to read it send $5 to Jack Wikoff, PO Box 234, Aurora, NY 13026.

Upgrading the Office

Some time ago I solicited money to buy a good photocopier, but due to the urgency of the demands the Campus Project was making on me—it was taking off in every direction at once—I used the money I received for the copier to cover other on-going expenses for the Project. I suppose it was a criminal act. I intended to put the money together again over the summer and buy the copier, but I didn't. I couldn't.

Now the Project is poised to take off again, and this time I don't want Magaly or me to have to get in the car and drive to a copy shop every time I need to reproduce PR materials. Now that the Project is beginning to move, it's just too inefficient to have to work that way again this year.

So I've ordered a photocopier, a Cannon PC 7 that retails for $1,700 and is on sale at $995. It has a number of features that are valuable for me, including a zoom that moves in one percent increments, a stationary copy board, an automatic paper feeder up to one hundred sheets, automatic exposure for good reproductions, and copies from originals up to 10 x 14.

Here comes another "confession of a holocaust revisionist," part 8 or 10. After having asked your help once to buy a copier, and having gotten it, and after using the money to keep the Project going, here I am, asking you to pitch in again. This time there's no going hack. The photocopier is on it's way. Whatever you can send will be much appreciated. I have 30 days to pay the piper (no pun).

JUST ARRIVED: about a dozen articles, opinions, rants, wailings etc. from the pages of the Daily Texan and other Texas newspapers. I expect more to arrive. If you'd like to read them to add a little polish to your education, or only as a lark if you will, I'll be glad to send them along for an appropriately generous (or immense) donation.

Bradley R. Smith

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