Published: 1997-02-01

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An interview. Last month I received from Arnaud Hubert the following request by email.

(Hi. I’m a journalist for French monthly magazine Planete Internet ( We're working on a story about revisionist sites and activists on the Net. As you know, this is a very sensitive issue in France, because of history reasons but also because of the French Gayssot Act, condemning revisionist writings. Therefore I have a few questions concerning your activities and your website. I’d appreciate if you could give me some of your time to answer them.)

I thought, Sure, why not?, at the same time remembering that with reporters, even when they’re French, it’s well to keep in mind that less is more.

AH: How long has your website been on line?

BRS. Since November 1995.

AH: How many visitors do you have?

BRS. We’re uncertain, as you do not have to go through our Homepage to reach individual departments. We have reason to believe it’s approaching 150,000 to date.

AH: Do you consider today the Net (e-mail, Web, mailing lists) as a priority means of communication for your ideas? If yes, why?

BRS. Yes. Because it’s there.

AH: How do you consider French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen?

BRS. He appears to be unwilling to hide the fact that he is an interesting man, unlike so many of your countrymen and mine.

AH: Do you favor use of cryptology for individuals on the Net?

BRS. By individuals, of course.

AH: Human Rights activists are favoring a stronger stand of governments on the content of revisionist Websites. What is your reaction?

BRS. Do you really believe human rights activists favor curtailing intellectual freedom for any citizenry? Would that not be an abridgment of human rights? What the devil is a human right if it is not the right to think and to say what you think? That appears to be one of the differences between the American ideal of liberty and the ideal as it exists in Europe.

AH: Do you think eventually the states will adopt a hands-off attitude such as provides the US Constitution’s 1st amendment, or a much stronger stand such as France’s Gayssot Act?

BRS: I imagine the struggle will go back and forth. At the moment it depends almost entirely on American idealism, unfortunately.

AH: Did you detect hacking attempts on your website?

BRS. No.

AH: How many people are working directly on your website?

BRS. About a dozen.

AH: Do you have any kind of problems with ISPs or Net professionals due to your controversial activity?

BRS: Our site was closed down one time without warning, by ProtoSource Network, on 4 July 1996, which caused us a lot of bother. The fellow who carried it out specializes in things Jewish, but I’m certain that has no relevance to his dishonorable actions.

AH: Do you think your website gained you new supporters?

BRS. Yes. Many.

AH: Last, but not least: how would you define yourself?

BRS. American citizen. A drama critic for the Los Angeles Times once described my work as that of a “libertarian/anarchist.” I neither confirm nor deny the accuracy of his term.

AH: Thanks for your time.

(Arnaud Hubert 18 rue Championnet 75018 Paris
Tel +33 1 42 59 29 32 fax +33 1 42 62 44 64
E-mail: [email protected]) [at last back in 1997; ed.]

Correspondence I really have to apologize, again, for not responding to correspondence. Every day I receive letters from readers who have every right to expect a response but who do not get one. I won’t be able to respond to your letters until I can afford one full-time employee who can do what I do now so I can do the additional things I ought to do. Be assured, however, that I read everything that comes in and take seriously the observations and suggestions you make. Oftentimes weeks or even months after you make them. If you can write without being written, please continue doing so.

Reporters needed. Do you want to do a little reporting work by telephone? Speaking to editors and reporters, getting the story as it develops around the placement of our CODOH ads? If you do, get in touch with me.

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