Olodogma sends open letter to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, pope of the vatican state

Published: 2018-11-10


“ Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do “ (1)


Fonte originale. http://www.lavanguardia.com/internacional/20140612/54408951579/entrevista-papa-francisco.html .Click...
Fonte originale http://www.lavanguardia.com/internacional/20140612/54408951579/entrevista-papa-francisco.html . Click...

Olodogma sends this letter to Mr. Bergoglio after he labelled as “crazy” those who deny the credibility of the standard version of the so-called jewish holocaust. There is an alternative remote possibility to the apparent one, i.e.: Bergoglio could have labelled as “crazy” anyone who dares to challenge ALL the world denying the “undeniable” holocaust! One person (a handful in the world) against 6-7 billions! Someone devoted to “suicide” in any way! In that case this letter would be useless. Olodogma doubts this can be the “right” hypothesis.




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Mr. Bergoglio,

In an interview to “ La Vanguardia” you stated…….” Who denies the Holocaust is crazy in our country too “ (2). This harsh statement is certainly caused by your thorough readings and studies of historical research carried out by people from various countries, religious faith (if any), political faith (if any), social origin and age about the so-called jewish holocaust. Olodogma is not asking you which revisionist books you have read. This is not important. The statement is harsh and it assumes the study and analysis of extensive records that lead you to the harsh judgment.

The convictions arisen from those readings and, why not, from the records filed in the Vatican archives, reassured you, allowing to label as “crazy” a revisionist-negationist. You therefore know for sure what you say!

  • You know that Germans used to exterminate the jews in steam chambers
  • You know that Germans were using jews fat to make soap
  • You know that Adolf Hitler ordered the general extermination of the european jews because they were jews
  • You know that in Auschwitz 4.000.000 people were murdered
  • You know that in Belzec the jews were exterminated in a sort of a deep-fryer, or rather a water boiler

All statements and “evidence” accepted by the Nuremberg Court! Irrefutable!. Olodogma stops here but we can also go further on.

Now, You as a good Christian soul with very good relationships not only with the jews of the Palestinian ghetto, are the right person, aware, well-informed as far as the jewish holocaust is concerned, an issue about which the sionist world and its lobbies are frantically trying to draw up the wording of a law sentencing the “crazy” revisionists-negationists…….killers of the memory! to imprisonment.

They “need” a law to stop the rampant “negationism” on the WEB! All attempts to do that have failed because of evident unsuitability of the bills introduced. Please be so kind to help them!

It will be a doddle to put in writing what has empowered you to label as “crazy” a revisionist-negationist.

(Your Boss “above” can always assist you in this job, considering he has already experienced those laws illo tempore! If we remember well He engraved them on two blocks of stone with size of 50x50x25 cm each and a total weight of 312,5 Kilos which the good fellow Moses would have carried them, “in his hands” , walking down a mountain!)

A friend in need is a friend indeed! You won’t fail, Olodogma is sure!

All the best!



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Di questa lettera aperta abbiamo pubblicato la versione in lingua Italiana (cliccare QUI) ed anche la versione in lingua francese (cliccare QUI)


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