On Self-Assisted Holocausts

Published: 1997-01-01

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Conrad Grieb is working on a story about the last poison gassing of an American citizen.

David Lawson was executed on June 15, 1994 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lawson didn’t want to die and refused to cooperate with his executioners. When the cyanide was released in his execution chamber Lawson refused to breathe in deeply but, instead, held his breath as long as he could. Then he would take a tiny little breath and hold that one as long as he could.

By some accounts, Mr. Lawson was feeble-minded. As if to demonstrate that this was the case, he appealed to his executioners and to those who were witnessing his execution, crying out “I am human! I am human!” At first his cries were clearly audible but as the minutes went by they became less so, until some ten minutes into the execution procedure the witnesses could hear only a mutter. It took Mr. Lawson more than eighteen minutes to die.

The witnesses to the execution were horrified. The warden of the prison, who had supervised the execution, was so shaken he resigned. And it appears that executions with poison gas have been generally abandoned in the USA and replaced with lethal injections (as per the counsel of revisionist Fred Leuchter?).

To Grieb it is clear, as it must be to the experts, and especially to those still waiting on American death rows, that a quick and painless execution by gas requires the cooperation of the intended victim! If an intended victim is uncooperative, the execution can easily become a fiasco. Is it becoming clear where Grieb is heading?

He writes: “An execution procedure using the most modem execution chamber technology ... which dispersed an extremely lethal concentration of cyanide within seconds and which theoretically should have killed within a few additional seconds, nonetheless took eighteen minutes to kill a single, feebleminded [but principled—Ed] victim.

It should now be obvious that yet one more question—or better, one more series of questions—need to be asked about the mass gassing claims of the Holocaust lobby. “Under normal conditions a layer of Zyklon-B ½ to 1 centimeter thick would have required half-an-hour to release half of its cyanide. The presence of a tightly packed crowd of intended victims or screening would have slowed the process even more. Although many might have died within the execution times that are claimed, many others would have survived—and that would have been a fiasco.”

What would the executioners have done with the survivors—return them to barracks? Send them back in for a second gassing? And “After separating the obvious survivors from the dead, how would the executioners identify and dispose of those who were merely groggy or unconscious—or merely feigning death? The answer is that any realistic mass gassing arrangement would have had to kill everyone.”

Docs the American gassing of David Lawson suggest that the alleged WWII mass gassings of Jews would have been possible only if the Jewish victims—not just some but all—had assisted in their own mass execution? And in the event, would they have, or would they not have?-that is the question.

(Conrad Grieb is the pen name of an American writer. Grieb is pursuing this story energetically. We'll post the entire article on CODOHWeb, including illustrations. We'll send you the completed article in return for a modest contribution.) [This is Friedrich P. Berg. See his paper here]

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