Published: 1998-11-01

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In the previous issue of SR I wrote about how, as part of the Campus Project, I had started putting together a “fax-web” connecting the campus and off campus newspaper editors who have run our ads, printed our opinion pieces, or have run comment on any of it. It was a good idea. It’s getting better.

News rooms included in our fax-web are to be updated bi-monthly at first, then weekly, on what CODOH is doing to promote revisionism on campus and elsewhere, and, more important, what their fellow journalists are writing about CODOH ads and revisionism. Journalists who repeat Lobby press releases uncritically will find their reportage posted on Campus Update and critiqued in a way that will demonstrate to them, their peers and to students how they have been taken in.

We will submit op-ed pieces bimonthly, then weekly, to the nation’s press. By the time this newsletter is in your hands, for example, an opinion piece illustrating the emptiness of the Lobby claims that Edith Stein, the Carmelite nun recently elevated to sainthood by the Catholic church, was killed by “gassing” at Auschwitz, will be on the desks of every editor on our fax-web. The op-ed piece will cite the documentary basis for the front-page story by AnswerMan in this issue of SR.

We will use press releases via the fax-web to update editors on current media stories that are relevant to revisionism. Each press release offers an electronic “link” to a document already posted on CODOHWeb that gives the revisionist background to the story, a resource that the print press in America-on or off campus—has never before had. The beauty of this program is that we point our editor in a timely way to a document that is relevant to a story he is working on, a document which in all likelihood he does not know exists, that he is not going to get from any other source, and one that is, available—now!

CODOHWeb has become a very large entity, a huge library with many special interest collections housed in “rooms” circling the great main reading room. One of those “rooms” is my own, the personal Web page of Bradley R. Smith. There, one of the “special collections” is documents that make up, and will make up, the Campus Project.

The first important sheaf of documents in this special collection originated with the Advance-Titan at U Wisconsin-Oshkosh (see our lead story, this issue). As we reported in SR 58, the $250K ad was run in the A-T on 16 Sept. On 23 Sept the paper published ten(!) letters from the UWO faculty bemoaning, complaining, and condemning the ad while avoiding its text with the greatest circumspection. A letter to the editor would hardly be able to respond to the nature of the special pleading on behalf of exterminationist orthodoxy expressed in the scribblings of these profs. In the old days—that is, until last month—such disclosures of academic dimness would have gone out of circulation when the last Advance-Titan was thrown in the trash.

No more! All ten faculty letters are posted on CODOHWeb for all the world to see, permanently, in the Campus Update folder. There, each professor has the honor to have his letter to the Oshkosh students commented on by myself. Ostensibly, I address the professors, but my responses are tailored to the needs of students to witness, at last, the air being let out of these self-inflated faculty windbags. CODOHWeb has no space limitations! We will never run out of space to display for the amusement and edification of students the inadequate thinking and character of so many of their professors.

The next step is to install a “dedicated” e-mail post office box on the Campus Update page itself. This will allow students and others to supply the Project with news and other timely background regarding the Holocaust controversy on their campus, and wounded professors to complain of their fate. Some who search the site will want to comment on what they read there, and now they will be able to reach me quickly and easily.

For half a century the Holocaust story has been front page news for journalists, primary material for academic inquiry, and a wonderful tool for those who would use it to gain cultural influence and private gain. Revisionists have been kept out of the loop from the beginning. CODOH is changing this. We are becoming, at last, a resource for students and the press, and it will follow that we will become a resource for the professors. We have built an institution on the Internet—CODOHWeb—and we are ready and able to go head to head with the multi-million-dollar-funded institutions representing the Holocaust Lobby in all its many forms.

Control of the Holocaust information loop has spun out of the hands of its traditional guardians with the development of new technology—the Internet and the World Wide Web. From the beginning the loop was in the hands of a few great metropolitan newspapers, a couple television networks, and the elite universities where a tenured professoriat acted as the guardians of the sacred information necessary to maintain the influence of the cult it served.

The Internet and the Web pay no special allegiance to old information loops, but absorb them and at the same time allow new ones to be created. CODOHWeb is creating a new information loop providing journalists and academics the information they need to judge each other’s words, as well as the actions of the special-interest pleaders they have allied themselves with for so many decades. All of which will be archived and indexed. For years, using radio and television, then ads in campus papers without the possibility of follow-up, I would surprise an audience, hit quick, hit hard, and get out. Those were commando raids. That’s all I could do-then.

No more commando raids. We’re engaging the Holocaust establishment head to head. We’re using the Internet and World Wide Web to match the physical institutions of the establishment with our conceptual one. Lady reporters at the Jerusalem Post, and at the Washington Post, are going to find us intertwining our informational loop with the establishment loops journalists and academics have heretofore used exclusively. No more exclusivity. We champion the diversity others only give lip service to. Diversity of thought, diversity of belief, diversity of perspective-diversity! We’re the multi-culturalists of the intellectual life. ...

But then, don’t let me run on. I have work to do.

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