Published: 1997-03-01

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The third week in February when I returned from out of town I discovered a letter informing me that we were losing our Internet service provider. Unlike the fiasco of last summer, where our service provider turned against us for political reasons and broke its contract, this time it was a matter of market-place failure. TCINet of Brea, California, was going out of business. We had five days to set things straight, by finding another server who would agree to serve us.

There was nothing to it. Mighty David Thomas, coWebmaster for CODOHWeb, who is responsible for all the technical, and much of the design, work done on the site, treated this emergency, that could possibly have taken us off the Internet for who knows how many days, as just another event in his colorful life. He found another server, took care of all the business, and overcame another bad day at Black Rock with a deceptive ease.

It appears that our on-line readers will not know that anything went awry. Unlike what happened last July when we lost our Internet address and had to start all over again to develop a readership, this time we have a “Domain” name, which means we have a permanent Internet address that stays with us regardless of service provider.

At the office. My part-time secretary, order-taker and order-shipper, file clerk, typist, scanner and general right-hand woman, Robin, has left my employ temporarily to have a baby. We knew it was coming but it came three weeks sooner than we expected. I’m contracting to have much of my office work done in an outside secretarial office with a lady I have worked with for several years now. This means new computer programs, and developing new ways to complete the routine work that is necessary to carry out the Project. It's a real bother, but I think it may work out for the best. Once Robin returns, she will work with me on doing promotional work for the Project. Work that she was unable to do while she was tied down with all the office work.

For the next few weeks I expect to drop a little further behind with order shipping, correspondence and other business matters. Please bear with me as we put our improved office system in place.


Ignore the Thought Police.
Read the evidence.
Judge for yourself.


[email protected]

How much does it cost to run our present ad in college newspapers? Some of you have written to ask. The cost varies. It's a two-column-inch ad I run it once each week, on the same day of the week, usually a Tuesday or Wednesday. I generally pay “national” rates, which are higher than “local” rates; the price varies at each paper. I think it’s most informative just to give you the costs of the ads that are running as of this writing.

University of Georgia Red & Black $37 each time
Iowa State University Daily $16 each time
Georgia State University Signal: $16 each time
University of Texas Daily Texan $35 each time
Georgia Tech Technique $24 each time
Florida State University Flambeau $22 each time
Hofstra University Chronicle $20 each time
Oklahoma State University O'Collegian $12 each time
Weekly cost of these 8 ads alone: $182 ea. week

There are other costs of course: the telephone and fax bills, which are considerable, the office work, and my time, which I like to believe is valuable, though I am unable to demonstrate this.

While these costs must be taken care of, this is not where my interest lies. I want to run these ads at campuses all over America. I don’t know of any one thing I can do that will be more effective in breaking through to our student bodies and their faculty than using these ads to promote access to CODOHWeb, the largest revisionist Web site on earth. With $2,000 dollars a month earmarked to fund this ad, we would be able to run it in 25 major campus newspapers from one end of the country to the other. We could reach half a million students and academics every month. It would be a fire-storm for intellectual freedom and for truth. Am I dreaming?

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