Letters o the Editor
Published: 1997-05-01

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This month I have enough material to fill a 10-page Notebook rather than the one or one and a half pages I have allotted for it. I have decided to save myself a lot of editing work by setting it all aside and using the space this month to listen and occasionally respond to some recent letters from readers.

While it is only a note, perhaps the most surprising communication is from the new (recent) Mrs. Ernst Zuendel.

“Frau” Zuendel: (email) Greetings! My husband and I were utterly drained from a week of working until 5 or 6 a.m. when we read your newsletter [SR 42] We both had a much needed chuckle at the plight of poor Elie and his infamous accident. And Ernst was very touched by your warm personal endorsement. A thousand heart-felt thank-yous.

[When we asked permission to publish this note, “Frau” Zuendel, suspecting that we might be curious about the secret life of Canada’s most notorious free-thought activist (in fact, we were), volunteered this inside information.]

My first name is Irene and I have a 9 year-old son, David. Ernst has "rediscovered” Loony Tunes, Disney films, and playing soccer. So I guess you can say his life has changed a bit! We married May 14, 1996.

[Odd, but it appears to us that Ernst’s life has not changed all that much. He appears to be still pummeling the censors and the Holocaust Lobby fascists as hard as ever.]

Alfred M. Lilienthal Dear Bradley: Although I have been ill for more than a year and have done little writing, I have kept abreast of your battle for revisionism. I read with interest your March issue and enclose a check for $15 covering your article on the Wannsee protocol and the 4-page article by Jacques Baynac. I, too, have called for the end of Holocaustomania—a word I coined some five or six years back—and was happy to see you use it. I have paid an inordinate price for my observations on this score when I published Middle East Perspective. My apartment, which includes my office, has been entered (not broken into) and valuable papers, drafts of articles, and correspondence stolen, and I have been terrorized even in my illness and semi-retirement.

I still say you might make clear that your revisionism does not imply that “no” Jews were executed or sent to camps by the Nazis. It is the gross exaggerations that you should expose, and the mission of the Holocaust to suppress any and all opposition to the US’s biased pro-Israel policy, which is dangerous to our interests in the area.

As I predicted in lectures in 1993, '94, and 95, the “peace process” has become nothing more than a hackneyed, misused phrase. There can be no just or lasting peace in the area until the Palestinians are given full justice and statehood—and this can never come about so long as dissent to U.S. policy is suppressed by the constant misuse of the Holocaust.

[Dr. Lilienthal encourages me to point out that revisionist theory does not deny the catastrophe Jews suffered during the Hitlerian regime, which I always make it a point to do when I speak before the public or on radio and TV. And I would like to note here that with the recent passing of Rabbi Elmer Berger, Dr. Lilienthal has become the unchallenged leader of anti-Zionist Jews.]

Christian Rev (email) Well, excellent show! A true solace for a poor Swiss, pretty much put down lately.

[Mr. Rey must be referring to the “Swiss gold” scandal. Which reminds me of L.A. Rollins’s poetic work-in-progress, written entirely in couplets and in very bad taste, titled The Holocaust. A recent excerpt he sent me, which I copy here to cheer up the Christian Reys, reads:

“The Holocaust is bought and sold. Dead Jews are worth their weight in gold.”]

David Stennet: After a large letter-writing campaign, Tacoma Community College library is now stocking the David Cole video on Auschwitz and the video of David Irving giving his talk Truth Shall Prevail, distributed by the Student Revisionists’ Resource Website.

(Name withheld at discretion of the editor) (email) Just came across one of your short stories, Happy Endings, and started reading it without any knowledge of what I was getting myself into. Pretty cool. Thanks.

[Happy Endings is a chapter from my manuscript, Break My Bones. It relates my experience with a company of South Vietnamese rangers in a Saigon suburb during the 1968 Tet offensive. It was a very messy few days. It’s all too complicated to tell here. The story ends back in the room I shared with a Quaker friend and my reading Ramparts magazine. This was the issue where Che Guevara was featured on the cover and his Letter to the Bolivian mothers was run so Che could state his regret about having to kill their sons for the good of the Bolivian mothers and ends with a pretty good rant by yours truly about how the Che Guevaras always prefer killing the poor and the powerless rather than the rich and powerful.

I asked this fellow how he happened to get to CODOHWeb if he knew nothing about it. I imagined he got rather a surprise before he left it. But when I learned how he got there, I had my own surprise:]

Just looking for info on Ernesto “Che” Guevara [he wrote], so did an Internet search and came across your story.

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